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Misses Misleads Singh – Time for Sayonara

Mr Prime Minister of Billion Plus Helpless Indians, after reading your statement in Parliament after 160 days since you made any statement in Parliament, Only word that come to my mind is :  “Sayonara” 

Listing the Misses and Misleads that makes me say so.


1. You did not inform the $20 Billion import of Coal that caused huge addition to the trade deficit and current account deficit.

2. You did not tell what stopped you from auctioning the COAL BLOCKS since the Legislation was completed in 2010

3. What urgency have you shown or action you have taken to clear the COALGATE mess in spite of commitments made to Supreme Court and the Parliament.

4. Why is the Mining sector hit so badly while China without resources is able to Grow it?

India Mining and Iron Ore Production Downfall


“The easy reforms of the past have been done. “

Totally misleading and grossly incorrect statement, It is the Govt Policy Paralysis that everyone else in India and abroad except you think, hence this senseless and careless statement is good enough for you to say Sayonara and move on..

“There may be short term shocks to our economy and we need to face them. That is the reality of a globalised economy, whose benefits we have reaped in the last 15 to 20 years.”

Another totally misleading and baseless statement after delivering “Decade of Decay” for India under your outsourced cabinet model of governance.

     “I urge political parties to work towards this end and to join in the government’s efforts to put   the economy back on the path of stable and sustainable growth.”

Time to say Sayonara to this hopeless government and show your sincerity in above statement by forming National Government and asking BJP to take charge of Finance Ministry and Defence Ministry and offer 3 to 4 other cabinet ministries to 20+ MP parties.

Send out Strong Signal to Business and International Community.

Call General Elections along with state elections in Nov 2013.

Save precious Time & Resources and arrest the falling economy urgently..

Vande Mataram

Jai Hind


Misses Misleads Singh – Manifesto 2009

Dear Prime Minister Now its more than 50 months since you presented us the manifesto along with your Party President Sonia Gandhi and took our Mandate to RULE us for 60 months.

So time to recollect your Performance vs Promises in Manifesto, listing below the Misses and Misleads as of now:


“The average rate of economic growth during the self-declared India Shining period of the BJP was just 5.8% per year, as compared to 8.5% during the five year tenure of the Congress-led UPA government. 2008-09 has proved to be a difficult year for growth, yet the Indian economy will grow at about 7%. That is why our immediate priority is to revive the economy and restore the high growth, Average growth in the first four years of the Congress-led UPA government was 9% per year

Leave alone 9% you have brought down the growth below 5% and worst still have delivered over 10% Retail Inflation for last 3 years, resulting NET GROWTH (GDP – Inflation) as  NEGATIVE  that means Purchasing Power of Average Indian and India has gone down during last 50 months.

“Citizenship is a right and a matter of pride. With the huge IT expertise available in our country, it is possible to provide every Indian with a unique identity card after the publication of the national population register in the year 2011.”

Another Major failure, till date even 18 months after your committed timeline, it is still work in process and completion is not in sight, worst is you could not reconcile UID and population register conflict matter !!

“The Indian National Congress will ensure that the Bill for reserving 33% of the seats in the Lok Sabha and the State legislatures is passed in the 15th Lok Sabha and that the elections to the 16th Lok Sabha are held on the basis of one-third reservation for women. “

Another total MISS for reasons better known to you and three ladies Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Smt. Sushma Swaraj and Smt. Meira Kumar.

“We will connect all villages to a broadband network in three years time”

Except Gujarat and a few other BJP and  Non Congress Ruled states the achievement of Congress ruled states is the WORST.

      “We will maintain the path of high growth with fiscal prudence and low inflation

Total Failure as you delivered EXACTLY OPPOSITE of what you said here in your Manifesto.  What sort of Economist Prime Minister are you?

“We will introduce the goods and services tax from April 1, 2010. “

Missed deadline by MILES!! even 40 months after the deadline.. still no end in sight !!

