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Sri Gopalakrishna Gokhale had convinced Visiting Sri Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi to stayback in motherland and mentored him to fight for Independence of India, likewise Prof Jayashankar discovered KCR and got him to walk out of Ruling Party, Establish new Political Party (TRS : Telangana Raahtra Samithi) with sole Agenda for Telangana Statehood achievement and lead it from the front and fight based on the doctrine he had conceived and has articulated all his life time, the doctrine was based on the learnings of sad experience of loss of many lives and eventual failure of 1969 agitation for Telangana Statehood. By Shifting focus from Students and Youth to All Sections of Society and Embracing Gandhian Non Violence and Non Co-operation and sticking to the Core issues of denial of fair share of Water, Resources and Jobs because of the Tyranny of Majority non Telangana leadership of then Andhra Pradesh did to the Telangana region. KCR has not waivered either on the principle or the commitment so much so that he even put his own life on the line for the cause of Telangana State in 2009, he left no stone unturned and effectively left no choice or doubt among the Indian National and Regional Parties about the necessity of Granting Telangana State invoking Article 3 of the Constitution without the consent of Assembly.
This was made possible due to KCR understanding of entire Telangana state, History, People, Lifestyle, Real issues, Culture and command over the Telugu and his ability to make the complex issues simple to communicate and connect with the masses is more like some of the Great Revolutionaries world has seen.

While there are some great leaders who achieved such missions for their people, KCR is uniquely placed like Madiba of actual opportunity to lead the Government to fulfill the Promises and deliver justice by correcting the past mistakes. KCR is also like Dengazao Ping who brought capitalisr Economic Reform into communist China and PVNR Economic Liberalization of India is also Setting a New Inclusive Growth Oriented Development Model in Telangana State, I believe He will prove me right of calling KCR is a Blessing for People of Telangana State of having “Bapu, Madiba and PVNR” all in-one.

Venkat Gandhi
Tokyo, Japan


LIFT Water and Drive Poverty Out of Indian Villages

Dear Pradhan Sevak Narendra Modi Ji

Jalam Mulam Idham Jagat

Water Drives Poverty Out

On the Historic Occasion of all of Sardar Sarovar Gates Coming down to complete the Project and wipe out the water deficiency in Gujarat State forever, Many Congratulation to you and the people of Gujarat this was a Long delayed dream fulfilled.

There is no Better and Faster tool to Driver Poverty out of Rural India and slow down the Urbanization of Bharat ie India is to deliver Sufficient Drinking and Irrigation Water to each home and each farm, its not just viable its now affordable too with falling cost of Power thanks to the advent of Solar Power and India being blessed with Sun God and River Goddesses

Ganges and its tributaries has Enough Water to Irrigate Entire Northern Indian States of Haryana, UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, WestBengal, Uttarakhand, HP, Parts of Rajasthan and MP

Indus Tributaries have enough to irrigate J&K, Punjab and Rjasthan
Brahma Putra can irrigate any part of North East

Mahanadhi has enough to irrigate Chattisgarh, Odisha and Parts of MP

Narmada has enough to irrigate MP, Gujarat and parts of Rajasthan

Godavari, Krishna and Kaveri have enough to Irrigate Maharashtra, Telangana, AP, TN and Karnataka

Mission Bhagiratha to deliver drinking water to every household and Mission to Irrigate 1 Crore Acre Irrigatable Land in Telangana State thay includes 2 Largest LIFT Irrigation Projects in India and Mission Kakatiya demonstrate above are not pipe dreams they are do-able and must be done on priority by all states in India and as Pradhan Sevak Suggest, Request and appeal to you to make this Mission of India to LIFT and LINK Water Surplus River to Water Deficit Parts of India change the Inter Linking of Rivers Project Agenda as it focused more on Gravity which tends to supply more water to the Coastal or Low Lying Areas more than water deficit or watere stressed regions which require LIFTING of Water.

Other Big Advantage of LIFTING of Water is; there is no Need to have Dangerous Large Dams on Rivers with Heavy Floods, No need to Submersion of Fertile Land for large dams, small barrages within flood levels is sufficient, hence lesser land acquisition, which is now too difficult and time consuming than before.

LIFTED water can be stored in Safe Places of choice with Less submersion, Less evaporation losses, and Less Risks and Less Costs to Store.

Future favors LIFTING of Water from RIVERS than Supplying thru Gravity.

