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Decoding Rally for Rivers Campaign By Sadguru

Pranam Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Ji

Happy Independence Day

I have enjoyed watching some of your speeches and answers to many questions and admired your intelligence and brilliance in explaining many topics in a way that makes people think themselves.

Water is a Subject quite dear to me and have been spending significant time in the recent past as I firmly believe Water is the most powerful means to drive out poverty from rural India.

When I saw the #RallyForRivers Campaign tweets naturally, I was keen to listen, read and learn in first place and have raised many questions too.

Hoping to understand clearly the following from you :

  1. Whats the Actual Problem?
  2. Whats the Root Cause of the Problem?
  3. Whats the Solution?
  4. How will Solution Solve the Problem?

Not being a celebrity, not surprised that I could not get any response, however, i wish to place on record Some of the Concerns I found in the non-congruent nature of this campaign messages :

1.Letter from Sadhguru

Your Problem Statement: “Within 15 years we will have only 50% of the water we need for our basic survival”

My Decode:  Neither Population becomes twice nor Rainfall becomes half on the Earth, there is no logical basis for this problem statement. All Major Indian Rivers have the Annual Water Availability and Utilization Data for last 50 to 100 years, while its part of nature some years it rains in the given basin more and some years less there is nothing to prove on longer horizon rainfalls have reduced, on the contrary, Krishna Water Tribunal II recently has increased the allocation from 2130 TMC done by KWDT I to 2578 TMC citing the data on water availability from 1961-62  for 47 years the availability being higher

Dear Sadguru Ji Water Availability Has Gone up many folds to the People in Upper Riparian States hence the water utilization resulting depletion of Wastage of Water going to Sea.

Water Utilization in Upper Riparian States and regions has Increased the Green Cover by irrigating the hitherto dry lands and brought prosperity to the people in inner and arid lands of India.

Primary Source of Fresh Water is Rains Only and It remains constant more or less when taken at macro level at micro level there will be large variations

No country is able to completely establish all the factors influencing the rains, best of super computers can at best forecast reasonably for about 10 days horizon.

2. Your Campaign Calls for giving missed call and count it as Support for Your undisclosed Policy document which you propose to submit to Government of India 

My Question: Is this a Good Practice? especially for some one of your stature whom the Nation has honored with Padma Vibhushan?

3. Your Solution: Plant Trees for One Kilometer width on either side of the River!

This is not in sync with the below Nice explanation by World Resources Institute that clearlt shows the Solution for Healthy Natural Solution for Water Security is to have Tree Plantations in Up hills in the River Basin for higher benefit not at the River itself ie the end of Water Journey thru the soil where its impact is lowest  securing the water. Ironically this is included in your campaign material without doing justice to it !

Finally, my suggestion is to make #RallyForRivers Campaign focus on

  1. Planting Trees Everywhere especially in the Higher altitudes facing the Monsoon Directions
  2. Water Conservation Technologies as is achieved by Israel to improve the higher output per drop of water


Make your Team Find Out how many Trees will be LOST in Polavaram Dam and Why should they be Lost and what exactly is #RallyForRivers Stand on Polavaram and its Submersion of Kilometers of Forest on both Sides of Godavari and Shabari Rivers.

What is the #RallyForRivers Stand on #Amaravati being built right on the Bank of River Krishna for more than a kilometer distance from River and for many kilometers of River Bed being made into Concrete Jungle repacing the lush green fields

As your #RallyForRivers is passing thru Amaravati on 13th September please do explain to people your stand on both Polavaram submersion of large Forests on both sides of Godavari and Shabari and Amaravati on Krishna River Bank

India has Utilized More of its River Water since Independence hence it achieved Food Security through Green Revolution, to call the utilization as depletion is a Sad and negative and deceptive and distorted way of looking at the same fact.

Unfortunately, More than Helping the Nation there is Significant chance of following Negative effects of the #RallyForRivers Proposals

  1. River beds turned into Forests is putting END to any more Dams or Barrages on the River ie essential for large parts of Dry Lands to get sufficient water else they become deserts over a period of time
  2. India will continue to Waste Precious Natural Resource letting the Fresh Water go into Sea

Water itself is the LIFE Line, River is Just a Means for Surplus Water to Reach Sea,  Focus has to be on Water Management.

Also, I am aware of million os your followers and thousands of celebrities joining your #RallyForRivers Campaign already and many or most of them may not like or may even oppose or criticise or abuse me for writing this post, i choose to write to keep my conscience clear and also was encouraged to read this below before writing this post.