We will ensure energy security for our country The last two years have seen a very sharp turnaround in the addition to power generating capacity. This momentum will be maintained and it will be ensured that the country adds at least 12,000-15,000 MW of capacity every year through a mix of sources—coal, hydel, nuclear and renewables.”

What you delivered is putting more than half of the country without POWER for 2 days, #COALGATE,  $18 Billion import of COAL, ZERO New COAL Mined, ZERO New Nuclear Power based on nuclear deal – in short you Messed up the Energy Security but for some wise CM’s like Modi, Raman Singh and Chauhan we would have been a Energy less Country already.

How could you sleep after putting the nation through so much trauma on energy sector through your personal pursuits in Coal Ministry and Nuclear Deal and Atomic Energy commission is directly under you?


” The Indian National Congress says what it means and means what it says.

The Indian National Congress promises what it can do and will do what it promises. 

The Indian National Congress is irrevocably committed to ensuring that government functions in the interest of the people for whom it exists and for whom it works.”

“Dr Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister has led the country with dignity and firm resolve.  His integrity, maturity and wisdom, together with his unique expertise and experience, makes him best qualified to lead the nation and handle the many challenges that India faces, both at home and abroad. “

All these four statements turned out to be such a shameful Misleads that took the ordinary citizen simple faith for a ride..

“Our policy is zero-tolerance towards terrorism from whatever source it originates. ”

“We will ensure the highest level of defence preparedness and also take further steps for the welfare of the defence forces and their families.

These two also have turned out to be empty promises and the result has been staring at the nation in recent past..

“Along the lines of NREGA, we will enact a National Food Security Act

“The Indian National Congress pledges to enact a Right to Food law that guarantees access to sufficient food for all people, particularly the most vulnerable sections of society. The Indian National Congress pledges that every family living below the poverty line either in rural or urban areas will be entitled, by law, to 25 kgs of rice or wheat per month at Rs 3 per kg. Subsidised community kitchens will be set up in all cities for homeless people and migrants with the support of the Central government. “

This is the WORST latest Mislead and colossal damage caused to polity and economy of the nation.

You promised to serve below poverty line that according to your govt and planning commission has come down!! and would not exceed 30% of the Population, then how do you explain fixing 67% of population as the target for this scheme, other than Vote Bank politics and turning a Wise promise into Worst Food4Vote Scam/Scheme/Act?

What does this measure of giving 5 Kg per person per month will do when he has to shall out much more due on rest of his FOOD and living requirements due to double-digit inflation?

Where are the community Kitchens?

  • We will implement a nation-wide skill development programme. India is a young country with 70% of the population below the age of 35. To reap the “demographic dividend”, the Indian National Congress believes that there is an urgent need to put in place an extensive skill development programme so that the employability of youth is enhanced. The Congress-led UPA government has already put in place a National Skills Development Mission. Rs 30,000 crore will be invested in this mission which is of crucial importance for the future of our youth. Funds will be provided to ensure its widest possible coverage. A wider and more comprehensive spectrum of skills will be imparted. ” 

An area in which till Sri Narendra Modi showed you the way, by spending more than 1000 crores in Gujarat alone with fantastic results you could not allocate even thousand crores every year for entire India, only now in the current budget you raised, still no where touching even 10,000 crores from 30,000 crores you mentioned in the manifesto, a betrayal to Young India.

“A Vote for the Congress is a Vote For Your Future and the Future of Your Children. “

Regrettably, A Vote for Hand has resulted in getting a BIG HAND (SLAP and SCAM) back to the Mango People and the Nation…

Sorry you FAILED India.. Last good thing you can do the nation and this time we appeal to you, Sonia Gandhi and Congress party and BJP

1. Form National Govt of all parties run parliament and nation with collectively  with sense of Crisis

2. Call General Elections along with state elections in Nov 2013

Please Save the Valuable Time, Resources of the Nation and send out the message as a Nation we will unite when in CRISIS..

