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Telangana @ 3

Further to my Last year Post  Two Years of the TRS rule in Telangana  Today Telangana is @ 3 and time to again review its Progress on all the three main factors for which the state came into existence

1.            Neellu (Water)

Thanks the Rain Gods pouring rain towards the end of last season and the significant progress achieved in two years under Mission Kakatiya for revitalizing over 14,000 water tanks the life lines of Telangana  villages and completion of pending LIFT irrigation projects and Sri Pada Yellampally Reservoir aided with optimal utilization of waters and re-scheduling the season and completion of Power Projects and Power Grid Connection enabled the State having unprecedented readiness to make most of the resources by providing water from reservoirs and tanks, power for pumpsets, fertilisers and seeds supply in time and at the villages the result is millions of farmers and agriculture dependent families in Telangana state are seeing the fruits that can be seen in just Paddy crop alone where

State Authorities plan to purchase a record 37 lakh MT of paddy as against 8.42 lakh MT in 2015-16, a four-fold increase.

I believe “water is life line” there is no Bigger tool in the hands of any state or central government for providing inclusive growth and reducing the rural poverty than providing Water for Drinking and Irrigation.

Mission Bhageeratha to deliver potable tap water to every household has been completed in one constituency and was inaugurated by honorable PM in Aug 2016 and is now racing to completion and is particularly targeting the florosis affected areas.

Wish the Government to reach its Goal to deliver potable water to every household.

CM KCR Gran Re-engineering of Kaleshwaram Project now has ECR (Environment Clearance) from Center and the New State Land Acquisition Act to expedite the land acquisition for the projects by paying higher compensation to the lan owners and affected has been notified by President of India.  Government has been receptive to the ideas to make finer improvements to the Grand Project that I believe will become Role Model for the Arid World not Just in India as to how to Drive Poverty out of Arid Regions by Lifting and Linking Surplus Rivers with the water deficit irrigatable lands in the Arid and Semi arid parts of the world.

I am particularly happy to see project is not extended from Mallanna Sagar till Singur to leverage the 29 TMC existing Reservoir and also the Reverse flow by adding 4 Minor Lifts to the SRSP flood flow canal to Send Water from Mid Maner to the SRSP when we have enough water in Kaleshwaram but no inflows into SRSP from Maharashtra as is the experiene in almost 2 out of every 3 years in the recent past.

But for the incident of Mid Maner washout in the unprecedented flash floods on Maner river, this year has been a Dream Run for the Rural Telangana in the last 6 months and I believe the best of Telangana State under leadership of CM KCR Garu is yet to come.

2.            Nidhulu (Resources)

Finally the Center has done what it should have done long back, it stood by the letter and spirit of federal structure in any state re-organizaion immovable assets belong to the state where they exist, while good 3 years time was kind of wasted, injustice attempted by the neighboring state was prevented just before the deadline of 3 years was ending.

More importantly Telangana state witnessing the highest growth of state own revenues which despite the demonitization effect grown over 17% which is highest among all states in India.

State has been channelling its resources to its priority sectors of Irrigation and Drinking Water and unprecedented Social Welfare Schemes for the first three years

So many schemes being planned and implemented meticulously at past pace, I believe “Telangana Intensive Household Survey” has given the accurate data to the Government hence both planning and execution are happening quite smoothly

3.            Niyamakalu ( Jobs )

There are some steps taken in this most delayed and most agitating part among people of the state, particularly the youth, for good or bad have expected to become government employees soon after the statehood is achieved.

Good Part is Govt is not rushing into blind recruitment without establishing the requirements and procedures the bad part is the time its taking is bit too much.

While neither Telangana nor any state can afford to provide only state government jobs to the youth, hope state comes out with clear explanation and plan even if it does not satisfy fully the youth it should make the rest of the people in the state is being fair and realistic.

Recent move to induct the Teachers and Faculty to fill the vacancies in State Educational Institutions has to be completed on priority with transparent process to select the most eligible job seekers in the state.

One must compliment the Government for rising the salaries for many ignored sections of the government services delivery who were having quite marginal salaries / wages that some times leads to petty corruption in the government service delivery.

One clearly sees the petty corruption tendency in the state of Telangana has come down due to these reasonable steps with fair salaries and wages, honest people now have a chance to work and live honestly in the state.


Politically with over 50% Support for the Party in most  of 119 assembly segments party has no serious political challenger at this time who have no agenda other than Anti KCR and his family in their fight back, will they learn to do home work and hard work on the ground in next 2 years, one has to wait and see !

