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LIFT Water and Drive Poverty Out of Indian Villages

Dear Pradhan Sevak Narendra Modi Ji

Jalam Mulam Idham Jagat

Water Drives Poverty Out

On the Historic Occasion of all of Sardar Sarovar Gates Coming down to complete the Project and wipe out the water deficiency in Gujarat State forever, Many Congratulation to you and the people of Gujarat this was a Long delayed dream fulfilled.

There is no Better and Faster tool to Driver Poverty out of Rural India and slow down the Urbanization of Bharat ie India is to deliver Sufficient Drinking and Irrigation Water to each home and each farm, its not just viable its now affordable too with falling cost of Power thanks to the advent of Solar Power and India being blessed with Sun God and River Goddesses

Ganges and its tributaries has Enough Water to Irrigate Entire Northern Indian States of Haryana, UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, WestBengal, Uttarakhand, HP, Parts of Rajasthan and MP

Indus Tributaries have enough to irrigate J&K, Punjab and Rjasthan
Brahma Putra can irrigate any part of North East

Mahanadhi has enough to irrigate Chattisgarh, Odisha and Parts of MP

Narmada has enough to irrigate MP, Gujarat and parts of Rajasthan

Godavari, Krishna and Kaveri have enough to Irrigate Maharashtra, Telangana, AP, TN and Karnataka

Mission Bhagiratha to deliver drinking water to every household and Mission to Irrigate 1 Crore Acre Irrigatable Land in Telangana State thay includes 2 Largest LIFT Irrigation Projects in India and Mission Kakatiya demonstrate above are not pipe dreams they are do-able and must be done on priority by all states in India and as Pradhan Sevak Suggest, Request and appeal to you to make this Mission of India to LIFT and LINK Water Surplus River to Water Deficit Parts of India change the Inter Linking of Rivers Project Agenda as it focused more on Gravity which tends to supply more water to the Coastal or Low Lying Areas more than water deficit or watere stressed regions which require LIFTING of Water.

Other Big Advantage of LIFTING of Water is; there is no Need to have Dangerous Large Dams on Rivers with Heavy Floods, No need to Submersion of Fertile Land for large dams, small barrages within flood levels is sufficient, hence lesser land acquisition, which is now too difficult and time consuming than before.

LIFTED water can be stored in Safe Places of choice with Less submersion, Less evaporation losses, and Less Risks and Less Costs to Store.

Future favors LIFTING of Water from RIVERS than Supplying thru Gravity.

With Warm Regards

Venkat Gandhi


Open Letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Good Governance Day

To Honorable Prime Minister of India

Sri Narendra Damodardas Modi Ji

On this Holy Day declared as Good Governance Day, I humbly Submit below Suggestions :

  1. Parliament Must Make Official Apology or Regret to Millions of Dalits in India
  2. Make it Mandatory for All State Governments to prepare 2 Bed Room Livable Homes for all Homeless Poor Dalits and Adivasis
  3. Make it Mandatory for All State Governments to prepare 2 to 5 acre cultivable land that suffices for livelihood of a landless Dalit and Adivasi families in India
  4. Make it FREE, Compulsory, Quality Public Primary Education that includes English Subject in all varnacular State Public Primary Schools
  5. No Religion, No Caste, Common Civil code as Option to Any Indian Citizen to Opt In

Suggested Course Corrections to Sri Narendra Modi Ji for Emphatic Victory on 16th May 2014

My #IndianDream  Dear Narendra Modi Ji

Even though You did not pass the Telangana Agni Pariksha with Flying colors as I would have Wished you did not FAIL either

I guess its humanly impossible for any human to know the nitty gritty of diversity, aspirations and dharma to all Indians and not to have some or other prejudice, hence I do reduce my own expectations from you and consider you still as the best option India has to get the country out of the terrible mess it has got itself into.

Here are few suggestions to enable BJP reach the magic figure of 272.

  1. Telangana : STOP blaming Congress and announce Kishan Reddy as the CM candidate of Telangana and Empower Telangana BJP Leaders to Drive the campaign  with 17 MP Candidates announced immediately. Please remove Venkiah Naidu Totally from the BJP affairs of Telangana if you have any respect to the feelings people of elangana (Its about Telangana Asmita and he represents the Assault on Telangana Asmita)
    Present BJP Vision to Telangana in no uncertain terms including all the unreasonable restrictions placed on the State of Telangana.
  2. Participation of BJP Leadership in Rallies – Time has come to make sure you make it a practise to have atleast one of these Top Leaders in each of the Rally (Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley, Sri L K Advani Ji)
  3. Drive All BJP Leaders Out of Office on to the Street (Door to Door) : Like Vasudara Ji, In each state the Campaigner has to hit the Road Non STOP till the election Date from tomorrow and not be in BJP office.
  4. South and East No Alliances is Safe Strategy: for below States in my view is not alliances but going alone and the reason is Likely winners may not wish pre-poll alliance and antagonizing them withe small party alliance may RISK the Post poll alliances
    (Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Orissa, West Bengal)
    Objective should be to make double digit vote share so that all Winners Que up to Join NDA post poll.
  5. Make 4 BJP CM’s Development Mascots Shift from hitting Dead Congress to Playing Positive Campaign and take Shivaraj Singh Chauhan, Dr Raman Singh, Vasundara Raje Ji and Manohar Parikar into atleast one Major State for campaigns
    Dr Raman Singh to Telangana and Jharkhand and Bihar
    Shivaraj Singh Chauhan to Andhra Pradesh, UP
    Manohar Parikkar to Kerala and Tamilnadu
    Vasundara Raje to Haryana & DelhiFinally Make it Inclusive Campaign
    Jai Hind

