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Andhra Pradesh Diverted 21.47~28.85 TMC from Srisailam without Reporting in 6 Days in Aug 2016

Jurala Project is On Krishna River inside Telangana and all of the Water it discharges to Krishna River thru Spillway or Power House Only Goes to Srisailam Dam between AP and Telangana and nowhere else.

It would not take more than a day for all the inflows to reach Srisailam from Jurala.

Srisailam Dam is currently managed by Andhra Pradesh Govt as per AP Re-Organization Act.

Srisailam Dam not only gets 100% of Jurala downstream releases in Krishna it also gets water from Tungabhadra Major tributary of Krishna after the Sunkesula Barrage 

It also naturally has its Own Basin Inflows from both Telangana and  Andhra Pradesh 

To nail the Andhra Pradesh Fraud it’s assumed as if Neither it haas any inflow from Tungabhadra or of any inflow from its own catchment !

Revelation is quite Shocking to say the Least !

Telangana Released 66.86 TMC water from Jurala from 11th to 16th August. while

Andhra Pradesh Reported Only 38.02 TMC as inflows into Srisailam Dam  during 12th to 17th August 2016

Implying 28.85 TMC Water disappeared Just like that !

Well it got diverted from Potireddy Padu Head Regulator .to various Canal systems in Rayala seema.

Andhra Pradesh is Caught Red Handed with its Own Data where its practicing below Fudging ..

It reduces the Potireddy Padu Head Regulator Discharge by X cusecs from actual and same is reduced from inflow as well to reflect the actual water level accurately !

Sadly for them this sort of Fudging that has been practiced by Andhra Govt in Cheating Telangana and many other agencies including Govt of India for decades is going to be very damaging to the Brand Andhra Pradesh

I wish Andhra Pradesh takes Pride in Giving Water to Rayalaseema and Report it factually why resort to this fudging and lose credibility forever ..

I don’t think people of Telangana or Andhra or anywhere  or Against giving water to Rayala Seema but definitely against this practice of fudging ..

Make no mistake about it ..

Many such things have been overlooked so far by Govt of Telangana and people of Telangana with expectation that Andhra Pradesh will mend its ways and stop its malpractices..unfortunately its yet to reconcile with the fact past practices won’t work any longer as Telangana is an Equal State and will not put up this type of fraud.

in Cusecs
Date Jurala Outflow Srisailam Inflow
11-Aug-16  192,459
12-Aug-16  199,561  180,444
13-Aug-16  180,860  139,053
14-Aug-16  113,106  51,145
15-Aug-16  46,667  34,830
16-Aug-16  41,211  34,107
17-Aug-16  411 Missing !
Total Cusecs in 6 Days  773,864  439,990 (333874) Cusecs
 Total TMC in 6 Days  66.86 38.02 (28.85) TMC
Source : Reservoir Storage Monitoring System Maintained by Govt of AP

If the Assumption is Changed that Expected Jurala inflow is Half of Same day release and Half of Previous Day Release we derive Undisputable 21.47 TMC of Andhra Fudging of Diversion from Potireddi Padu that it is deliberately under reporting 

While its Andhra Govt Own diversion of Srisailam Water from Srisailam that is real reason why Nagarjuna Sagar is empty it tries to Project Telangana as Villain to its Own People under Nagarjuna Sagar Ayacut ..

This is “Ultachor Kotwal Ko Dante..”