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Suggestion for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan


Honorable Minister of Human Resources Development

Sri Prakash Javadekar Ji

Dear Sir,

On the eve of 70th India’s Independence Day, we have neither achieved 100% literacy nor achieved equal, free and compulsory education for all the children of India in spite of the fact we enacted “Right of Children to FREE and Compulsory Education Act, 2009”

My Suggestions and Requests are as follows :

  1. RTE 2009 be amended to meet its Objective “Compulsory Education”

Evasion of Duty is not punishable under the Law, hence below non Mandatory Duty clause has weakened the very purpose of Compulsory Eduction by the Act.

“10. Duty of parents and guardian: It shall be the duty of every parent or guardian to admit or cause to be admitted his or her child or ward, as the case may be, to an elementary education in the neighbourhood school.”

Replace with

10. Duty of parents and  guardian and the school: It shall be  the mandatory duty of every parent or guardian to admit his or her child or ward, as the case may be, to an elementary education in the neighbourhood school.  It is mandatory for the School to Submit the Aadhar Card details of all Students and Parents or Guardian to the appropriate Government.  Non compliance to this duty by Parents and Guardian or School attracts punishment to be stipulated by the appropriate Government

2. To achieve Faster, Equal and FREE education the Central Government Share in the Scheme be raised from current 60% to 75% as the financially weaker states will be impacted more leading to the lower compliance to the act.

3. Create the Base National Academic Curriculam that must be followed by All Schools in India including Other Schools as far as Mathematics and Science subjects are concerned to Bring Equal Knowledge in the education system of India irrespective of language, state, or type of school. All Schools are FREE to add more to the compulsory content.

4. Publish White Paper with below information for each state  Primary School (Grade 1-7) and Secondary Schools (Grade 8-10)

        No of Children Eligible to be in Primary School

        No of Children in Public Schools

        No of Children in Aided Schools

         No of Children in Category Schools

        No of Children in Other Schools

        No of Children in No Schools

5. White Paper on Compliance to the Duties specified by the Government with respect to the Infrastructure, Teachers, Mid Day Meals, and Toilets

6. Add the Minimum Mandatory Physical Education Requirements of Schools in the Act

Best Regards

Venkat Gandhi