Sectorial Achievements:

Power :

First Priority for the state to liberate the state from the clutches of Andhra Pradesh and its Grid is achieved on April 2017 with commissioning of Wardha – Dichpally 765 KV HVDC Power Link, state is now part of National Grid with its Own connection and can purchase and draw power from any part of India which is now available a plenty and cheap in West, and Eastern Grid of India

Telangana has delivered this Rabi (Yasangi) Season has delivered over 9191 MW Peak Demand and 188 MU Power Supply on 31st March 2017 this almost 50% Jump from about 6000-7500 MW base Power Load the state witnesses during Rainy season and winter

Completion of 600 MW KTPS II, SCCL 600 x 2 (1200 MW) and 1000 MW from Chattisgarh enable the state deliver this.

Now the state is in a position to exercise the first right of refusal more after it already said not to Costly and no assurance supply of Krishnapatnam now more of AP power will be opted out and soon AP will actually be drawing power from telangana as its right on Telangana Cheap Power continues ..

The state which attempted to choke Telangana State from the day on Power will actually end up thriving on cheap power of Telangana state is going to be the irony in next 7 years ..

Challenges Ahead ..

  1.  Education : While Government succeeded to reign in the Private Educational Institutions Malpractices and Misuse of Fees Reimbursement Schemes etc,   Public Education System Other than  Residential Schools is in Shambles in the State and there is no running away from this fact, when the Government is forced to close the schools for lack of students is admission of total failure for there is no village whose population disappeared, it simply reveals the public education system in rural telangana too has been replaced by private education system.   Without having the Teachers in the school how can Government expect students to come to schools, hence the move to recruit teachers must happen on priority as most new teachers will take time to become productive teachers.
  2. Healthcare : Some very good moves and initiatives for the mother and child in Government hospitals is a very good development, this task of re-building public healthcare would be long one and requires continuous focus as it deals with the chance for survival of the poor patients in the society.  Hopefully Government Adds the Health Education to the Agenda of Mana TV that has been doing good work on the employability education.
  3. Hyderabad Infrastructure and Clean Authority for Hyderabad : Hyderabad is the source of Economic Strength of Telangana State and it must be strengthened two things that will make the City take a Leap Jump into Global City is centered around 
    1. Transportation Infrastructure : City needs Over 200 KM Metro lines and Over 200 KM Elevated Roads inter connecting Airport, ORR, Main Stations and Bus Stands there is no other way to control the traffic situation and air pollution due to vehicle emissions
    2. Clean Authority to Handle both Waste Water and Solid Waste so that all of the Sewage is Treated and filled into the Musi River Front and All of Non Recyclable Solid Waste is Eliminated same day with harmless emissions, else the Clean Hyderabad is a Pipe Dream, Waste Water and Solid Waste lying anywhere within or outside city continue to affect the neighborhood.

Telangana Godavari River Projects Progress

Telangana Movement Tag line is Water, Resources and Jobs, undoubtedly the most critical and important one with far reaching impact on all of Rural Telangana that has suffered a lot during the 58 years is “Water”, No surprise the Leader of the Movement since 2001 and first democratically elected CM of Telangana State KCR Garu has spent maximum amount of his own time and has deployed best possible Government Team and resources and committed highest amount of budget allocation for the cause of Water.  Govt of Telangana  has taken two pronged approach, first all Projects that have been in various stages of progress that can be completed faster by pumping funds and removing the administrative hurdles such as land and others or put on fast track such as Kalwakurthy, Bheema, Nettempadu and Koilsagar  on Krishna and Yellampally on Godavari have been commissioned partly or fully by now changing the landscape of the Palamuru district particularly. Secondly the team has taken complete stock of Godavari River Water availability and the issues impending the on-going Pranahita Chevella Project that delivered zero benefit in-spite of large amount of money spent in digging canals without and work on barrage on Pranahita the source of water.