Kalama Sutta

(Anguttara Nikaya III, 65)

 "It is proper for you, Kalamas, to doubt, to be uncertain;
 uncertainty has arisen in you about what is doubtful. Come,
 Kalamas. Do not go upon what has been acquired by repeated
 hearing; nor upon tradition; nor upon rumor; nor upon what is in a
 scripture; nor upon surmise; nor upon an axiom; nor upon specious
 reasoning; nor upon a bias towards a notion that has been pondered
 over; nor upon another's seeming ability; nor upon the
 consideration, 'The monk is our teacher.' Kalamas, when you
 yourselves know: 'These things are bad; these things are blamable;
 these things are censured by the wise; undertaken and observed,
 these things lead to harm and ill,' abandon them.



Andhra Pradesh Must STOP Fudging of Godavari Krishna Water Utilization

Andhra Pradesh has been LIFTING Godavari Waters daily (7000~8000 Cusecs) and FILLING Prakasham Barrage on KRISHNA Using the the Polavaram Right Canal for the Entire Month of July. This is a Good thing and State should be proud of and share it factually.

However it is Very Unfortunate the same Data is not disclosed in the Godavari Barrage deliberately where it does fudging by reducing the inflow number itself by as much as it diverts.
This type of misleading fudging of Data is done by Andhra Pradesh Consistently to Hide the Water Utilization to show lesser than actual utilization to the Boards and Tribunals, in this case it knows very well that any diversion from Godavari to Krishna all Upper Riparian states accrue their stake as per Tribunal Order. Since it does not wish to share as Godavri – Krishna Diversion it resort to this type of fudging.

Since this is Third Year its doing consecutively, time Government of Telangana takes it up with Center Very Strongly to ensure they put an END to this practice by AP

This is the same FUDGING AP has done in Water Utilization from Srisailam Last Year and Better Prevent this Year Similar Fudged reporting by AP in advance.

Telangana share as it is is less, it simply can not afford to let AP get away  with such Brazen Fudging Practice of Water Utilization

What good are GRMB and KRMB if they can’t even measure and report the water utilization factully and let AP get away with such Reporting which any student can explain is partial reporting of water utilization, not complete reporting.

National Tax Payer Money is being Spent on Polavaram and Nation must get the Factual data on Polavaram Right Canal Water Diversion to Krishna on Daily Basis

Andhra LOST Last Chance of Correcting the Past Krishna Water Injustice

Personally I believe the Single Most Constitutionally valid reason why Union of India had to carve out the State of Telangana is Water.

During the 58 years of Existence of Merged State of Andhra Pradesh from 1956 to 2014

Telangana Region was denied its fair share in both Krishna and Godavari River Waters in following ways

1. Entire focus was on Krishna River where availability is less than half of Godavari

2. Most in excess of  70% Krishna River Water allocated to Combined state was diverted to Andhra first and Rayala Seema later

3. Telangana was pushed into a 40 year 40 KM tunnel on Srisailam LEFT Bank that defies any common sense when same water could have been simply LIFTED from the point where KCR Govt now proposed that would have never taken even 4 years .. this was a deliberate FRAUD design that simply sucked time and money without giving drop of water to the parched region right on the bank of Krishna River

4. For decades people were made to believe LIFT irrigation is not viable and Gravity water not possible for Telangana

Many more similar mistakes net result is, NTR was more keen to Supply Water to Madras (now Chennai) ie over 1000 KM away which was his Karma Bhoomi than to millions of own state people on the Bank of River Krishna in Nalgonda and Mahaboobnagar both of which are Most Backward districts in India and the migration from Mahaboobnagar district to many parts of India for livelihood has left some villages deserted

Under such circumstances, then a Region Telangana now a state had no place other than the State Govt to get its grievance addressed, as the constitution does not allow a Region of a state to get the allocation directly from Central Govt nor Supreme Court can intervene.

Both Center and Supreme Court deal with State Government only not a Region of a state, in legal terms a Region does not have locus-standi to be a party in Water sharing dispute in a Tribunal or Supreme Court.

Though late, there was no alternate for Govt of India to address the problem without granting statehood to Telangana.

I know most of the people of Andhra Pradesh frankly acknowledge this in private if not going on record, I sincerely hoped with such a past Andhra Pradesh state will mend its past ways and make honest attempt to correct the past injustice and let Telangana have its fair share and work to make better use of Godavari Waters for common good as that is where the solution to both states lie.

Hence though AP called it Pattiseema what is essentially adding LIFT pumps to the Polavaram Right Canal that is almost ready which can potentially divert quickly 80 TMC water into Krishna, thought a Bold Good step is taken ignoring the terminology used and no notification to Godavari states Maharastra, Telangana, Chattisgarh and Odisha. I also liked the response from Telangana that simply made some oral comments as part of politics but did not do anything to stall the AP on the project.

Also Telangana Govt rightly so has embarked on taking thorough re-look into each and every project to re-engineer them to make the cost-effecting and faster on ROI and scrap part or full projects that was not in the interest of the state.

