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LIFT Water and Drive Poverty Out of Indian Villages

Dear Pradhan Sevak Narendra Modi Ji

Jalam Mulam Idham Jagat

Water Drives Poverty Out

On the Historic Occasion of all of Sardar Sarovar Gates Coming down to complete the Project and wipe out the water deficiency in Gujarat State forever, Many Congratulation to you and the people of Gujarat this was a Long delayed dream fulfilled.

There is no Better and Faster tool to Driver Poverty out of Rural India and slow down the Urbanization of Bharat ie India is to deliver Sufficient Drinking and Irrigation Water to each home and each farm, its not just viable its now affordable too with falling cost of Power thanks to the advent of Solar Power and India being blessed with Sun God and River Goddesses

Ganges and its tributaries has Enough Water to Irrigate Entire Northern Indian States of Haryana, UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, WestBengal, Uttarakhand, HP, Parts of Rajasthan and MP

Indus Tributaries have enough to irrigate J&K, Punjab and Rjasthan
Brahma Putra can irrigate any part of North East

Mahanadhi has enough to irrigate Chattisgarh, Odisha and Parts of MP

Narmada has enough to irrigate MP, Gujarat and parts of Rajasthan

Godavari, Krishna and Kaveri have enough to Irrigate Maharashtra, Telangana, AP, TN and Karnataka

Mission Bhagiratha to deliver drinking water to every household and Mission to Irrigate 1 Crore Acre Irrigatable Land in Telangana State thay includes 2 Largest LIFT Irrigation Projects in India and Mission Kakatiya demonstrate above are not pipe dreams they are do-able and must be done on priority by all states in India and as Pradhan Sevak Suggest, Request and appeal to you to make this Mission of India to LIFT and LINK Water Surplus River to Water Deficit Parts of India change the Inter Linking of Rivers Project Agenda as it focused more on Gravity which tends to supply more water to the Coastal or Low Lying Areas more than water deficit or watere stressed regions which require LIFTING of Water.

Other Big Advantage of LIFTING of Water is; there is no Need to have Dangerous Large Dams on Rivers with Heavy Floods, No need to Submersion of Fertile Land for large dams, small barrages within flood levels is sufficient, hence lesser land acquisition, which is now too difficult and time consuming than before.

LIFTED water can be stored in Safe Places of choice with Less submersion, Less evaporation losses, and Less Risks and Less Costs to Store.

Future favors LIFTING of Water from RIVERS than Supplying thru Gravity.

With Warm Regards

Venkat Gandhi


Open Letter to PM Modi Ji – Is Telangana Daughter of Bharat Mata or Andhra Pradesh ?

Date : 2015 – February- 01

Honorable Prime Minister of India

Sri Narendra Damodardas Modi Ji


Its now 8 Months, 240 Days since State of Telangana is Established on 2nd June 2014.

In the Eyes of Government of India under your leadership coming to power with slogans

  • Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikas
  • Neta With Neeti & Niyyat

29th state of India with 35 Million People are not having Any answer from Government of India about their Basic Allocations that are required for every day life !


  • Has Telangana Exceeded its Share of Allocated water, for Central Government to put any restrictions whatsoever, the Answer of your Government is :


    1. There is no Water allocation to the State of Telangana
  • What is the Power Share of Telangana in the Power Projects that were Operational and under construction as of 2nd June 2014
  • RTI Reply on Polavaram by KRMB


* Is there any State in India, that simply is left not knowing what is its water allocation, while Honorable Supreme Court of India acted faster and accepted Govt of Telangana argument that it be given opportunity to explain its case before Krishna River Water Sharing Award is Finalized, and SCI has promptly admitted Telangana as Party to hear the petition on the Krishna River Water Sharing Bachawat Award that is put on hold the final award, It is astonishing that Government of India headed by Modi Ji is not even giving the tentative allocations for people to have some lifeline continue while the case is concluded by Honorable Supreme Court of India as neither Water or Power Can be stored and consumed later , and people of Telangana live without till the verdict !!

While the AP Re-organization Act 2014 clearly says all Existing projects allocations shall remain same based on assured water , and Telangana is only seeking minimum assured water while Andhra Pradesh is drawing flood waters , is there a rocket science to list of projects and their allocations as per assured availability for the Krishna River Board and publish the Total allocation to the State of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in a Ratio form so that operationally life goes on in both states till the supreme court gives its verdict .

