Maharashtra’s desperate drought needs some desperate measures Stop westward diversion of water by Tata and Koyna dams immediately

Has #KWDT II done injustice to Farmers in Deccan Plateau of Krishna Basin ? or Denied them their First Priority for Basin Krishna Water ?



ImageMaharashtra is facing the worst drought of possibly over 4 decades[1]. Thousands villages are already being fed by water from tankers and now there is already move to transport water by trains. Ujani dam has zero live storage as per the latest update. At the same time, Maharashtra is divertingwater from the drought prone Krishna basin AWAY to west flowing rivers of Konkan, ultimately flowing into the Arabian Sea. This should indeed be stopped in this drought year, when Krishna basin is facing one of the worst droughts. The diversions are happening from Koyna dam and also from six Tata dams. Six Tata dams are all in Bhima basin and if these diversions by Tata dams are stopped, the water being diverted will flow into Bhima basin rather than going out of Krishna basin as it is happening now. 


Diversions from Tata dams: Tatas own three hydropower projects in Maharashtra, all in Bhima…

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