Andhra Fudging of Srisailam Reservoir Figures in Aug 2016 vs Realistic in Oct 2016

In my earlier Post, it was shown how by fudging the Srisailam Inflow and Potireddipadu Discharge Figures by Equal Numbers within 6 days AP has made Under Reported Diversion of over 21 TMC in just 6 days during August 12~ August 17th of 2016 

After Government of Telangana and its Irrigation Minister escalating the matter to Central Water Ministry and KRMB, if we take similar continuous 6 days of reporting of Srisailam

From October 5th to October 10th the Figures are Realistic with no Under Reporting and minor addition is natural as Srisailam actually has Tungabhadra and Catchment as additional inflow sources ..

Its important Center ensures the Correction to the Water Utilization by AP is done as by under reporting it’s claims and demands for more Water from Srisailam and Nagarjuna Sagar are incorrect and its injustice and denial of fair share to Telangana

Center should start Pricing Water and also Penalizing any State which resorts to Fudging Figures to Cheat riparian states else these attempts would not stop and we end up encouraging such deception indirectly.

Onus is also on Telangana Government not to let such things go unchallenged, till they are
corrected to, Telangana also must comply in reporting all water utilization data factually.



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