Water Allocations based on Projects are FIRM as per APRA2014


  1. AP Re-organization Act has spelt out how the Power Plants and Power Sharing is to be allocatedPower Sharing Law - AP Re-organization Act
  2. While the GO by Governor during Presidents Rule  has clearly allocated 51.89% of the Total Power Available to the State of Telangana as per the GO 20 issued on 8th May 2014

Telangana Power alocation 51.89% as per GO 20 under Presidents Rule before establishment of Telangana 22.   APERC Endorsed in its Order on 11th August what has been the position of Government of Telangana and is clear to any student of law or person with basic understanding of Contitution, Andhra Pradesh Re-organization Act 2014 and the GO 20 .

APERC Order Upholding all PPA's - 11th Aug 2014

It is astonishing to see, inspite of facts are glaring

– Telangana has not been provided Grid Connectivity to any of its neighbour states and made as a sub Grid of Andhra Pradesh in the Design by the previous Governments, instead of coming to the rescue of the state that has been denied the basics by design from the first day the Union Power Minister and Power Ministry actions are quite opposite.

Hence Pradan Mantri Ji the Question

Is State of Telangana 29th Daughter of Bharata Mata or  of AP ?

With Regards

Poddutoori Venkata Gandhi

Citizen of India


Open Letter to Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modi

To Honorable Prime Minister of India

Sri Narendra Modi Ji

Happy Uttarayan, Glad you Reached Delhi When in Vibrant Gujarat 2013 it was Said By Adani Your Uttarayan Started to Delhi from Gandhi Nagar and I was Present in the Hall

Today I wish You Make the Start of Uttarayan for All Indians specially those who are falling behind and have not had adequate and fair opportunity.

I wished to Bring to your notice a subject that is at the Root of Why Telangana State was necessary, Foremost Reason was Water, In our Constitution Only State has a locus standi to seek remedy in case of injustice, not a region within the State as Neither Govt of India or Supreme Court of India have any jurisdiction to entertain a Region vs State in which it is part of.

Telangana has suffered enormously for 58 Years under the failed Merger Experiment in fair sharing of Waters in both Krishna and Godavari Rivers, particularly Krishna River is more Acute exploitation.

So much so Telangana with Catchment Area 68% Gets not even 30% of the water in all these 58 years and the share has been shrinking nor rising ever since TDP has come to rule the state in 1983.

Currently Andhra Pradesh is simply wishing to continue past exploitation practice as if Telangana State is to be governed by AP and is taking maximum leverage of the alliance with BJP in the Central Government to mislead Krishna River Water Management Board and Power Ministry.

Modi Ji, Firstly this matter is not purely related to Ministry of Water in the first place and the reason is simple one of the Main Dam at Srisailam is not constructed for Irrigation purpose originally, it is constructed and I quote from the Project Report

Primary Objective of   “Srisailam Pumped Hydal Power House on Left Bank, ie India’s Largest Such Facility”

1.2 Objective
The objective of the project was to meet the increasing demand for electric power (particularly during peak hours) in AP by constructing a pumped-up power plant in AP that would utilize the Srisailam Reservoir as its upper reservoir and the Nagarjugasagar Reservoir as its lower reservoir, effectively utilizing the river flow rate, and thereby contribute to the industrial promotion and improvement of the residents’ lives by electrification in AP.

To achieve this objective, ODA loans were provided in three phases in the period from February 1988 to September 2003.

Telangana pays 42% of this 30 Year remaining Loan till 2029

Hence Krishna River Water Management Board under Ministry of Water Resources in my view is not fully competent to decide on the matter of how Srisailam (Upper Reservoir) & Nagarjuna Sagar (Lower Reservoir) of this Pumped Storage Hydro Power Station should be utilized, hence pray to PMO to make Ministry of Power Party to the matter and Board and subject of Power to the Agenda of KRMB

Now Sir, Below are facts available from On-line and are sufficient to make a quick decision for the Govt of India that it should not be depending or waiting for report from AP or Telangana for this is not a rocket science..

In 6 weeks time Telangana has Saved & Generated Power Worth Rs 200 Crores by rotating Water between 2 reservoirs in Peak Time Generate and Slack time Pump it Up

No wastage of any of this water by Telangana as none of the water from Srisailam can be used for Irrigation by the Telangana state currently.

