Suggestions to Govt of Telangana on Power for Kaleshwaram LIFT

Dear Sri T Harish Rao Garu

To remove the unnecessary apprehensions in the minds of some in Telangana about Cost of Power being Rs 6.4 on Net Present Value basis forever, Suggest following measures.

  1. Write to TSERC seeking to Treat both HT LIFT (Rs 6.4) and LT LIFT’s (Rs 3.8) on par and Revise the Tariff of HT Lift Irrigation Projects in-line with LT LIFT irrigation Projects with immediate effect.
  2. If not completed already Conclude and announce establishment of Kaleshwaram LIFT Irrigation Corporation as a Company
  3. New Company must Get all Power Licenses to Procure and Contract Power from IPP’s as its Power Requirements are High and needs Total In-house expertise to Optimize the Power Procurement and Costs
  4. It should also Request NTPC/Center to Setup Solar Projects  at all Barrages on Top of The Barrage bund , It can enter into PPA directly for Captive use with NTPC Solar
  5. Request NHPC to Examine construct Pumped Storage Hydro Power Station of 500 to 1000 MW capacity using Godavari Water and Reservoirs in Kaleshwaram LIFT irrigation .( They may select based on the LIDAR data suitable location  (This will help Cheap Future Solar Power from Day time to Night Time)   When Excess Solar Power in day is available the Power Station will LIFT to Upper Reservoir and when there is shortage of Power supply It will act as Power Generator by returning the Upper Reservoir to Lower Reservoir.  (We are doing massive LIFT such mechanism can be added easily after careful examination its part of NHPC Mandate to construct such projects.


Venkat Gandhi


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