At the outset let me be clear this Post having written after reading the book of Sriram Vedire Garu, I mentioned his name and book title and the points reinforcing the current state government initiatives and take away points ..

However, Contours of Kaleshwaram to Srisailam National Project as Phase 2 to Kaleshwaram is Mine not attributed to the Book or the author, as the book proposes ILR to Nagarjuna Sagar, its my view that Kaleshwaram to Srisailam is feasible as its FRLat 270 M is less than Dindi 393 M and more beneficial as its guaranteed way of diverting water to Rayalaseema another Arid and Water deficit Region particularly with KWDT II, Srisailam will witness 118 TMC reduction in inflow as compared to KWDT I with both Maharashtra and Karnataka having been allocated 118 TMC more water at 65% dependability, hence this Reduction need to be back filled with Godavari Water to keep intact current investments made and plans of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana based on Srisailam Waters.

Diversion to N Sagar thru 300 M cotor proposed as ILR in the book while assures the Command Area under Sagar and Krishna Delta it can not assure the water availability for command area under Srisailam Left and Right Banks.

Once 400 M contour Canal is established it any way can serve all the purposes of 300 M contour canal

Its my view 400 Meter should get higher priority and should be done first, this is different from whats suggested in the book.
Any one having any comment or questions on the article are requested to direct to me and not to Sriram Vedire Garu who is fully occupied with multiple critical tasks in Central and Rajasthan State Government Tasks.



3 thoughts on “Kaleshwaram to Srisailam as ILR National Project – My Post in Telangana Today

  1. ravindranadh gunnam

    its better to complete inchampalli and nagarjuna sagar link . its cost effective requires 107 meter lift. godavari water can be used in nagarjuna sagar ayacut. krishna water can be stored at srisailam and utilized for telangana and raayalseema.

    1. Venkat Gandhi Post author

      When we can take water above ichampally at Medigadda there is no merit to Lift from lower level at icchampally ..

      1. While Lift and Link to Nagarjuna Sagar is Good for Nagarjuna Sagar ayacut its no good for Telangana and Rayala Seema that depend on Srisailam more
      2. LIFT and LINK to Srisailam is Good for Both as Water can be utilized where its absolutely necessary
      3. Whatever additional power incurred has two justifications
      – No Power Cost is Higher than No Water so to the extent its necessary one can utilize from Srisailam
      – Nothing stops to release the water to meet Nagarjuna Sagar requirements and we recover 80% of the Power spent when we release water from Srisailam to N Sagar and more so we can generate this power when we need it.. Srisailam Dam is Huge Power Battery

      There is more benefits and guarantee of water supply to severe water deficit regions in Telangana and Rayala Seema thru Lift and Link to Srisailam than to N Sagar ..

      Telangana Govt knows the priorities well and hence cancelled the dubious Dummugudem Link ..

    2. Venkat Gandhi Post author

      After KWDT II, Inflow to Telanagan and AP from Karnataka in Krishna and Tungabhadra will get reduced by 118 TMC, which means most likely once in 3 years No or very little Krishna Water won’t come from Karnataka , that leaves Srisailam Dry while Godavari Water is already serving Krishna Delta thru Polavaram Right Canal LIFT and Cleverly Andhra Wants link to Nagarjuna Sagar so that they can get secured of their water needs leaving Telangana and Rayala Seema to the mercy of Rain Gods and Maharashtra and Karnataka ..

      This is not a Fair Proposal ..

      One should have Water at Higher Levels so that All requirements in Higher Level and Lower Level can be met ..

      Time People STOP Using the Bogey of Cost of Power for LIFTING ..

      3 Years of Telangana State LIFTING water from Jurala, Srisailam, SRSP, Yellampally, Nagarjuna Sagar so also Andhra Naidu Himself by LIFTING Godavari Water into Polavaram Right Canal to Supply to Krishna Delta within one year has Proved ..

      LIFTING Water is Well Worth the Benefits Water Carries with it to the water deficit regions ..

      This Bogey has been a intentionally misused bogey to deny water to Telangana and Rayala Seema for decades ..


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