Appeal to Sri Narendra Modi & BJP to Say on AP Re-Organization Bill

After Sri Sardar Patel’s Decisive Action to Liberate Telangana as part of Integration of Hyderabad State with Union of India defeating Nizam’s Rajakar’s in 1948 Operation Polo.

Nehru’s Indian National Congress Party has done the mistake in 1956 of making the Pseudo Conditional merger of Telangana part of Hyderabad state much against the recommendation of State Re-organization committee.

It sadly took the nation 57 Years since, including the 6 years rule of BJP to correct this mistake. As is said, It is better late than never,  Since 1998, Kakinada Resolution by BJP of 1 vote, 2 states. BJP is fully committed to the clear and complete state of Telangana.

BJP views the following wrong steps by congress could have been avoided since the 9th December 2009 announcement the subsequent announcement on 23rd December and there after all actions were giving the false hope to the seemandhra people that matter will be delayed, deflected and diverted and the status-quo  will continue that Sri Krishna Committee too clearly said is not an option.

Now after all sorts of twists and turns, finally the bill has come to parliament and since there is no point in delaying this matter any further, BJP stands for following amendments in the bill and gives the assurance on all of these points if not accepted by Congress now, BJP will fulfill each one of them if voted back to power in the 2014 elections.

  1. Role of Governor : BJP considers this against the federal spirit of the constitution, and will demand Telangana State and its Capital Hyderabad be on par with all other States of India, with respect to the security concerns expressed, Central Govt is empowered to intervene should the need arise and will take the action based on the situation not entertain the prejudice by law
  2. Residual AP and its Capital City : The provision demanding to name the capital city in 45 days by experts is laughable as the Govt did not succeed till date !!
    BJP view is it will give 6 months time to Residual AP assembly after elections to express its views on the preference of the people is regarding
    – Statehood demand of Rayalaseema (including status of nellore district )                       – Capital City locations for Single or Two states along with the financial assistance           – Preferred locations for High Court(s) for the State(s)
  3. BJP demands political parties to present their clear agenda to people in the elections based on the results and taking the views of the assembly within 6 months however final decision will be by the Parliament as empowered by Article 3, by end of first year BJP will bring the required additional Act to the parliament by end of first year
  4. Water Front : BJP agrees on the mechanism for Krishna River due the fact that river and major dams are in the border of two states but disagrees, there is no merit to include Godavari river as the situation is like any other river and states. So BJP stand for excluding the River Godavari from Proposed Board
  5. Polavaram Project :  Supports as National Project and demands to transfer the submerged villages to Residual AP for quicker completion and make it part of the project to Compensate fully irrigated land under the same project with 1 Acre more than their current holdings (ie Even landless must get at least 1 acre irrigated land under polavaram)
  6. Fluorosis Water Problem & extreme conditions in parts of Nalgonda district and Completion of 30 Years old Srisailam Left Bank Canal (SLBC) Project with Central Assistance is the commitment of BJP to the most backward and fluorosis affected people of the region that should be considered as a National Shame,one of the testimony why the experiment of AP was an unfortunate failure.
  7. BJP will evaluate and chose One project on Godavari River including to link it with River Krishna within 1 Year as a National Project as part of BJP’s declared policy to integrate the River Network in India
  8. BJP also does not agree with 5 year period suggested for continuity of current education  arrangement in both states, it be amended to 1 year as education is a state subject and center can not trample on the states rights for 5 years.
  9. BJP Proposed to have Continued Integration at Telugu language level between both states and have the common landmarks such as the statues of legends at Tank Bund , in both state capitals and recommends to the continuity of Telugu University as one by both states appointed Vice Chancellors serving on rotation,
  10. Recommends both states have  one nominated MLC in the council of other state to represent and air the views and work for continuous unity at people level.

In short BJP commits to fix the shortcomings if not addressed now, promises to address them within one year if voted back to Power.

Jai Hind

BJP appeals to all the people of Seemandhra living anywhere in the world, India is with you, join India in happily welcoming Telangana state without any fear or prejudice, all of your fundamental rights are guaranteed by Constitution of India so too all your legal assets wherever they may be.

