KRMB Jurisdiction to Implement KWDT I Only

As per the Andhra Pradesh Re-Organization Act – 2014 Section 85 Center has constituted KRMB (Krishna River Management Board) and its functions as per the act

“regulation, maintenance and operation of such projects, as may be notified by the Central Government from time to time”

” (8 ) The functions of each Board shall include––

(a ) the regulation of supply of water from the projects to the successor States having regard to––

(i ) awards granted by the Tribunals constituted under the Inter-State River Water Disputes Act, 1956;  “

As of now, Only KWDT I (Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal – I ) is in force hence it simply has to continue with the agreement reached last year this year also adding the 45 TMC water diversion from Godavari to Krishna to the same consolidated Pool.

KRMB can not pre-empt KWDT-II and do any Project specific allocations at this stage.

Till all Project specific allocations are completed by KWDT II, unless agreed by both states it can not take over operations of the Projects unilaterally.

KRMB is certainly well within its rights to have its own mechanism to gather water inflow, outflow and power generation data and give necessary directions when situations demand.

Its futile of Andhra Pradesh, instead of joining hands with Telangana to fight together with Center and Supreme Court for higher allocations and seeking to extend KRMB to all 4 states to keep trying to snatch more water from Telangana that is due to it somehow.

By not reciprocating the human gesture extended by Telangana in year 2015 to save Rabi Crops under Nagarjuna Sagar Right canal by sacrificing its quota of water,  In 2016 when Hyderabad and Telangana needed more Drinking water due to severe drought and lowest water availability in reservoirs in last 100 years, AP insisting on TS 37% : AP 63% Ratio agreed has not been a good precedent set by Andhra Pradesh state.
Thankfully Karnataka displayed magnanimity by releasing 1 TMC during peak summer for Telangana Drinking Water needs, set the right precedent of good neighborly relationship between Telangana and Karnataka

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