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Sacred Bridge in Japan is UNESCO World Heritage and Rebuilt in 1904 – KCR is right to opt for Rebuild OGH heritage

This is UNESCO world Heritage Sacred Bridge in Nikko Japan
Looks beautiful indeed,
Yes it’s not the original, supposed to be built by Nara Period but it’s built in 1904, yet it got selected by UNESCO as World Heritage.
Yes, its given look of wooden bridge of Nara period thousands plus years back of Japan, but
its based on rocky pillar and modern concrete beams with beautiful heritage finish


This is exactly what Telangana Chief Minister KCR is contemplating, so that Osmania General Hospital is re-built with modern technology and finish it with all the Nizam’s Heritage Architecture and fulfilling all aspects that UNESCO looks for in a World Heritage site and achieve what current OGH could not achieve ..
Learn to be positive for positive efforts of Government of Telangana that takes all its heritage and welfare of people to its heart.
Wishing all focus on how the rebuild must aim for a UNESCO World Heritage with deeper study of requirements and all with subject knowledge, help the Government with constructive and concrete suggestions