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Sundilla, Annaram, Medigadda and Tupakulagudem – Mission Godavari Barrages

These Pictures Give much Better idea than any writings about  what these 4 Barrages after Yellampally Barrage on Godavari are going to create, about 50 TMC Continuous Water Body that will enable Telangana LIFT from anywhere it chooses over 200 KM Water Body in the Godavari RIVER

  1. Google Map with the 4 New Barrages Locations and the Devadula Intake Wellsundilla-to-tupakulagudem-barrages
  2. Water Build Starts in the River from 75 Meter MDDL @ Tupakulagudem 
  3. screen-shot-2017-02-04-at-7-56-06-pm

    Tupakulagudem Reservoir will impound 15 TMC Water upto 88 M FRL stretching both into Indravati and Godavari till Medigadda 

  4. Then the Barrage at Medigadda will impound 20 TMC Water till 100 M FRL with back waters into both Pranahita and in Godavari till Annaram  
  5. Annaram Barrage will further impound 6 TMC till 122 M FRL
  6. screen-shot-2017-02-05-at-1-39-02-amFinally Sundilla Barrage will impound 2 TMC to take 131 M FRL and bring back waters to Yellampally Reservoir 
  7. screen-shot-2017-02-05-at-1-40-43-amMedigadda and Tupakulagudem would generate significant power too could be about 400 MW Power for longer period than Jurala provides currently be available from these Power Houses which inturn goes to LIFT the Water

All of these could have been completed decades back more so should have been constructed before investing 8,000 crores each in Devadula and Pranahita-Chevella Projects both of which never had any barrage but over 16,000 crores was spent before Telangana Statehood only to mislead the people its costly to LIFT and its unviable

What has been done to Telangana Farmers for 58 years should never ever happen to any farmer anywhere in India, a deliberate mislead to deny the due share of water by misleading and mischief.

Many many thanks to the CM KCR Garu and entire Team that has been approaching the subject in a systematic way with complete commitment to deliver the results faster same time reduce the avoidable submergence and reduce the costs wherever possible and make additional investments that can amplify the benefits and yet all the pieces are aligned for eventual Godavari Water way project that Center would have to take up.

Brilliant Team, Working Silently with Speed and Commitment to Serve

Tupakulagudem Has to Get Highest Priority due to Highest Possible Availability and Ready investment into Devadula LIFT Irrigation that is Operationalized already.

Jai Telangana, Jai Hind