Telangana continues to be isolated from National Power Grid

Dear  Prime Minister  Narendra  Modi  Ji

Hope you are  aware the  Telangana  State the  29th  State of  India established on  2nd June 2014 is now about 18 months old and it continues to suffer from Total Isolation from 765 HVDC National  Power Grid to be able to Buy Power from Power Surplus States to fill its Huge Power Deficit this is in the Hands of Central Government owned Power Grid Corporation  of India

Saheb Ji

Do care for the farmers of the state suffering from both Power deficit and Rain Deficit on  Priority, if the Power Minister is to give clear and firm answer through parliament to the people of state

  1. What steps Center has taken to address the power deficit  of Telangana state as has been  identified  as the critical problem of Telangana state in the Andhra  Pradesh Re-organization Act 2014
  2. What is the Current Status and when will center complete Wardha-Dichapally-Maheshwaram 765KV HVDC Line to end the Isolation of Telangana State and Hyderabad Metro from the 765HVDC Power Grid of India

Telangana  is  denied Access to National Grid

Thank You

Poddutoori Venkata Gandhi



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