KCR Delivered Chattisgarh Power to Telangana in April 2017 – Whats TJAC Reflection ?

Telangana State was not only denied fair share of water for 58 years but it was created as a Completely dependent on AP as far as Power is concerned and most had predicted dooms day on power front for Telangana state .

Salute the CM for his meticulous planning and creating brilliant leader for TSGENCO and TSTRANSCO as CMD to remove any room for failures in co-ordination and decision-making in the form of Sri D Prabhakar Rao

Without being part of the Central Government and AP starting with Power Terror on the new Telangana State cancelling PPA’s unilaterally and signing up with all available IPP in South India to Choke Power Supply to Telangana has not only handled the immediate Crisis but has worked on the long term fool proof solution of connecting Telangana to the National Grid with 765 KV HVDC link.

CM and the Team has delivered mission impossible by getting this long lead item delivered thru Central Govt enterprise by creating must deliver situation by striking deal with BJP ruled Chattisgarh state Govt for securing 1000 MW Thermal Power Plant exclusively for Telangana for period of 12 years, with PPA in place, He has not only got this Very High Capital Intensive Project delivered on Scheduled Date when Chattisgarh Power is signed up  ie 1st April 2017 without fail and also Got Center to include Warora – Warangal 765 HVDC second link for Telangana included in to the National Grid Plan.

It certainly is the time to recall :

An Analysis on the Power Sector Developments in Two Years by K. Raghu Spokesperson, TJAC Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) Publication July 2016 © TJAC ” Rs 60


This book was released in July 2016, it claimed Telangana State would have to wait for at least 30 months (Two and half years) for the Wardha – Dichpally Power Grid HVDC link to happen so, Telangana would have to suffer thousands of crores losses in-spite of not able to get power from Chattisgarh from Scheduled date on 1st April 2017, presumably  due to no grid connectivity ..

Well, within 9 months of their report the state is already receiving the power supply ..

Will TJAC admit their mistake  and Congratulate the CM and Team that worked tirelessly for solving the Core problems for the state development and growth of its economy and welfare of people or will continue to defend indefensible malicious reports they are churning out that are anything but twisting of facts and selective use of facts in isolation to mislead people for some hidden agenda

Hope and wish TJAC team shuns its approach to find fault for the sake of finding fault and starts using their expertise with constructive suggestions with humility and dignity and deal with elected government with the respect it deserves.

Telangana MP’s and Team in Delhi also deserves compliments for effective follow-up in Center.

Telangana Government should thank Central Power Minister Piyush Goyal for coming good on the promise.

Meanwhile now, Scheduled Power cut has certainly gone into history books in Telangana State


Jai Telangana


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