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Misleads in Kaleshwaram TJAC Report (కాళేశ్వరం ఎత్తి పోతల పథకం పై TJAC నివేదిక లోని తికమకలు)

Here is my Video Post Explaining My View about 6 Specific Misleading Arguments / Assumptions made in the TJAC Report on Kaleshwaram
  1. Mallanna Sagar 5 TMC Capacity instead of 50 TMC Can Meet all the Objectives Set of supplying 146 TMC Water
  2. Water Losses in LIFT Irrigation Can be ~40% Hence 40% More water LIFTING and Costing done
  3. Suggesting to Add 10 TMC New Reservoir within Telangana near Tummidihatti since Maharashtra did not agree for 152 Meter height Yet Oppose the 50 TMC Capacity at Mallanna Sagar
  4. ntire Water has to be LIFTED from Medigadda Only is the assumption in all cost calculation and excluding Tummidihatti Portion Completely 
  5. KLIS is only about Medigadda not about BIG Medigadda Supplementing to Small Tummidihatti Barrage as Sources for Tapping and LIFTING Water
  6. Future Cost of Power will Keep Rising as in the Past (Inherent assumption of assuming Rs 6.4 /unit cost is Reasonable and NPV of future power cost will remain as Rs 6.4)
All these 6 points are Significantly different from the Reality and have contributed in trying to 
— Magnify the Costs
— Undermine Benefits
— Delay the Project and hence accrual of its benefits to the Telangana Farmers


Suggestions to Govt of Telangana on Power for Kaleshwaram LIFT

Dear Sri T Harish Rao Garu

To remove the unnecessary apprehensions in the minds of some in Telangana about Cost of Power being Rs 6.4 on Net Present Value basis forever, Suggest following measures.

  1. Write to TSERC seeking to Treat both HT LIFT (Rs 6.4) and LT LIFT’s (Rs 3.8) on par and Revise the Tariff of HT Lift Irrigation Projects in-line with LT LIFT irrigation Projects with immediate effect.
  2. If not completed already Conclude and announce establishment of Kaleshwaram LIFT Irrigation Corporation as a Company
  3. New Company must Get all Power Licenses to Procure and Contract Power from IPP’s as its Power Requirements are High and needs Total In-house expertise to Optimize the Power Procurement and Costs
  4. It should also Request NTPC/Center to Setup Solar Projects  at all Barrages on Top of The Barrage bund , It can enter into PPA directly for Captive use with NTPC Solar
  5. Request NHPC to Examine construct Pumped Storage Hydro Power Station of 500 to 1000 MW capacity using Godavari Water and Reservoirs in Kaleshwaram LIFT irrigation .( They may select based on the LIDAR data suitable location  (This will help Cheap Future Solar Power from Day time to Night Time)   When Excess Solar Power in day is available the Power Station will LIFT to Upper Reservoir and when there is shortage of Power supply It will act as Power Generator by returning the Upper Reservoir to Lower Reservoir.  (We are doing massive LIFT such mechanism can be added easily after careful examination its part of NHPC Mandate to construct such projects.


Venkat Gandhi

Curious Questions on TJAC Report on Kaleshwaram LIFT Irrigation Project

Curious Questions on TJAC Report on Kaleshwaram LIFT Irrigation ProjectAs the Report says

“This report has several gaps and some inconsistences. The authors are aware of it

Any figure we mention in this report can be questioned, that is fine.”

So here are my Curious Questions to the authors from TJAC

1. Would Net Power Tarrifs Fall, Remain or Rise in future on Net Present Value basis ?

Why mislead people as if Power tariffs going to remain same or rise in future, they will not rise any further on net present value basis anywhere in the world ever thanks to sun god and Solar PV technology revolution leveraged with timely initiative by our Govt, Since Telangana State formation we have secured Solar Power for Next 25 Years at constant FIXED purchase price Ranging from Rs 4.67 ~ Rs 6.49 during last 30 months already 3800 MW added to the Telangana Power Grid, if we assume our Average current cost of solar power is Rs 5.5 , if we assume it will take 10 years to complete most of this Project to be able to make maximum use of Godavari Water under Kaleshwaram and Tummidihatti LIFT irrigation Projects, if we assume 10% annual discounting rate. Today’s price of Power purchased at Rs5.5 after 10 years is Rs 1.91 per unit.