Major Milestones on Mission Godavari Water by Government of Telangana:

2015 Telangana Government carried out LIDAR (Light detection and ranging) survey from Sriram Sagar Project to Bhadrachalam to study river Godavari and its basinfor using water resources efficiently.
2016 Mar CM made elaborate presentation in Assembly on his vision of Godavari   and   Krishna Waters to entire Telangana State 
2016 Aug Telangana and Maharashtra CM’s historic inter-state agreement on Medigadda, Tummidihatti, Chanaka-Korata Barrages
2017 Feb DPR for Kaleshwaram LIFT Irrigation based on Medigadda Barrages submitted to CWC

Government in its Wisdom has rightly identified 4 Distinct Projects and put all of them on fast track, each of this has significant contribution to make in changing the face of the Rural Telangana by diverting the Godavari River water going waste to Bay of Bengal every year, same time keeping the social and economic changes in mind Government has allocated significant amount of water for both Drinking and Industrial purposes which also enable partly in revenue accrual for self-sustenance of these projects in the long-term.

Projects on

1Submission for TOR

Acceptance by MS EAC


TOR Granted
Channaka-Korata 2016/6/6 2016/6/30 2016/7/29 2016/9/5
Pranahita at Tummidihatti 2016/7/26 2016/8/1 2017/3/28 2017/3/31
Kaleshwaram at  Medigadda  2016/12/23 2017/1/6 2017/3/28 Scheduled
Tupakulagudem 2017/2/21 2017/2/22 2017/3/28 Scheduled

Tenders already finalized for the three Barrages at Medigadda, Annaram, Sundilla and also the respective Pump Houses and the work is already underway.

Remaining parts of the Project have been improved taking various suggestions from many people, result the DPR with below Line Diagram submitted to CWC:

Water Quantum of Project:

Though it proposes to LIFT 180 TMC from Kaleshwaram even after Evaporation losses of 10 TMC, Total of 225 TMC water would become available in Telangana with addition of 20 TMC from Yellampally reservoir and 10 TMC of Self yield by various reservoirs and 25 TMC water re-charge expected thru various reservoirs, these additional availability of water beyond what is lifted from Medigadda is actually quite conservative.

Allocation of 225 TMC under this project is

Irrigation will utilize 169 TMC

Drinking Water           40 TMC

Industries                     16 TMC

Total of 7,38,851 hectares of area will become command area of this project with canal water for irrigation.

Most importantly as rightly pointed out by CWC while reviewing the Previous DPR of Pranahita Chevella that did not plan for sufficient storages which would have rendered the project help less if there is no continued flow of water at Tummidihati, that was an unthinkable flaw, Telangana Government has come up 20 Reservoirs with total capacity of 147 TMC, this takes out the Huge Risk of non supply due to non availability of water at source during entire season as it allows to first impound the water in these reservoirs then use it as per the need for entire crop season.

Total Estimated Power Consumption for Lifting is 13,558 MU  this includes 40 TMC drinking water and 16 TMC for Industrial Use which actually has highest power requirement and is actually commercial as its normally recovered from HMWSSB and Industries respectively.

Addition of Intermittent Reservoirs allowed the Government to Opt for intermittent LIFTING of Water when the GRID has surplus cheap power during nights and do bare minimum during peak hours, this brings down the cost of Power drastically.

Particularly Annaram Storage Capacity of 12 TMC is highly beneficial.

While Pumps from Medigadda to Annaram will operate 24 Hrs during the floods

Pumps from Annaram to Sundilla and further till Mallanna Sagar Need not operate during Peak Loads they can LIFT More during Surplus Cheap Power and less during Peak Load Costly power.

This effectively means 60 to 75% of entire Power Consumption during the July~November can be availed at very low cost,  as at this time of the year Power is Surplus and goes waste in the National Grid due demand falling to rock bottom in Rainy Season.  In-line Reservoirs of Kaleshwaram LIFT irrigation project have enabled project to Pump the Water with Very Cheap Power.

Total Investment is Rs 80,500 Crores

Total Annual Benefit of Agriculture, Drinking Water Supply to Hyderabad and Industries put together is Rs 21,521 Crores

Total Annual Cost even accounting for Interest, Depreciation, O&M and Cost of Power is Rs 13,923 Crores

This giving a healthy Benefit to Cost Ratio of 1.55 for the entire Project.

Coming to the stance of Political Parties:

Congress Party: Main opposition made its counter presentation in August 2016.

TJAC released its report on Kaleshwaram Project in November 2016

While BJP has not made its position clear its Member and advisor to the Central Water Minister Mr Sriram Vedire released his Book on Optimal Utilization of Godavari Waters in Feb 2017

TDP has not made its position clear, indirectly indicating its not opposing the project while its Govt in AP is trying its best to stall or delay the project using its influence in Center.

By now people have made their own opinion about TJAC and Congress as their opinions have been elaborate touching various aspects.

