Why is TJAC misleading people of Telangana on Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project ?

While the Maharashtra and Telangana Godavari River Water sharing agreement clearly says “Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project compromising of barrages at Tummidihatti on river Pranahita and Medigadda on river Godavari “

Now let’s see what the executive summary of TJAC report is stating about Kaleshwaram Irrigation Project 

It’s clearly stating “intake has beeen Changed from Tummidihatti  to Medigadda ” accordingly in entire report no account of water intake from Tummidihatti is included ..

why is such deliberate misleading of people done ? How does it do good to the credibility of the report ? How does it do good to the people of Telangana ?


2 thoughts on “Why is TJAC misleading people of Telangana on Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project ?

  1. Prof Ramesh Reddy

    Pvgandhiji read what is there in the agreement and others also carefully, any one realises that agreement holds good for joint projects only and nothing to do with independent projects taken up by TS Govt. Laleshwaram LI scheme is TS project only, agreement or no agreement TS can still go ahead

    1. Venkat Gandhi Post author

      Dear Prof Ramesh Reddy Garu

      People in Telangana knows very well water needs to be lifted from Pranahita and Godavari which flows between Maharashtra and Telangana

      People also already have the experience of failed lifts without Barrage like Devadula and Pranahita and Chevella where for eye washing people of Telangana pre demerger AP state fooled by doing Dhanayagnam without Constructing single Barrage for Pranahita-Chevella and Devadula as a result ZERO water supplied under former and less than 1 Lakh acre irrigated under Devadula

      GoT has done right thing to sign agreement with Maharashtra for 2 barrages so that it can start the work and get proper funding for faster completion of project

      I have raised specific queries and appreciate specific answers not conclusions

      Thank You


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