While AP will only talk about 43 TMC Water discharged, first it hides the fact 24 TMC of this is pumped back in same period into the Srisailam reservoir. second it does not waste any water in fact the water is put to Maximum Benefit for the Nation by achieving Higher Power Output and Shifting of Power from Low Demand to High Demand Times that is the World wide practice to use such Two Reservoirs System by all countries worldwide.

Srisailam LEFT BANK Pumped Storage Hydro Power Station Saving Rs 200 Crores in 6 Weeks to TelanganaSrisailam Power Generation Power Generation Can be continued till 800 Feet as happenned in Jun 2010

Srisailam Power Project Lowest Wate Level Used for Power Generation since 2010

Nagarjuna Sagar Power Generation Can Continue Till 510 / 511 Feet level was done in Last 3 YearsNagarjuna Sagar Water Usage for Power Generation in 2012~2014 with lowest Water levelsAndhra Pradesh has Already Utilized Water as allocated  to its projects and Telangana has not and all remaining water in both NagarjunaSagar is rightfully belongs to Telangana State and any diversion without paying the reasonable price is a double whammy to the state of Telangana

Its farmers denied water for irrigation under NagarjunaSagar Left Bank Canal and Its farmers denied precious power for 80% of its agriculture depends on Electic Powered Pumpsets

Andhra Pradesh State must Plan appropriate crops to make maximum agriculture output from the allocated water by shifting from Water intensive paddy to other less water intesive crops farming.

Andhra Pradesh Can not hope to continue the past injustice to the people of Telangana even after the statehood is achieved after long and difficult struggle with sacrifice of precious human lifes.

This subject requires your attention as the impact is huge social loss to the nation as the approach of Andhra Pradesh Reduces India’s ability to manage its Power Better and Maximize the Agriculture Output from the same quantum of available natural water resource

Jai Telangana, Jai Andhra, Jai Raylaseema

Jai Bharat

Open Letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Good Governance Day

To Honorable Prime Minister of India

Sri Narendra Damodardas Modi Ji

On this Holy Day declared as Good Governance Day, I humbly Submit below Suggestions :

  1. Parliament Must Make Official Apology or Regret to Millions of Dalits in India
  2. Make it Mandatory for All State Governments to prepare 2 Bed Room Livable Homes for all Homeless Poor Dalits and Adivasis
  3. Make it Mandatory for All State Governments to prepare 2 to 5 acre cultivable land that suffices for livelihood of a landless Dalit and Adivasi families in India
  4. Make it FREE, Compulsory, Quality Public Primary Education that includes English Subject in all varnacular State Public Primary Schools
  5. No Religion, No Caste, Common Civil code as Option to Any Indian Citizen to Opt In

Telangana Power Crisis, Bapu Please Guide Our CM KCR and PM Modi

Dear Bapu,

Recall my appeal last year “Solution to the Dilemma of AP – Bapu, Please Guide Govt of India

Thank you very much and to-day once again I appeal to you to bless the wisdom and courage to Our Chief Minister KCR Garu and Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji to address the Power Crisis the State has inherited partly and partly is aggravated by the antagonistic state of Andhra Pradesh State establishment not following the provisions in the law enacted to re-organize the state.

In Short the Power Crisis is :

State requires Power Supply of           160 MU  (150 ~165 MU) Range

State Genco Thermal Capacity               45 MU

State Quota from Central                        38 MU

Hydal Source (0 ~ 40 MU)                        20 MU

Secured Supply of  Only                        103 MU

Power Deficit   of 57 MU

Currently It Purchases  about 20 MU and Receives from AP about 15 MU

Leaving the State Running around Average of 22 MU Deficit and this Can worsen when Hydal becomes Zero to Over 40 MU in Coming Summer when AP too may cut down the sharing its Power in which case it can cross even 50 MU

Yes New Power Plants expected to be Completed but so does Demand Goes Up with Commissioning of Metro Rail and Other Initiatives by Government to Develop State of Telangana rapidly.

If this is not addressed with Sense of Urgency There would be Massive Trouble to the State in coming months and years beginning Summer in 2015.