It would be desirable for Telangana BJP to state its position unequivocally with specifics not be evasive as their spokespersons are doing with opinions they air are never consistent and among themselves nor with the contents of the book endorsed by Central Ministers, either BJP has to fully own up the book or has to make its stand with specifics as is done by Congress party and TJAC already.

Any other party which is serious about Telangana state must make their view clear with specifics and make it public.

The discourse and priority shown by Government of Telangana to address this Core issue of Water for the State has to be commended and the debate happening with many spending their time and expertise to contribute or counter to the state government effort is a good sign for democracy and development going hand in hand in new state of Telangana while it may not satisfy all.

All information in this article is a Public information.

This Project has Massive Scope to Improve the Benefits and Reduce the Costs due to enormous number of Controllable Variables (Choice of Source of Water, Choice of Impounding or LIFTING, When to LIFT vs  Uncontrolled Variables such as timing and quantum of Rains, Floods and inflows into Rivers from upstream catchment areas, power availability and costs of power etc.

Suggest and Look forward for  the state funded Technology and agriculture Universities and Institutes to focus on Cost and Benefit Optimization Respectively of the Largest State Investment ever.

  • How to Make More Farm Produce from 1 TMC of Water ?                                                                – By Agriculture & Horticulture Universities
  • How to Reduce average Cost of LIFTING 1 TMC of Water ?                                                                – By Technology Universities and Institutions

At the outset let me be clear this Post having written after reading the book of Sriram Vedire Garu, I mentioned his name and book title and the points reinforcing the current state government initiatives and take away points ..

However, Contours of Kaleshwaram to Srisailam National Project as Phase 2 to Kaleshwaram is Mine not attributed to the Book or the author, as the book proposes ILR to Nagarjuna Sagar, its my view that Kaleshwaram to Srisailam is feasible as its FRLat 270 M is less than Dindi 393 M and more beneficial as its guaranteed way of diverting water to Rayalaseema another Arid and Water deficit Region particularly with KWDT II, Srisailam will witness 118 TMC reduction in inflow as compared to KWDT I with both Maharashtra and Karnataka having been allocated 118 TMC more water at 65% dependability, hence this Reduction need to be back filled with Godavari Water to keep intact current investments made and plans of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana based on Srisailam Waters.

Diversion to N Sagar thru 300 M cotor proposed as ILR in the book while assures the Command Area under Sagar and Krishna Delta it can not assure the water availability for command area under Srisailam Left and Right Banks.

Once 400 M contour Canal is established it any way can serve all the purposes of 300 M contour canal

Its my view 400 Meter should get higher priority and should be done first, this is different from whats suggested in the book.
Any one having any comment or questions on the article are requested to direct to me and not to Sriram Vedire Garu who is fully occupied with multiple critical tasks in Central and Rajasthan State Government Tasks.


Misleads in Kaleshwaram TJAC Report (కాళేశ్వరం ఎత్తి పోతల పథకం పై TJAC నివేదిక లోని తికమకలు)

Here is my Video Post Explaining My View about 6 Specific Misleading Arguments / Assumptions made in the TJAC Report on Kaleshwaram
  1. Mallanna Sagar 5 TMC Capacity instead of 50 TMC Can Meet all the Objectives Set of supplying 146 TMC Water
  2. Water Losses in LIFT Irrigation Can be ~40% Hence 40% More water LIFTING and Costing done
  3. Suggesting to Add 10 TMC New Reservoir within Telangana near Tummidihatti since Maharashtra did not agree for 152 Meter height Yet Oppose the 50 TMC Capacity at Mallanna Sagar
  4. ntire Water has to be LIFTED from Medigadda Only is the assumption in all cost calculation and excluding Tummidihatti Portion Completely 
  5. KLIS is only about Medigadda not about BIG Medigadda Supplementing to Small Tummidihatti Barrage as Sources for Tapping and LIFTING Water
  6. Future Cost of Power will Keep Rising as in the Past (Inherent assumption of assuming Rs 6.4 /unit cost is Reasonable and NPV of future power cost will remain as Rs 6.4)
All these 6 points are Significantly different from the Reality and have contributed in trying to 
— Magnify the Costs
— Undermine Benefits
— Delay the Project and hence accrual of its benefits to the Telangana Farmers

Suggestions to Govt of Telangana on Power for Kaleshwaram LIFT

Dear Sri T Harish Rao Garu

To remove the unnecessary apprehensions in the minds of some in Telangana about Cost of Power being Rs 6.4 on Net Present Value basis forever, Suggest following measures.