With Warm Regards

Venkat Gandhi

Telangana Godavari River Projects Progress

Telangana Movement Tag line is Water, Resources and Jobs, undoubtedly the most critical and important one with far reaching impact on all of Rural Telangana that has suffered a lot during the 58 years is “Water”, No surprise the Leader of the Movement since 2001 and first democratically elected CM of Telangana State KCR Garu has spent maximum amount of his own time and has deployed best possible Government Team and resources and committed highest amount of budget allocation for the cause of Water.  Govt of Telangana  has taken two pronged approach, first all Projects that have been in various stages of progress that can be completed faster by pumping funds and removing the administrative hurdles such as land and others or put on fast track such as Kalwakurthy, Bheema, Nettempadu and Koilsagar  on Krishna and Yellampally on Godavari have been commissioned partly or fully by now changing the landscape of the Palamuru district particularly. Secondly the team has taken complete stock of Godavari River Water availability and the issues impending the on-going Pranahita Chevella Project that delivered zero benefit in-spite of large amount of money spent in digging canals without and work on barrage on Pranahita the source of water.

Major Milestones on Mission Godavari Water by Government of Telangana:

2015 Telangana Government carried out LIDAR (Light detection and ranging) survey from Sriram Sagar Project to Bhadrachalam to study river Godavari and its basinfor using water resources efficiently.
2016 Mar CM made elaborate presentation in Assembly on his vision of Godavari   and   Krishna Waters to entire Telangana State 
2016 Aug Telangana and Maharashtra CM’s historic inter-state agreement on Medigadda, Tummidihatti, Chanaka-Korata Barrages
2017 Feb DPR for Kaleshwaram LIFT Irrigation based on Medigadda Barrages submitted to CWC

Government in its Wisdom has rightly identified 4 Distinct Projects and put all of them on fast track, each of this has significant contribution to make in changing the face of the Rural Telangana by diverting the Godavari River water going waste to Bay of Bengal every year, same time keeping the social and economic changes in mind Government has allocated significant amount of water for both Drinking and Industrial purposes which also enable partly in revenue accrual for self-sustenance of these projects in the long-term.

Projects on

1Submission for TOR

Acceptance by MS EAC


TOR Granted
Channaka-Korata 2016/6/6 2016/6/30 2016/7/29 2016/9/5
Pranahita at Tummidihatti 2016/7/26 2016/8/1 2017/3/28 2017/3/31
Kaleshwaram at  Medigadda  2016/12/23 2017/1/6 2017/3/28 Scheduled
Tupakulagudem 2017/2/21 2017/2/22 2017/3/28 Scheduled

Tenders already finalized for the three Barrages at Medigadda, Annaram, Sundilla and also the respective Pump Houses and the work is already underway.

Remaining parts of the Project have been improved taking various suggestions from many people, result the DPR with below Line Diagram submitted to CWC:

Water Quantum of Project:

Though it proposes to LIFT 180 TMC from Kaleshwaram even after Evaporation losses of 10 TMC, Total of 225 TMC water would become available in Telangana with addition of 20 TMC from Yellampally reservoir and 10 TMC of Self yield by various reservoirs and 25 TMC water re-charge expected thru various reservoirs, these additional availability of water beyond what is lifted from Medigadda is actually quite conservative.

Allocation of 225 TMC under this project is

Irrigation will utilize 169 TMC

Drinking Water           40 TMC

Industries                     16 TMC

Total of 7,38,851 hectares of area will become command area of this project with canal water for irrigation.

Most importantly as rightly pointed out by CWC while reviewing the Previous DPR of Pranahita Chevella that did not plan for sufficient storages which would have rendered the project help less if there is no continued flow of water at Tummidihati, that was an unthinkable flaw, Telangana Government has come up 20 Reservoirs with total capacity of 147 TMC, this takes out the Huge Risk of non supply due to non availability of water at source during entire season as it allows to first impound the water in these reservoirs then use it as per the need for entire crop season.

Total Estimated Power Consumption for Lifting is 13,558 MU  this includes 40 TMC drinking water and 16 TMC for Industrial Use which actually has highest power requirement and is actually commercial as its normally recovered from HMWSSB and Industries respectively.

Addition of Intermittent Reservoirs allowed the Government to Opt for intermittent LIFTING of Water when the GRID has surplus cheap power during nights and do bare minimum during peak hours, this brings down the cost of Power drastically.

Particularly Annaram Storage Capacity of 12 TMC is highly beneficial.