Finally has come up with a firm plan to Optimally Pump Water under Revamped Palamooru – Ranga Reddy LIFT Irrigation Project.palamuru-rangareddy-lift-irrigation-project

Sane thing for Andhra Pradesh would have been, not oppose the Project but work to conclude the water sharing mechanism from Srisailam before commissioning of the project to avoid operational hassles for which more than enough time is available.

instead AP has LOST the last option to partially redeem past mistake and it committed another mistake that will only make matters worse for AP for generations to come ..if it had any sense in realizing the ramifications of such insensitive and irresponsible letters as is seen by Telangana promptly sending counter letter to CWC on Polavaram Right Canal Pumping Station at Pattiseema where its case is stronger as the Award makes all diversions from Godavari to Krishna are to be shared

Take a look at part of the letter reported in media, this is the last nail that AP has nailed for itself.. AP letter oppposing Palamooru

Decoding Godavari Breaching Papikondalu

Friends while I was trying to understand Polavaram National Project in all my sincerity to understand all the aspects as much as I can, I watched this beautiful master piece of

650 Million Years in under 2 minutes 

400 Million Years into Past and 150 Million Years into Future

My belief of “Adopt the Nature, not Challenge the Nature” further Got Reinforced and I went back to Google Earth to Study Godavari River and how it flows through Papikondalu trench of Eastern Ghats, reaches Polavaram Dam Site at the end of its long travel through the breach in Papikondalu for Over 40 Kilometers, in this long beautiful flow it’s width is actually is just about 300 Meters to 400 Meters width for almost 16 Kilometers, while it becomes mighty 6 KM Cotton Barrage at Rajahmandry ..

Polavaram Rock fill Earth Dam is currently designed to have Spill over of 754 Meter at 45.72 Meters.

Careful Analysis of the Eastern Ghats and the Altitudes, Godavari River appears to have had a Natural Alluvial Dam in the form of Papikondalu the Water level even if it reached 100 Meters this Dam could hold and the Water had no other way to reach Bay of Bengal other than breach of the Papikondalu a natural rock filled earthen alluvial dam

Clearly Before Ramyana this Natural Dam, may I call it Manyam Dam has Breached at the Point , considering that point receives highest water Pressure of this Manyam Dam!
Then the In-land River Godavari found its 300 meter narrow Breach to Discharge the Massive (potentially Few thousands of TMC ) Water into Bay of Bengal and then came Ramyana, Shabari, Ramadasu and Badrachalamu that is all a known History ..

Papikondalu Natural Dam and Godavari Breaching it to Reach Bay of BengalArea Marked Blue is Quite Conservative and is about 70 Meters only not the Manyam Reservoir Level of like 100 Meter where it would have breached the Papikondalu in Eastern Ghats..

Below actual Satellite Picture of 2006 Floods on River Godavari is recent Reality and is not the recent known worst flood disaster in 1986 on River Godavari.
2006 Godavari Floods without any Polavaram Barrage of Dam

Initially like Many, I was also probing the Angle of Safety of the Polavaram Dam

But above analysis gave me hint that Dam has Papikondalu and this Only 300 Meter Width (Natural Spill Over) acting as a Buffer Choking the Upstream flood water first, before the Dam Safety comes under threat. So in my opinion the first Threat is surely to people in entire Manyam area that includes entire Bhadrachalam Town and Badradri Sita Rama Temple that will face massive Back Flow, Back Water Surge as the Water Simply Can not pass through the Papikondalu Long Spill of just 300 Meter for 16 Kilometers..
It would devastate Entire Manyam Region before it can threaten Polavaram Dam itself..

Once again my respect and regard to the Great Andhra Engineer T.Hanumantha Rao Garu Engineer-in-Chief (Retired) Government of Andhra Pradesh, has gone up many folds and even after retirement he took pains to propose this alternative sensible Multi Barrage Design..

Unfortunately these words of wisdom were not headed to and the Dhanyagnam under Jalayagnam Chief Minister at that time went ahead and spent significant tax payer money and the foundation for the Dam is done

I would urge Govt of India to take a short pause and have best of the Experts from Dam, Flood Water specially Back Flow and Back Water Effect and the Dam Break Analysis under various flood conditions simulated by more than one party and establish the Optimal Dam Heights and other Alternatives to achieve Same level of Water Utilization with reduced impounding of water introducing significant risk and come up with revised plan that might include
1. Lowering the dam height to somewhere in the range of 30 to 35 Meters

2. Water Powered Pumping of Impounded Water to Both Canals at 40 Meter Height (this will make no Dead Stock all Stock into LIVE stock for both Hydal, Lift and Continuous feed to Cotton Barrage at Dawaleswaram

Water Powered Pump Unit the Way for India to Utilize River Water

3. Install upto 1000 MW Solar Plant using the saved money of R&R and Project construction

4. Mineral Resources Mapping in the Manyam area and potential impact at various water levels

5. Alternative Upstream Barrages and Small dams with Same WPP system on both Godavari and Sabari tributary

6. Total Social Cost that includes revised costs according to the Land acquistion act and tribal acts and the interest capitalization for this capital intensive national project

I am hoping and wishing our Prime Minister will look into all the aspects and make necessary and better changes to the #Polavaram Project and make India proud of it by adopting to the nature.