  1. Write to TSERC seeking to Treat both HT LIFT (Rs 6.4) and LT LIFT’s (Rs 3.8) on par and Revise the Tariff of HT Lift Irrigation Projects in-line with LT LIFT irrigation Projects with immediate effect.
  2. If not completed already Conclude and announce establishment of Kaleshwaram LIFT Irrigation Corporation as a Company
  3. New Company must Get all Power Licenses to Procure and Contract Power from IPP’s as its Power Requirements are High and needs Total In-house expertise to Optimize the Power Procurement and Costs
  4. It should also Request NTPC/Center to Setup Solar Projects  at all Barrages on Top of The Barrage bund , It can enter into PPA directly for Captive use with NTPC Solar
  5. Request NHPC to Examine construct Pumped Storage Hydro Power Station of 500 to 1000 MW capacity using Godavari Water and Reservoirs in Kaleshwaram LIFT irrigation .( They may select based on the LIDAR data suitable location  (This will help Cheap Future Solar Power from Day time to Night Time)   When Excess Solar Power in day is available the Power Station will LIFT to Upper Reservoir and when there is shortage of Power supply It will act as Power Generator by returning the Upper Reservoir to Lower Reservoir.  (We are doing massive LIFT such mechanism can be added easily after careful examination its part of NHPC Mandate to construct such projects.


Venkat Gandhi

Curious Questions on TJAC Report on Kaleshwaram LIFT Irrigation Project

Curious Questions on TJAC Report on Kaleshwaram LIFT Irrigation ProjectAs the Report says

“This report has several gaps and some inconsistences. The authors are aware of it

Any figure we mention in this report can be questioned, that is fine.”

So here are my Curious Questions to the authors from TJAC

1. Would Net Power Tarrifs Fall, Remain or Rise in future on Net Present Value basis ?

Why mislead people as if Power tariffs going to remain same or rise in future, they will not rise any further on net present value basis anywhere in the world ever thanks to sun god and Solar PV technology revolution leveraged with timely initiative by our Govt, Since Telangana State formation we have secured Solar Power for Next 25 Years at constant FIXED purchase price Ranging from Rs 4.67 ~ Rs 6.49 during last 30 months already 3800 MW added to the Telangana Power Grid, if we assume our Average current cost of solar power is Rs 5.5 , if we assume it will take 10 years to complete most of this Project to be able to make maximum use of Godavari Water under Kaleshwaram and Tummidihatti LIFT irrigation Projects, if we assume 10% annual discounting rate. Today’s price of Power purchased at Rs5.5 after 10 years is Rs 1.91 per unit.

In addition particularly in the night India has too much surplus power now that is available very cheap and in plenty as the demand falls drastically during late night till the start of offices, Telangana will be accessing this cheap power in the night to LIFT the Water though out the year as it stores water in BIG reservoirs on the way hence can choose to LIFT whenever it suits it.

Assuming NPV of Rs 6.4 per unit as cost of power for ever is not just misleading but is Gross manipulation to show the cost almost 335% of reality after 10 years and portraying 650% more than applicable prices after 20 years.

2. Why this computation based on arbitrary 40% Loss in Water during LIFT ? Are we not bringing water from Nagarjuna Sagar to Hyderabad and Yellampally to Hyderabad and Mission Bhageeratha taking it to Next level, no where any one has ever come up with any such loss, piped LIFTS actually eliminate the Loss and minimal loss in low area high altitude storage tanks such as Mallanna Sagar as Surface area for Evaporation is minimized.

3. Whats the motive behind computation of cost of power based on altitude / elevation of Lift ? in the report ?, Is TJAC indirectly discouraging Government to divert, LIFT water from Surplus parts of Telangana along Godavari River to the Water deficit Arid Region around metropolis Hyderabad for inclusive and total development of all of Telangana, is the current Power Consumption of Pumped irrigation cost not less on Banks of Godavari where water is available in minimum depth as compared to high altitude, Medak, Ranga Reddy, Nalgonda districts in Telangana where even after drilling many bore wells farmer may not find water source itself?

4. Telangana Govt and CM have stated in the Telangana Assembly based on the before Demerger AP Govt Records the allocations made to Telangana in Godavari river are 954 TMC, why is TJAC reducing it to 855 TMC?