While Pumps from Medigadda to Annaram will operate 24 Hrs during the floods

Pumps from Annaram to Sundilla and further till Mallanna Sagar Need not operate during Peak Loads they can LIFT More during Surplus Cheap Power and less during Peak Load Costly power.

This effectively means 60 to 75% of entire Power Consumption during the July~November can be availed at very low cost,  as at this time of the year Power is Surplus and goes waste in the National Grid due demand falling to rock bottom in Rainy Season.  In-line Reservoirs of Kaleshwaram LIFT irrigation project have enabled project to Pump the Water with Very Cheap Power.

Total Investment is Rs 80,500 Crores

Total Annual Benefit of Agriculture, Drinking Water Supply to Hyderabad and Industries put together is Rs 21,521 Crores

Total Annual Cost even accounting for Interest, Depreciation, O&M and Cost of Power is Rs 13,923 Crores

This giving a healthy Benefit to Cost Ratio of 1.55 for the entire Project.

Coming to the stance of Political Parties:

Congress Party: Main opposition made its counter presentation in August 2016.

TJAC released its report on Kaleshwaram Project in November 2016

While BJP has not made its position clear its Member and advisor to the Central Water Minister Mr Sriram Vedire released his Book on Optimal Utilization of Godavari Waters in Feb 2017

TDP has not made its position clear, indirectly indicating its not opposing the project while its Govt in AP is trying its best to stall or delay the project using its influence in Center.

By now people have made their own opinion about TJAC and Congress as their opinions have been elaborate touching various aspects.

It would be desirable for Telangana BJP to state its position unequivocally with specifics not be evasive as their spokespersons are doing with opinions they air are never consistent and among themselves nor with the contents of the book endorsed by Central Ministers, either BJP has to fully own up the book or has to make its stand with specifics as is done by Congress party and TJAC already.

Any other party which is serious about Telangana state must make their view clear with specifics and make it public.

The discourse and priority shown by Government of Telangana to address this Core issue of Water for the State has to be commended and the debate happening with many spending their time and expertise to contribute or counter to the state government effort is a good sign for democracy and development going hand in hand in new state of Telangana while it may not satisfy all.

All information in this article is a Public information.

This Project has Massive Scope to Improve the Benefits and Reduce the Costs due to enormous number of Controllable Variables (Choice of Source of Water, Choice of Impounding or LIFTING, When to LIFT vs  Uncontrolled Variables such as timing and quantum of Rains, Floods and inflows into Rivers from upstream catchment areas, power availability and costs of power etc.

Suggest and Look forward for  the state funded Technology and agriculture Universities and Institutes to focus on Cost and Benefit Optimization Respectively of the Largest State Investment ever.

  • How to Make More Farm Produce from 1 TMC of Water ?                                                                – By Agriculture & Horticulture Universities
  • How to Reduce average Cost of LIFTING 1 TMC of Water ?                                                                – By Technology Universities and Institutions

KCR Delivered Chattisgarh Power to Telangana in April 2017 – Whats TJAC Reflection ?

Telangana State was not only denied fair share of water for 58 years but it was created as a Completely dependent on AP as far as Power is concerned and most had predicted dooms day on power front for Telangana state .

Salute the CM for his meticulous planning and creating brilliant leader for TSGENCO and TSTRANSCO as CMD to remove any room for failures in co-ordination and decision-making in the form of Sri D Prabhakar Rao

Without being part of the Central Government and AP starting with Power Terror on the new Telangana State cancelling PPA’s unilaterally and signing up with all available IPP in South India to Choke Power Supply to Telangana has not only handled the immediate Crisis but has worked on the long term fool proof solution of connecting Telangana to the National Grid with 765 KV HVDC link.

CM and the Team has delivered mission impossible by getting this long lead item delivered thru Central Govt enterprise by creating must deliver situation by striking deal with BJP ruled Chattisgarh state Govt for securing 1000 MW Thermal Power Plant exclusively for Telangana for period of 12 years, with PPA in place, He has not only got this Very High Capital Intensive Project delivered on Scheduled Date when Chattisgarh Power is signed up  ie 1st April 2017 without fail and also Got Center to include Warora – Warangal 765 HVDC second link for Telangana included in to the National Grid Plan.