Economic crisis is worst than real war for developing underdeveloped nation like ours…

Vande Mataram

Jai Hind

Source : The extracts from Congress Manifesto of 2009 are in quotes and the source is

Misses Misleads Singh – COALGATE

Honourable Prime Minister of India Sri Man Mohan Singh made statement in Parliament on August 27, 2012 on controversial COAL Block Allocations during his tenure.
As a Citizen of India reviewed  now, almost after one year and listing  Misses and Misleading points I noticed.


1. There was sudden phenomenal Jump in international COAL prices towards end of 2008 that was behind cronie trying to lay their hand on the BLACK Gold thru the arbitrary process that you as prime minister chose to support. No mention is made about this fact and background, a deliberate miss to mislead one and all.


2. No Explanation as to why even after 2010 amendment of the mines act as deemed to have been a requirement, the auction of COAL blocks have not taken place? What is the steps Government initiated.

3. Coal imports by Indian companies had crossed 100 Million Tonnes last fiscal this alone increased over $20 Billion to Current Account Deficit thats hurting economy so badly.

Below graphs is only of 9 months last fiscal, its even worst in current fiscal year.

India's import of COAL


” The UPA made improvements in the procedure in 2005 by inviting applications through open advertisements after providing details of the coal blocks on offer along with the guidelines and the conditions of allotment. These applications were examined and evaluated by a broad based Steering Committee with representatives from state governments, related ministries of the central government and the coal companies. The applications were assessed on parameters such as the techno economic feasibility of the end use project, status of preparedness to set up the end use project, past track record in execution of projects, financial and technical capabilities of the applicant companies, recommendations of the state governments and the administrative ministry concerned.”

Files your Coal Minister now admitting to are missing and not been giving to CBI inspite of  reminders and Supreme Court follow up and displeasure at Government and its lawers, law minister and CBI for their conduct that already made the law minister to resign, its unthinkable that status of missing files was not known when you made statement or it was a deliberate miss that was subsequently destroyed as they will contradict and nail down above statement as misleading if not a LIE..

“legislative changes that would be required for the proposed change would require considerable time and the process of allocation of coal blocks for captive mining could not be kept in abeyance for so long given the pressing demand for coal.”

If you genuinely believed in it from 2010 till now almost 3 years since legislation was amended you could have done many auctions of the COAL blocks and pushed forward to meet the pressing demand of coal and shown the animal spirit you often talked to bring the economy back on rail.

“28. It is true that the private parties that were allocated captive coal blocks could not achieve their production targets. This could be partly due to cumbersome processes involved in getting statutory clearances, an issue we are addressing separately. We have initiated action to cancel the allocations of allottees who did not take adequate follow-up action to commence production. Moreover, CBI is separately investigating the allegations of malpractices, on the basis of which due action will be taken against wrongdoers, if any. “

Even after one year except CBI, Law Minister, PMO and COAL minister busy making stories for Supreme Court nothing has been reported in terms of progress.. A gross misleading of nation and poor commitment to the cause of the nation..

“Now that the report of the CAG is before the House, appropriate action on the recommendations and observations contained in the report will follow through the established parliamentary procedures.”

You have already demonstrated to the nation what you meant by your readiness to appear before PAC for 2G and subsequently what you and your government did with JPC. This statement is by now considered default misleading statement of your government on any matter..

Finally I feel, Dear Honest Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh Ji.

In COALGATE there is no one else but you to take responsibility for the entire misdeed..

Final good thing you can do to the nation is :

Call general elections along with forth coming state elections and spare the nation from further misses and misleads,  save precios time of all, precious tax payers money and trouble of next summer for all of India and have timely and graceful exit from the gaddi..

Source :  Ironically this is your last published statement in parliament !!

Misses Misleads Singh – 15th August 2013 Speech

Honourable Prime Minister of India Sri Man Mohan Singh addressed the Nation from Red Fort on 15th August 2013.  As a Citizen of India listing the Misses and Misleading points I noticed.