Jai Bharat


Puzzling Questions on #Polavaram to Prime Minister of India [ Change #Polavaram]

Puzzling Questions on #Polavaram to Prime Minister of India



Polavaram to Submerge Sri Rama Temple at Bhadrachalam

2006 Godavari Floods without any Polavaram Barrage of Dam


  1. Have you reviewed the project before and satisfied yourself that project is in the National Interest as per the Oath of Office “ I will do right to all manner of people in accordance with the Constitution and the law”
  2. What has been the Cost Escalation on this Project since Govt of AP (united) started the project without Central Approvals over 10 years back?
  3. Are you Aware Where is the Project Located and What is the Stretch of Godavari River through Papikondalu in Eastern Ghats  and  whats the minimum Width of the River there?
  4. Have you asked the Question what happens when due to Dam current Water level in the Narrow River Stretch is Raised from 15 M to 45.72 M then Massive Flood Comes in from both Godavari and Shabari Rivers?
  5. Post Dam what is the Maximum water that can pass through such a Narrow Long Intertwining Stretch of the Godavari RIVER and whats the Worst Flood In-flow received  so far and whats the Safety Factor assumed over and above the Worst known flood level?
  6. Have you been informed Back Flow Effects During Floods when the Water does not find Enough Passage through Papi kondalu Narrow and Very Long Way ??
  7. Is the Project Cost Estimates Revised based on
  • Current Prices
  • Land Acquisition Act Enacted by Parliament
  • Submergence Area includes Expected Back Water under Heavy Floods
  • Cost of Loss of Minerals and Forestation and Bio-diversity
  • Interest Capitalization till the Project is completed
  • Cost to the people to be affected
  1. Whats the additional irrigation that this project adds to the already irrigated  Coastal Andhra ?
  2. Whats the Additional Benefit accrued to the Nation through this project?
  3. Have you been informed this Project is not 100% Gravity but Gravity cum LIFT Canals. Both canals requite to LIFT from 40 Meter to 80 Meter?
  4. Have you Asked Is there no alternate at High altitude on River Godavari to transfer water to Krishna without LIFT?
  5. Have you asked Whats the Benefit to Cost Ratio of this Project and Alternative Projects
  6. Have you been Shown the Simulation of Back Flow in Massive Flood
  7. Have you been Shown the Dam Break Analysis
  8. Can you guarantee Bhadrachalam City and Ram Mandir at 50 Meter MSL is not threatened by Massive Flood and Back Flow that hits Bhadrachalam First
  9. Have you seen the last major flood of 1986 and its impact at Bhadrachalam that too without Any damage or Barrage..  (ZERO impounding of Water) ?
  10. Once Dam is Constructed, Is it Viable to Bring Cargo Vessels as River Water Way and an Inland Water Way Port for the Central Indian Land locked States of MP, Chattisgarh and Telangana

Please Get every important question answered and establish the Optimal Height of the Dam at Which the Damages ,  Costs and Risks are Minimized and Maximum possible Benefits are achieved .


Polavaram to Submerge Sri Rama Temple at Bhadrachalam

Hazardous Dam vs Safe Barrages

Tribal Laws Trampled by PM Modi on 2014 Junly 11This image of Sita Rama Devalayam in Bhadrachalam with Godavari Flood Fury in 1986 does not lie and Scared to imagine, what would have been the fate if Polavaram Dam was done that time and what such a flood or bigger may do in future ..

Wake up before its too late ..

Sita Rama Temple in Bhadrachalam sorrounded by Flood of Furious Godavari


కట్టా మీఠా


Thursday, January 7, 2010

T.Hanumantha Rao and T.Shivaji Rao

(Contentions raised by AP State Government experts on the article on Polavaram project without submersion by Sri.T.Hanumantha Rao and the clarifications thereon)

Question No.1: It is contended that Storage at the alternate low barrage site at Polavaram would be 22.8 TMC with FLR 100ft and out of this only 5 TMC can be used.

Answer: As per the area capacity tables, storage at 100’ level is 36 TMC and out of this 35 TMC can be utilized for pumping into canals, during the non flood season. There will be a slight reduction in this due to locations of U/s barrages. It is possible to utilize 33 TMC

Question No.2: It is contended that due to siltation, utilization of water and useful storages in barrages will be reduced.

Answer: The proposed barrages are not like others, where…

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