It certainly is the time to recall :

An Analysis on the Power Sector Developments in Two Years by K. Raghu Spokesperson, TJAC Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) Publication July 2016 © TJAC ” Rs 60


This book was released in July 2016, it claimed Telangana State would have to wait for at least 30 months (Two and half years) for the Wardha – Dichpally Power Grid HVDC link to happen so, Telangana would have to suffer thousands of crores losses in-spite of not able to get power from Chattisgarh from Scheduled date on 1st April 2017, presumably  due to no grid connectivity ..

Well, within 9 months of their report the state is already receiving the power supply ..

Will TJAC admit their mistake  and Congratulate the CM and Team that worked tirelessly for solving the Core problems for the state development and growth of its economy and welfare of people or will continue to defend indefensible malicious reports they are churning out that are anything but twisting of facts and selective use of facts in isolation to mislead people for some hidden agenda

Hope and wish TJAC team shuns its approach to find fault for the sake of finding fault and starts using their expertise with constructive suggestions with humility and dignity and deal with elected government with the respect it deserves.

Telangana MP’s and Team in Delhi also deserves compliments for effective follow-up in Center.

Telangana Government should thank Central Power Minister Piyush Goyal for coming good on the promise.

Meanwhile now, Scheduled Power cut has certainly gone into history books in Telangana State


Jai Telangana

Contrasting Andhra and Telangana Chandranomics

Time to take stock of How the Two “Chandra” in Telangana and Andhra are going about their Financial Budgeting and Actual if I may call as “Chandranomics” of  Andhra and Telangana

Andhra Chandranomics (AP Budget Estimate, Re-estimate and Actual since 2015)

B.E. : Budget Estimates  R.E. : Revised Estimates during next budget   Actual : Reported during next to next budget

  • Original Budget vs Actual State Performance in Revenues is about 90%
  • Center Grants are 124 % of Budget (Andhra Media will make all believe it otherwise)
  • Public Debt Achieved is 247% Rs 53,681 Crores (did we hear it from any Opposition and Andhra Media ?) 
  • Actual Cash in-flows is 26% Over the Original Budget, primarily due to Over 30,000 PLUS Crores more Borrowings over and above the Budgeted and Revised Estimates
  • Lesson (Final Actual Borrowings and Centers Grants are Managed under Andhra Chandranomics Secretly and are not revealed to Assembly and public thru Original or Revised Estimates of Budgets Sessions, Total Mockery of Democracy and Total collusion of Parties and Media in the State that such things is not brought out in to public domain
  • AP is having Very Special Category Status in Center and RBI, no FRBM or any Rules apply to this state and CM

Telangana  Chandranomics (TS Budget Estimate, Re-estimate and Actual since 2015)

B.E. : Budget Estimates  R.E. : Revised Estimates during next budget   Actual : Reported during next to next budget

  • States Own Original Estimates and Final Actual Performance is around 80%
  • Center’s Grants have been less than 80% of Budget and less than Half of what are granted to AP
  • Telangana Chandranomics Keeps stretched targets in Budget and does proper revision brings it close to reality and final figures may be close to R.E.
  • Good Financial Management is reflected Borrowings too have been reduced when revenues have been short
  • All hovering around 80% of Original Estimates is Chandranomics of Telangana
  • Evidence of Healthy Growth of States Revenues is Visible

The Buzz in Mainstream Media and Social Media is Not about Andhra Pradesh Borrowings of 250% than in Budget in 2015-16, but is Projecting Telangana has done Huge Borrowings when in reality it did only 81% of what it estimated in the Original Budget.

Sacred Bridge in Japan is UNESCO World Heritage and Rebuilt in 1904 – KCR is right to opt for Rebuild OGH heritage

This is UNESCO world Heritage Sacred Bridge in Nikko Japan
Looks beautiful indeed,
Yes it’s not the original, supposed to be built by Nara Period but it’s built in 1904, yet it got selected by UNESCO as World Heritage.
Yes, its given look of wooden bridge of Nara period thousands plus years back of Japan, but
its based on rocky pillar and modern concrete beams with beautiful heritage finish


This is exactly what Telangana Chief Minister KCR is contemplating, so that Osmania General Hospital is re-built with modern technology and finish it with all the Nizam’s Heritage Architecture and fulfilling all aspects that UNESCO looks for in a World Heritage site and achieve what current OGH could not achieve ..
Learn to be positive for positive efforts of Government of Telangana that takes all its heritage and welfare of people to its heart.
Wishing all focus on how the rebuild must aim for a UNESCO World Heritage with deeper study of requirements and all with subject knowledge, help the Government with constructive and concrete suggestions