In addition particularly in the night India has too much surplus power now that is available very cheap and in plenty as the demand falls drastically during late night till the start of offices, Telangana will be accessing this cheap power in the night to LIFT the Water though out the year as it stores water in BIG reservoirs on the way hence can choose to LIFT whenever it suits it.

Assuming NPV of Rs 6.4 per unit as cost of power for ever is not just misleading but is Gross manipulation to show the cost almost 335% of reality after 10 years and portraying 650% more than applicable prices after 20 years.

2. Why this computation based on arbitrary 40% Loss in Water during LIFT ? Are we not bringing water from Nagarjuna Sagar to Hyderabad and Yellampally to Hyderabad and Mission Bhageeratha taking it to Next level, no where any one has ever come up with any such loss, piped LIFTS actually eliminate the Loss and minimal loss in low area high altitude storage tanks such as Mallanna Sagar as Surface area for Evaporation is minimized.

3. Whats the motive behind computation of cost of power based on altitude / elevation of Lift ? in the report ?, Is TJAC indirectly discouraging Government to divert, LIFT water from Surplus parts of Telangana along Godavari River to the Water deficit Arid Region around metropolis Hyderabad for inclusive and total development of all of Telangana, is the current Power Consumption of Pumped irrigation cost not less on Banks of Godavari where water is available in minimum depth as compared to high altitude, Medak, Ranga Reddy, Nalgonda districts in Telangana where even after drilling many bore wells farmer may not find water source itself?

4. Telangana Govt and CM have stated in the Telangana Assembly based on the before Demerger AP Govt Records the allocations made to Telangana in Godavari river are 954 TMC, why is TJAC reducing it to 855 TMC?

5. Is TJAC not aware Godavari River Water Tribunal does not bind the state to any project in fact there is no restriction on Maharashtra on how much of water it can use within Pen Ganga Basin consisting Pen Ganga, Wardha Rivers till the specified points after which GWDT also does not place any restriction on use of remaining waters by Telangana, why is TJAC quoting various numbers that are misleading people as if there are restrictions about where to use the water and how much, not just Telangana but every state Maharashtra, Telangana and Chattisgarh, Odeesha and Andhra Pradesh states priority is to first reach the situation to utilize all the Godavari River Water and not let them go waste to the bay of Bengal as is happening today causing National Wastage.

6. Why is TJAC thinking a non-Telangana Expert would do in 3 months any better job than the TJAC experts work over many many months since the presentation by CM to all people through the detail presentation in the assembly.

7. Why mislead people by stating “(a) Water intake has been changed from Tummidihatti to Medigadda” when the Agreement reached with Maharashtra includes Tummidihatti with 148 Meter FRL Barrage and Medigadda Barrage and Maharashtra has clearly said Telangana is FREE to LIFT as much water it wishes to.

8. What is prudent for Telangna to LIFT water from Tummidihatti where in 2005 only 336 TMC was flowing out of which only 46 days available 2 TMC plus for lifting ie even 100 TMC could be tough and wont suffice last to even one crop to even one acre if Telangana does not build reservoirs to fill after lifting, Is TJAC Opposing Kaleshwaram and Suggesting Telangana should utilize Water from Tummidihatti Only? Please be clear as the report is very very confusing with no clarity about its position.

9. Why is TJAC proposing to build 10 TMC Reservoir within Telangana territory after lifting from Tummidihatti same time opposing 50 TMC Mallanna Sagar Reservoir within Telangana territory based on same LIFT water that can bring water to more Arid and water deficit regions of Telangana.

10. Water LIFTED from Godavari not Only does irrigation, drinking water and industrial use it also reduces the load on pump irrigation and helps rise the Water Table and start reducing fluorosis in such areas as adding water to the Arid Telangana is more important than sucking the depleting water table hence is it fair to make comparisons with questionable numbers?

