Open Letter to the CM of Telangana

Honorable Chief  Minister of Telangana
Sri K Chandreskhar Rao Garu

Sharing my personal view and suggestion Government of Telangana could consider in its affidavit to High Court Bench Regarding GO 123
Essentially High Court wish to know
1. Is Govt Purchasing Land or Acquiring the Land
2. What is the policy and details
My view the GO 123 as its purpose states is clearly an Offer to Purchase from Willing Land Owners coming forward to sell to the Collector of the area as appointed by the GoT
Government Position should be GO 123 is an outcome based on the Section 8 (1) c that mandate Appropriate Government Shall ensure only the minimum area of land required for the project is proposed to be acquired:
1. Utilize the land available with Government
2. Purchase the land that for whatever reasons the land owners are willing to sell for higher value and faster realization of value

After this Government will see if the Public purpose could be met with the land that became available through this GO :

After this if there is still some more land absolutely mandatory for the projects then Government will initiate the Process under RIGHT TO FAIR COMPENSATION AND TRANSPARENCY IN LAND ACQUISITION, REHABILITATION AND RESETTLEMENT ACT,20I3  and as has been already submitted to the honorable court, GO 123 is based on 1. Voluntary Offer by the Land Owners 2. Government will do the needful as per the Act 2013 as and when such process is started to such areas that get identified, our effort is to minimize such necessity currently and Government has not reached that stage as yet as far as the current petition NIMZ is concerned.

Best Regards
Venkat Gandhi


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