What Options does Govt of Telangana has

1. It has already Released Tender for 2000 MW assured Supply, However question is lack of Grid Connectivity to Tap the Power from Private Power Plants that can Sell !

This can only be resolved by Government of India by Changing the Grid Allocations

My Take : In Best Possible Scenario Also at Best 1000 MW ie about 20 MU can be bridged if the CM develops a good equation with concerned minister and PM, which is not looking good now..

2. It has initiated 500 MW Solar Power Plant Bidding this however at most can add only about 2 MU that’s to not for the 2015 Summer season

3. Construct the Dichpalli to Nagpur Line on War Footing to increase the Grid Connectivity to Central India where a lot of Power can be Procured.  This too will need Over 2 Years for any public sector to complete it.

4. Promote Grid Connected Solar Feeder Conversion Scheme to all Villages in Telangana

Assume a Feeder has 100 Pumpsets of 5 HP

If all farmers Form a Co-operative committing following

  • All will spare 100 Sq Meter Land for Solar PV Station
  • All will Contribute Rs 1 Lakh
  • All will take 10 Year Loan of Rs 2 Lakh at 5% Interest from Grameen or Commercial Banks
  • State Govt Contributes Rs 2 Lakh per pump

for 100 Pump Feeder Rs 5 Crore Investment will provide 2280 Units of Uninterrupted Power all through the day and Unused Power State can sell it to Industry where it can earn better returns for its Subsidy investmet, approximate Half Power State Can get it FREE and sell it.

State Can Pay Rs 5 Unit to Farmers to Encourage them to Sell not waste so that they can earn enough to pay back the loan.

5. State has to Setup 1000 MW Solar Power Plants Near to Srisailam, Nagarjuna Sagar and 500 MW near to Jurala

These 2500 MW Solar Projects Can generate about 12 MU of Power in the Day

Using the Reversible Pumps at Nagarjunasagar , Srisailam Hydal Plants Daily

Telangana Can Store about 6 MU Power as Hydal Power during the Day Time of 11 AM to 3 PM then Generate Back the Hydal Power from 7 PM to 11 PM with 80% Efficiency get 5 MU meet the Peak Demand .

6. Govt has initiated multiple new Thermal Power Plants all of which can at best be complete by 2019 by then the Gods Grace the development will drive the rise in demand itself absorb..

State like Gujarat is already consuming 500 MU Power it added 10,000 MW Capacity between 2009 to 2012 

Telangana Vision Must be to Consume at least 300 MU Power by 2019 if not 400 MU

I am glad our CM KCR has taken many good measures to the good governance of Telangana Development and welfare of the people

Jai Telangana

Jai Bharat


Appeal to Modi Fans and Media – Please Make India Proud in the World

It’s very disturbing to see both media and supporters of Narendra Modi taking the partisan politics and view points to International platform during the Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modi Ji Visit to United States of America.

Appeal to both sides to improve the image and stature of India by focusing collectively on

  • Brand India
  • Potential of India
  • Opportunities of India
  • Eco System of India

All democracies have major political fights as part of democracy but all of them are behind and all parties act in unison, when it comes to the interests of the country.

Neither the Senior Journalist from the Indian Media nor the Modi Ji Supporters have shown the maturity and commitment to the cause of India.

1.25 Billion People of India have Countless Hopes, Aspirations and Problems, kindly pause and think if your actions made any positive difference to them..

Finally we get what we choose..

Media must understand the Prime Minister Modi has got the mandate of people and so better move on and supporters of Modi Ji show the grace in victory and time to focus on supporting the Prime Minister in delivery of promises.

Jai Bharat

400+ Global Indians Signed Petition to PM for Change #Polavaram Design – Would You?

Sri Pranab Mukherjee (Honorable President of India), Honorable President of India
Sri Narendra Modi Ji, Honorable Prime Minister of India
Justice Rajendra Mal Lodha, Chief Justice of India
Sadvi Uma Bharti, Minister of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation
Change the Design of Polavaram National Multi Purpose Project
From : Hazardous Earth cum Rock Fill Dam  To : Safe Multi Barrages / Lower Dam

[Poddutoori Venkata Gandhi]

400+ Global Indians signing and below of them have written their reasons for Signing the Change Polavaram Design Petition
Name City State Zip Country SignedOn Comment

Sunthosh Haudakar Hyderabad 500007 India 2014/7/11
This is very important to save the bio-diversity of the region, maintaining the ecological balance and protecting the livelihood of a very huge population of Adivasis.