11. Why this misleading statement “Even though the actual pumping capacity is only 200 TMC” capacity of 2 TMC per day at Kaneswaran your own report computes minimum based on lowest flow recorded by CWC in 2005 in Tekra Only pumping minimum 227 TMC and up to 360 TMC is possible based on actual flows recorded in 1971 by CWC

12. Why this assumption all of the Water is LIFTED from Kaleshwaram Only ? In 2016 if we had Yellampally to Mallanna Sagar LIFT ready (ie we would have lifted water from Mid Manair, LMD and Yellampally that went to See and saved 50 TMC in Mallanna Sagar ? without needing to pump any water from Kaleshwaram. 

13. Why assume Mallanna Sagar can get Water pumped for maxmimum 200 days only ? its Not Only Dependent on Kaleshwaram as source of water, It can access water released from SRSP and Kaddam into Yellampally, It can access Water through SRSP Flood Flow Canal, Mid Manair Own inflows is a a source. Its quite possible it could receive 0.75 / TMC for 240 days ie 180 TMC well above the planned 146 TMC utilization the remaining can be pumped further into Singur where we have 29 TMC capacity for which GoT has ordered feasibility study. 

14. Why not recommend to add more LIFTING Capacity both at Medigadda and Tummidihatti the major sources available so that Maxmium usage of investments in reservoirs can be achieved to reduce the overall cost per TMC ?

15. Why not recommend to go for Captive Solar Power Plants for Kaleshwaram LIFT Irrigation Corporation to minimize the Cost of Power and make the Corporation procure Power directly from Power Exchanges and create minimization of Cost of Power when it needs and sell it when it does not need and earn some revenues for project.

An abridged post in Telugu in Namaste Telangana is below 

Why is TJAC misleading people of Telangana on Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project ?

While the Maharashtra and Telangana Godavari River Water sharing agreement clearly says “Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project compromising of barrages at Tummidihatti on river Pranahita and Medigadda on river Godavari “

Now let’s see what the executive summary of TJAC report is stating about Kaleshwaram Irrigation Project 

It’s clearly stating “intake has beeen Changed from Tummidihatti  to Medigadda ” accordingly in entire report no account of water intake from Tummidihatti is included ..

why is such deliberate misleading of people done ? How does it do good to the credibility of the report ? How does it do good to the people of Telangana ?

కాళేశ్వరం ఎత్తి పోతల పథకం పై TJAC నివేదిక లోని తికమకలు #4

TJAC Portrayed as if Kaleshwaram Water is Only Source of Water to fill Mallanna Sagar

Reality is it has below Sources that require Less LIFTING than from Kaleshwaram and would be Exercised as and when the Water is available as it happened in this year 2016

  1. Mid Maner Gets Water from SRSP Flood Flow Canal and has its Own Capacity of Over 20 TMC
  2. Yellampally Gets its Own Flow from Godavari and Kadam and Pedda Vagu
  3. Sundilla is Expected to be connected by Flood Flow Canal from Tummidihatti Reservoid via the already available Large canal for 71 KM to be extended to connect Sundilla Reservoir by Gravity
  4. After this the Last option will be from Kaleshwaram where a lot more Water is passing almost Every Day including summer.


kaleshwaram-tjac-report-counter-4 kaleshwaram-tjac-report-counter-5

Major Sources for Mallanna Sagar =

Mid Maneru (SRSP FFC) + Yellampally + Tummidi hatti – Sundilla FFC + Kaleshwaram 

TJAC calculations based on Kaleshwaram as the Only Source thats too after deducting the Tummidihatti Diversions without including them under availability for Mallanna Sagar  is Misleading and not Constructive Review of the Project.

Be it TJAC or any one in Telangana has right to make Constructive suggestion to the Government to improve and make it more Beneficial not try to Reduce the Project Scope and Benefits with Selective Data and misleading the readers

Telangana has lost 6 decades it can’t afford to have delays while it must embrace every good suggestion to improve in its March to Progress and embrace Central Water Way Plan too

Tummidihatti to Sundilla Utilizing the existing investment in large Canal of 71 KM is Brilliant Idea and I hope and Wish Government of Telangana Succeeds to Finalize and initiate action

High Priority Items for Government of Telangana are :

5 Barrages :   

  1. Tupakulagudem
  2. Kaleshwaram
  3. Annaram
  4. Sundilla
  5. Tummidihatti

Dam at Mid Maneru

Lift from Yellampally to Mid Maneru

These are Quick Wins with High Yield that will Enable Completion of Rest of the Project Faster