  1. Unification of India from 1947~1950  :   It is aptly said then Home Minister of India  recipent of Bharat Ratna  Sri Sardar Vallabhai Patel did in 2 Years what takes 100 years. He persuaded the princes of 565 states of the impossibility of independence from the Indian republic, His role specially in integrating Hyderabad and Junagarh in Union of India.
  2. Another Bharat Ratna recipent and former Prime Minister  Sri Lalbahadur Shastri’s Contribution with his Jai Jawan Jai Kisan slogan that he lead India to victoey war with Pakistan in 1965.  This would have been a necessary and timely moral boosting message to our Jawans fighting the proxy was of our adverse neighbors on the borders and also to the Struggling farmers across India.
  3. Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee adding Jai Vigyan to the Shastri’s Slogan and speeding up the reform initiated by Sri PV Narsimha Rao to raise the Hindu Growth Rates of India to Modern Growth Rates.
  4. State of Telangana and the numerous demands across the nation. Since your promise in 2004, there has been more confusion than clarity on the subject and even to-day you are yet to make any statement on Telangana State to the Parliament or Nation.


“In the year 1991, under the leadership of Shri Narsimha Rao, we successfully negotiated a major economic crisis and embraced reforms for strengthening our economy. These reforms were opposed by many political parties at that time.”

Stating many political parties opposed is quite misleading and uncalled for statement, considering extremely good support from Sri Vajpayee to Sri Narsimha Rao during that time as illustrated by the best example in Indian Politics ever, then PM Sri Narsimha Rao sent leader of opposition Sri Vajpayee to Represent India in a UN meeting at Geneva .

“In the period 2004 to 2011, rural per-capita consumption has increased four times faster than earlier.”

This is ironical and quite misleading, if  you are referring the cost of inputs for farming and livelihood as consumption of rural per-capita going up 4 times with their income not going up more than 4 times you are actually telling how sad the situtaion and probably the root cause of suicides of farmers in India and the need felt by Govt of India to rush Food to 75% of Rural India!

“Rural wages have also increased much faster in this period. “

How much, if they have not grown 4 times and more than it explains why you are misleading instead of admitting failure..

“Measuring poverty is a difficult task. There are diverse views about what constitutes poverty. But whatever definition we may adopt, it cannot be denied that the pace of reduction in poverty has increased after 2004.”

Why is it so difficult for anyone to define it? To begin with why the figure does not get adjusted based annual retail inflation? When Dearness Allowances are linked for all employees, why keep poverty outside of it?

Your claim to reduction in poverty after 2004 is denied by one and all (except congress party and govt of India), as per UNDP India’s poverty is now at  37.2% ie 45 Crore Indian Citizens ! something that should make everyone ashamed of..

“We have enacted the Right to Education Act to provide every child in the country the opportunity for education. Almost all our children are today being imparted education in Primary schools.”

This is another farse on the nation, first your former HRD minister has stated that despite the RTE Act of 2009, if someone decides not to send his/her children to school, the government would not interfere, providing escape route for govt to look other way.
Question that you conveniently did not tell the nation is where and how much % the children are going to school FREE govt schools covered by RTE or innumerable and unregulated private schools across India ?

The World Bank estimates that 27 percent of all Indian children enrolled in schools are being privately educated. Figures from education authorities in the state of Andhra Pradesh (state ruled by congress pary) show that 61 percent of pupils in schools in the capital Hyderabad attend schools in the private sector.

“About 2 lakh km of new roads have been constructed for connecting villages under the Pradhan Mantri Gramin Sadak Yojana.  More than 37,000 km of new Highways have been built, facilitating travel and trade. “

Question is what was the target you set and what you achieved. as per planning commission report

Investment performance in Roads and Bridges is :

In 10th Plan achievement was Rs 1.27 Lakh crore against Rs 1.44 Lakh crores

in 11th Plan projection is Rs 2.78 Lakh crore against Rs 3.14 Lakh crores.

People of India know how much of this money spent is resulting into quality and real roads on the ground and / or going to strengthen the monetory muscles of cronie capitalist politicians of India..

Prime Minister speech references in quotes are from the text as listed @

Vande Mataram

Jai Hind