Prasan Tirunagari Hyderabad 500044 India 2014/7/11 Adivasis, Earthquake probabilities in Andhra, Rammandir in badhrachalam

Jaya Prakash Tolupunuri 500018 India 2014/7/11 “This is much important to save the livelihood of the tribals living in that area for many years and to save the bio diversity and the eco balance.

Harikrishna Boddupalli Bangalore 500070 India 2014/7/11
This is destructing lives of 4 Lakh Adivasis. Minerals and valuable herbs will be disappeared. Alternatives are available for same output

kvln swamy hyderabad 500060 India 2014/7/11
Because of poor tribals life as we know when we have sent a tribals from forests then smugglers and wrong persons enter into these forests to create environmental disturbance

ramesh akula Hyderabad 500013 India 2014/7/11
humanity issue
PATTI SRINIVAS RAO Hyderabad 500072 India 2014/7/11 Because there are one lakh tribal people who will loose their houses and lively hood….

Shekar Achha Hyderabad India 2014/7/11
Protect Tribals
Ashok Kumar Munikuntla Secunderabad 500026 India 2014/7/11 Pl. avoid human catastrophi.

arif raj Hyderabad AP 500008 India 2014/7/11
want to change
Prasanna Kumar Jagdalpur 494001 India 2014/7/11 let us design eco friendly and human friendly design .

Arjun Muddu Hyderabad 500084 India 2014/7/11
I am signing this petition to request to change the design of Polavaram project. If the same plan is implemented more than 5 million tribal life vanish and more than 8% of the forest area is lost including animals and natural life. It is proposed on loose soil which is prone to Earth quakes. After construction if earth quake happens there will be more than 20 million people die and lot of catostrophic affects take place. Please consider this as a request on humanitarian basis and change the design to minimize the loss to tribals and nature.

Aruna Kongari Hyderabad 500072 India 2014/7/11

anil bathula 506003 India 2014/7/11 please consider this as high priority sir.

Bhanu prakash Hyderabad AP 500072 United States 2014/7/11
Please Sir Protect Tribals…

Raghu Apuri Apt 3-10 WA 98007 United States 2014/7/11
To save the adhivasis home it is important to change the design of the project!!

VAMSHIDHAR REDDY EDUNURI Hyderabad 560103 2014/7/11
If this dam is built with the existing plan, it’s going to displace some Lakhs oif tribals and Historical places as well. This act is totally unconstitutional and undemocratic.. i outrightly appeal to the union government to change the design of polavaram and safeguard the Interests of Telangana and it’s Tribals

PG Reddy 500100 India 2014/7/11
Because it affects lot of people in TS.
vinay kumar batthini old safil guda ENG 500056 India 2014/7/11 Stop Polavaram Save Adivasis

Abhinay gampa Hyderabad 500056 India 2014/7/11
For safety of tribals

sandeep manda 5000026 India 2014/7/11
To save many lives , Livelihood, and save the bio – diversity

bharan sharma 500047 India 2014/7/11
modi ji aap tdp ke saath milkar kyo telangaana ka loss kar rahe ho ….. plz stop polavaram , and merging of 7 mandals of telangaana into ap…

raju tgsit 505445 India 2014/7/11
change design and save innocent tribal people

shyam sundher reddy kyatam 500062 India 2014/7/11
we dont want polavaram poject

madhav reddy 500074 India 2014/7/11
i am against polavaram

Madhusudhan Pagidimarri 500068 India 2014/7/11
Pleaee Protect our Aadivasi brothers n sisters.

Santosh Rudrabatla vizag 530013 India 2014/7/11
Save Adivasi and save the green forest. there are huge natural resources in Polavaram. please change the design

pruthvi raj goud 502113 India 2014/7/11
stop polavaram……. save adivasi

chandra shekar yeldhandi 502301 India 2014/7/11
Nature harm project and going to loose the existence of lakhs of Adhivasis….