BJP appeals to the people of Telangana to maintain peace, brotherhood and telugu people relationships for generations to come

Wish both the states compete and become pride jewels of India

Telangana is now the Responsibility of Modi and BJP before Elections

My Indian Dream  Sri Narendra Modi Ji

Within Hrs of UPA allies endorsing Telangana Statehood and CWC Resolution nullifying its earlier stand and declaration of Congress Support for Telangana including Hyderabad on July 30, 2013 , Your First Public Statement on the subject was through below blog, while welcoming Telangana you had raised some valid questions to congress party

Its 135 Days since then and we believe a lot of those questions have been answered reasonably well to the best of the abilities under the prevailing circumstances, particularly since the nature of the problem included elements of Hegemony and Tyranny of Majority in a Parliamentary democracy,  by the Delhi Darbar that is otherwise more popular for its misdeeds.

On Aug 11, you were the first politician that had the courage to stand in Hyderabad and say and get it said by Lakhs of people inside LB Stadium Jai Telangana and Jai Seemandhra  same time.

However, What has not been lost Sight by the people of Telangana is the people you chose to meet in private..
And the below pictures of yesterday @ Bhopal, that otherwise should have been the time for celebrating the victory of people of Madhya Pradesh and their beloved Chief Minister Sri Shivaraj Singh Chouhan, seems to have become platform of BJP-TDP Politics.
Naidu @ Chauhan Swearing in Ceremony -1 Naidu @ Chauhan Swearing in Ceremony -2 Naidu @ Chauhan Swearing in Ceremony -3 Naidu @ Chauhan Swearing in Ceremony -4
What I can say how people of Telangana See Mr Naidu and BJP Relationship is best Summarized in this picture.
Naidu - BJP Relationship
People of Telangana do understand Residual AP state will have 25 MP seats and its complete and absolute prerogative of BJP as to how it goes about its alliances and political strategy. Largely people in Telangana have no issues with that.
Below are Historical Facts that Telangana Reminds Mr Narendra Modi and BJP:
1. First National Party to commit Telangana is BJP with its 1 vote 2 states resolution in Kakinada in 1998
2. First National party that failed to deliver Telangana in its 6 years of rule is BJP (Its official position is, it is due to TDP (for people of Telangana its Telangana Drohi Party)
– BJP neither delivered the state in 2001 along with the 3 new states not made any effort till 2004 when its in power.
3. Congress failed to deliver in its first terms in 2004~2009 but it did put in CMP and Presidential Address to Parliament and had initiated something
4. TDP Back stabbed Telangana once again in 9th Dec 2009 night with its dubious role and is prime culprit for the death of hundreds of youth and immeasurable agony, loss of productive time to the 3.5 crore people in Telangana for last 4 Years
Now that Anti Telangana Resolution in disguise as NCM comes up in Lok Sabha to-day and the Presidential Reference of Telangana Draft Bill has already come to AP State Assembly.
Since BJP and TDP are hand in gloves
Telangana Statehood as Promised by both BJP and Congress and as drafted in the Bill must get complete its course before elections.Since Sri Narendra Modi Ji is the only declared Prime Ministerial Candidate for 2014 elections.
The onus of making Telangana State happen is more with Sri Narendra Modi Ji.
Yes its the Agni Pariksha,  it will test you, if you lead BJP to side with Tyranny of Majority (25 MP seats) or the deprived minority Telangana (17 MP) seats of its constitutional and democratic right to shape its own destiny without any dependence.
Anything short BJP will be held accountable by the people of Telangana for its Failure to
Walk the Talk

Nahin Mange Kisi Ka Kuch

Na Chalega Chori 
Na Chalega Mazak 
Na Karte Mana Kisi Ko

Ao Jiyo Dilse

Hum Hai Hyderabadi

Hyderabad Hai Telangana Darti Dil
Telangana Hai Bharat  Ka Koshth

Hum Hai Hindustani

Jai Hind

Hyderabad Telangana will Test Narendra Modi legacy to Sardar Patel

My #IndianDream Narendra Modi Ji Congratulations for honoring Sri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel with Shilanyas of Statue of Unity, a worthy tribute to India’s Great Son of the Soil.

On this same day, I feel once again Hyderabad Telangana will test you soon of your real nerves and conviction when either current government of India under congress or the new government hopefully lead by you as Prime Minister makes the political decision on Hyderabad for the #The29thState Telangana

Its same situation of Congress’s Nehru preferring to strike deal with Nizam while Sardar Patel refusing it then now the current congress and some more national parties including some in BJP showing the inclination to strike a deal with Seemandhra with litigation on the status of Hyderabad and what will be the position of Narendra Modi Ji will take !

As your follower, admirer will be keenly watching the role you would play in deciding the shape and fate of Hyderabad for the state of Telangana…

This is continuity to my previous posts on

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Sardar Patel Amar Rahe

Jai Hind

Narendra Modi and the Great Polarizing Debate

Sri Narendra Modi ji is Absolutely Right , Good Exceptions in Indian Political Leadership were Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri and Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee and I would add Sri P V Narsimha Rao who laid the foundation of Modern India