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Srisailam Left Bank Pumped Storage Power House – KRMB Stay off

Dear Prime Minister of India  Sri Narendra Modi Ji

For any country, considering power demand fluctuates significantly through the day and night also over the year, its very expensive to build Power plants for Peak Demand Capacity and have almost 30% Capacity Idle for most of the time

Every country exploits Connected Dual Water Reservoirs , One Upper and other Lower and Create Reversible Hydro Power Station between them, these sites are rare and are exploited wherever mother earth blesses  the country with such feasibility.

Operation of Pumped Storage Hydro Power Stations with Reversible Turbines

During Peak Load Time Station Generates Power by releasing water from Upper Reservoir to Lower Reservoir, During slack time Additional Power in the Grid is used to Pump water from Lower Reservoir to Upper Reservoir as depicted below

This is Most efficient Power Management. Currently Srisailam Dam Left Bank Power Station has 6 x 150 MW Reversible Hydro Power Turbines cum Pumps

KRMB (Krishna River Management Board ) under Irrigation Ministry can not and should not be operating this Precious National Asset.

Tealangana State with Massive deficit has to make Best use of this facility for Power Management the very Objective of this Project built with Japanese assistance and advanced technology.

Japan’s JICA Loan itself was 26 Billion Yen which today is equivalent of more than Rs 13,000 crores

1st 150 MW unit was commissioned on 2001-April-26

6th 150 MW unit was commissioned on 2003-April-04

Once Telangana manages to bridge its own deficit they could actually let any state use it to do Power Transfer by Buying when its available cheap and store it in Srisailam Dam by pumping Water from Nagarjuna Sagar and Generating Hydal Power when Power is Scarce and Costly to avoid power cuts.

It would be imprudent and national waste if this asset is treated like other Hydro Power Stations that either can’t do reversible Pumping or do not have Lower Reservoir ready yet.

cc :

Sri K Chandrashekar Rao, Chief Minister of Telangana

Sadvi Uma Bharati Ji Minister for Water Resources

Sri Piyush Goyal Minister for Power & Renewable Energy