Mallikarjun E 500040 India 2014/7/11
I am signing this petition to request to change the design of Polavaram project. If the same plan is implemented more than 5 million tribal life vanish and more than 8% of the forest area is lost including animals and natural life. It is proposed on loose soil which is prone to Earth quakes. After construction if earth quake happens there will be more than 20 million people die and lot of catostrophic affects take place. Please consider this as a request on humanitarian basis and change the design to minimize the loss to tribals and nature.

Pradeep Gandam 500070 India 2014/7/11 Please change the design

satish kumar Hyderabad 500016 India 2014/7/11 It displace more than 2 lakh tribals. It is in earthquake prone area .

ashok penta 333031 India 2014/7/11 we demands change the design of polavaram

Santosh P Mysore 570027 India 2014/7/11 This is a threat to democracy and it will eliminate adivasis completely
Adla Amareshwar Glasgow SCT G5 8ah United Kingdom 2014/7/11 #TAG#StopPolavaram

Namrata Gadila 560061 India 2014/7/11
please protect the rights of adivasis..adivasis are very much indians,who deserve to stay on the land their ancestors lived .please help the adivasis.

srinu cheram Manchester ENG 500034 India 2014/7/11
“I Support to change the design and think of new way to save aadivasi`s also do not mix the places in aAP who are sweeping away in polavaram project.
Please save aadivasi`s

Jai Telangana”

srivatsava sesham torrance CA 90505
United States 2014/7/11 I have social responsibility to speak for my people for my region.With polavarm lakhs of adivasis loose their homes and their heritage .please change the design

Dr Ramesh Kumar Miryala Nalgonda
508001 India 2014/7/11 The present design destroys the rich tribal culture along with the prone for nature disasters increases in the Godavari Basin.

Nagaraju Sabbani 505468 India 2014/7/11
I want our newly formed state to be developed well. This is also one point where there is a blocking point for the development of our farmers. As we know Jai Javan Jai Kisan.

Ramkumar Bharatam 500011 India 2014/7/11
We are not against leaving godavari water to Andhra Pradesh. But the irrigation experts opinion is that the proposed design will not serve its purpose besides causing loss to the adivasis, unnecessary immersion of huge land and also endangering millions of people living in the godavari delta down stream of the project in case of Tsunamis. Instead, a committee may be formed to discuss all these points and propose alternative designs as already suggested.

Rajasekhar Gundu 500074 India 2014/7/11
Polavaram displaces lakhs of aborigins (humans + Animals + Birds) etc.

harish Chandran 500059 India 2014/7/11
This will end a many aadvaasi lands and they don’t know how to live outside
srikanth korampally 500037 India 2014/7/11 to protect adivasi’s
kiran kumar hyderabad AP 500016 United States 2014/7/11 this project going to kill the tribals in india

PAVAN KUMAR Hyderabad 500007 India 2014/7/11 WANT TO SAVE THE AADIVAASIS.

Vijay Reddy Raavi 508285 India 2014/7/11
As a humanitarian I oppose current design which will make lakhs of tribals homeless…
Ravi Nuguru San Jose CA 95131 United States 2014/7/11 “Dear Modi Ji,
Please save the tribals and their way of life. No need to push this project in such an adhoc manner. -Ravi”

PraveenKumar Martha 500001 India 2014/7/11
please save triabals

Madhu K Reddy Bridgewater NJ 8807 United States 2014/7/11
This is unjust and gross violation of Adivasi’s rights. Please accept good Engineer’s suggestions and reduce the size and build multiple barrages. This is a Human Rights violation and we should take it UN.

Praveen K 500003 India 2014/7/11
Stop Polavaram

Satish Siripuram South Jordan UT 84095 United States 2014/7/11 Lakhs of people are going to die/displaced with Lakhs of acres being displaced
Sharath reddy 500094 India 2014/7/11 The entire area is such a lovely place!!! Can’t imagine this to be vanished!!!

Deepak deshpande Hyderabad 500006 India 2014/7/11
Save tribals.

PANDURANGA R DOMA HYDERABAD 500017 India 2014/7/11
“The innocent tribals are loosing their identity .

Sowmya Chamakura Hyderabad 500007 India 2014/7/11 For the better future of Telangana

Vinod Elete 2117 Australia 2014/7/11
“to prevent displacement of tribal people & their inhabitant which exists there for thousands of years. It is their right ti live there. Also to lessen the environmental impact of the current design.
Dr Vinod Elete

Anand Gudimanchi Hyderabad 500025 India 2014/7/12
It is a question of patriotism of tribals. It is a question of respect to the people of Telangana who have been wronged since they joined in India and a forcible, unwanted merger..

