KWDT II will Make Zero inflow into AP+TS Every Third Year !

Below is Simple Summary of What KWDT (Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal) II Award is after KWDT-I in 1976

KWDT Implication to AP & Telangana

Here is the Extract from KWDT-II of Actual River In-Flows & Outflows from Maharashtra, Karanataka, Andhra Pradesh (now Andhra Pradesh+Telangana)

Andhra & Telangana must get KWDT II - Revisit

Scheme A currently being followed is Flawed as Upper Riparian States do not have to release waters till their allocation is meet, this is not in the national interest as weather does not shift for farming to shift till water release gets delayed..

Both Chief Ministers of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana must make Joint Representation to Govt of India and Plead in Honourable Supreme Court
to make KWDT II Revisit entire Award among all four riparian states and  devise fair mechanism to Maximize the National  Benefit and address the high priority requirements of Drinking Water and Irrigation in the Krishna  Basin in Semi Arid Drought Prone Deccan  Plateau than waste Precious Water Westwards into Arabian Sea

KWDT-II Awarding 25 TMC more for Hydal  Power Generation and Send Water  into  Arabian Sea  is Most Glaring  Blunder in this Award..


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