5. Is TJAC not aware Godavari River Water Tribunal does not bind the state to any project in fact there is no restriction on Maharashtra on how much of water it can use within Pen Ganga Basin consisting Pen Ganga, Wardha Rivers till the specified points after which GWDT also does not place any restriction on use of remaining waters by Telangana, why is TJAC quoting various numbers that are misleading people as if there are restrictions about where to use the water and how much, not just Telangana but every state Maharashtra, Telangana and Chattisgarh, Odeesha and Andhra Pradesh states priority is to first reach the situation to utilize all the Godavari River Water and not let them go waste to the bay of Bengal as is happening today causing National Wastage.

6. Why is TJAC thinking a non-Telangana Expert would do in 3 months any better job than the TJAC experts work over many many months since the presentation by CM to all people through the detail presentation in the assembly.

7. Why mislead people by stating “(a) Water intake has been changed from Tummidihatti to Medigadda” when the Agreement reached with Maharashtra includes Tummidihatti with 148 Meter FRL Barrage and Medigadda Barrage and Maharashtra has clearly said Telangana is FREE to LIFT as much water it wishes to.

8. What is prudent for Telangna to LIFT water from Tummidihatti where in 2005 only 336 TMC was flowing out of which only 46 days available 2 TMC plus for lifting ie even 100 TMC could be tough and wont suffice last to even one crop to even one acre if Telangana does not build reservoirs to fill after lifting, Is TJAC Opposing Kaleshwaram and Suggesting Telangana should utilize Water from Tummidihatti Only? Please be clear as the report is very very confusing with no clarity about its position.

9. Why is TJAC proposing to build 10 TMC Reservoir within Telangana territory after lifting from Tummidihatti same time opposing 50 TMC Mallanna Sagar Reservoir within Telangana territory based on same LIFT water that can bring water to more Arid and water deficit regions of Telangana.

10. Water LIFTED from Godavari not Only does irrigation, drinking water and industrial use it also reduces the load on pump irrigation and helps rise the Water Table and start reducing fluorosis in such areas as adding water to the Arid Telangana is more important than sucking the depleting water table hence is it fair to make comparisons with questionable numbers?

11. Why this misleading statement “Even though the actual pumping capacity is only 200 TMC” capacity of 2 TMC per day at Kaneswaran your own report computes minimum based on lowest flow recorded by CWC in 2005 in Tekra Only pumping minimum 227 TMC and up to 360 TMC is possible based on actual flows recorded in 1971 by CWC

12. Why this assumption all of the Water is LIFTED from Kaleshwaram Only ? In 2016 if we had Yellampally to Mallanna Sagar LIFT ready (ie we would have lifted water from Mid Manair, LMD and Yellampally that went to See and saved 50 TMC in Mallanna Sagar ? without needing to pump any water from Kaleshwaram. 

13. Why assume Mallanna Sagar can get Water pumped for maxmimum 200 days only ? its Not Only Dependent on Kaleshwaram as source of water, It can access water released from SRSP and Kaddam into Yellampally, It can access Water through SRSP Flood Flow Canal, Mid Manair Own inflows is a a source. Its quite possible it could receive 0.75 / TMC for 240 days ie 180 TMC well above the planned 146 TMC utilization the remaining can be pumped further into Singur where we have 29 TMC capacity for which GoT has ordered feasibility study. 

14. Why not recommend to add more LIFTING Capacity both at Medigadda and Tummidihatti the major sources available so that Maxmium usage of investments in reservoirs can be achieved to reduce the overall cost per TMC ?

15. Why not recommend to go for Captive Solar Power Plants for Kaleshwaram LIFT Irrigation Corporation to minimize the Cost of Power and make the Corporation procure Power directly from Power Exchanges and create minimization of Cost of Power when it needs and sell it when it does not need and earn some revenues for project.

An abridged post in Telugu in Namaste Telangana is below 

Why is TJAC misleading people of Telangana on Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project ?

While the Maharashtra and Telangana Godavari River Water sharing agreement clearly says “Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project compromising of barrages at Tummidihatti on river Pranahita and Medigadda on river Godavari “

Now let’s see what the executive summary of TJAC report is stating about Kaleshwaram Irrigation Project 

It’s clearly stating “intake has beeen Changed from Tummidihatti  to Medigadda ” accordingly in entire report no account of water intake from Tummidihatti is included ..

why is such deliberate misleading of people done ? How does it do good to the credibility of the report ? How does it do good to the people of Telangana ?