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Living human with gods grace, strives
with good intention and humility for Humanity
think and act with heart for the Nation
nurture mortal body for Self

Born and brought up in Telangana,
Graduated at foot hills of Lord Venkateshwara,
Post Graduate from Mumbai
Worked in Maharastra for 8 years
Living with family in Land of Rising sun since 2001..

Working to make little contribution to the common good of
Bharat (my native country) and
Nippon (my resident country)

Words of Venkat G” is compilation my personal views and thoughts at that point of time and are not part of my professional work


16 thoughts on “About

  1. annetbell

    Thank you so much for your comments. I will answer each one! I really appreciate the follow..
    Someone told me to go to the Reader section and then type in topics on the right. You can find other blogs with similar interests, then friend them and write a comment. They will visit your site to see what you are doing….bingo …you will have for bloggers to talk to. There have been quite a few posts on Mr. Modi. Namaste. . . .Anne

  2. Venkat Gandhi Post author

    Namaste Anne
    The Author is Top Lawyer of India and Chairman of Supreme Court Bar Council. Former Law Minister and current Member of Parliament in Upper house.
    Ofcourse Gr8 supporter of NaMo4PM

  3. Harsha

    Glad to meet you Venkat.. 🙂
    And I am happy to see your blogs Tagline “Humanity First” exactly my thoughts and I always try to live by that.. 🙂

      1. Vasu

        Hello Gandhi, Vasudevan here (nitie). Very impressive speech on future of youth. Amazed to see your passion for your home/adopted countries, and of course, your Japanese language skill.

  4. Suntosh Haudakar

    Feeling great and my resolve is getting consolidated and reinforced after visiting your blog bro! All your articles on Telangana and on the unity of India are highly informative and insightful!!


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