Vikesh Chinthala Henrico VA 23294 United States 2014/7/12
“Modi Ji …..Request you to change the design of the project which will save the tribal.

Also before approving the ordinance… at least you would had taken opinion from the people from other 3 states….moreover it’s not fare taking decision just by listening to both Naidu’s of AP.”

naresh gourawaram Hyderabad 500010 India 2014/7/12
Please Change the design for protecting adhivasis and to avoid future disasters. Thank You

Jayapal B 500018 India 2014/7/12 Need to save aadivasi people and opposing to merge mandalas of Telangana, the people who are there not interested to go and live with AP

Madhu Kiran Bangalore 500058 India 2014/7/12
as per my understanding technically, its harmful to both andhra and telangana and also neighboring states

Shiva Yadav 500018 India 2014/7/12
Because its my state Telangana…

AMARNATH NALLA 500044 India 2014/7/12
Need to save Adivasis

khaja mir fazalullah 500009 India 2014/7/12
to prevent lives of millions of people

Venkat k Hyderabad 500016 India 2014/7/12
To save Sri Sita Rama Chandra Swamy Temple and ST people in this area

Venkat k Hyderabad 500016 India 2014/7/12
Please change the polavaram design bachawoo Srim Ram mandir and ST people

Madhusudhan Reddy 509001 India 2014/7/12
“The innocent tribals are loosing their identity .For the better future of Telangana

Santhosh Rao 500039 India 2014/7/12
Because im concerned.

Naresh Myadaram 500049 India 2014/7/12
Without the consent of can it be built up..Dont violate the protection laws of aadivasis.

Praveen Gupta Hyderabad 500090 India 2014/7/12
I don’t want to see another Uttarakhand tragedy !!

Mallepalli Laxmaiah 500062 India 2014/7/12
polavaram project is basically un constitution and un democratic

Raghu N 500003 India 2014/7/12
I was at Kothagudem and Bhadrachalam for 27 years and have traveled on River Godavari to Papikondalu more than once and know how harmful the Polavaram project is to the people of that area, their properties, all living creatures in that beautiful mountainous forests, the environment and to the Temple town of Bhadrachalam.

Naveen Bharath 501301 India 2014/7/12
Taking Telagana land and utilizing it for Andhra project is it fair. Ignoring tribal people and also Badrachallam temple.

vinay kumar Domala 506002 India 2014/7/12
Live,Let live. When you have alternate design why to submerge the land and create trouble to people, environment and heritage.

ANAND GOUD Hyderabad 500001 India 2014/7/12
“I don’t want to see another Uttarakhand tragedy !!
Without the consent of can it be built up..Dont violate the protection laws of aadivasis.”
ramesh patnam 560061 India 2014/7/12
save the adivasis .lets live and let them live in peace afterall they are our brothers and school we used to plegde all indians are brothers and sisters and what about adivasis?
arun banala Hyderabad 40 India 2014/7/12
i strictly against to merging 6 mandals in ap

gade lakshminarsimhareddy secunderabad 500067 India 2014/7/12 This project is submerging our 300 telangana villages which are also by force illegally transferred to Andhra.Our 3lack tribal people are also being made homeless.
sampath kumar parik 533214 India 2014/7/13
I do not wish my konaseema get submerged under godavari waters by human errors..

sampath kumar parik 533214 India 2014/7/13
I am a resident of this
area n experienced many a floods..

gopikrishna lagisetti chennai 600088 India 2014/7/13
Please change the design

Archana Sonti Hyderabad 500048 India 2014/7/13 Andhra Pradesh has already built many small projects and getting enough water for their agriculture. This Project is been opposed by all top irrigation experts like including Top Andhra retired Engineer T.Hanumantharao and many Govt’s have not approved this project since ages because it creates more danger than peanut benefit. Even Chandra Babu Naidu has not approved this project in his 9 years rule in AP, as CM. This bill is only speaks the Ignorance of BJP Govt at Central, about the project. As a common citizen I know all these details and information, how come a Prime Minister is so ignorant of such dangerous project and pass the bill ? I wonder !!!