TDP MLA & President CBN Crores 4 Vote Corruption in Telangana Simplified

While there is good clarity to the Telugu speaking people about the TDP President Sri Chandrababu Naidu Garu as the Organizer and his MLA and Deputy leader of TDP Legislature Party in the Telangana Assembly Revanth Reddy as the messenger  caught Red handed with Rs 5,000,000 advance of Rs 50,000,000 Cash for Vote deal with Telangana MLA (Nominated by ruling Government ) Mr  Stephenson for Cross voting to TDP nominee.

Scene 1 : Messenger Telangana TDP MLA Revanth Reddy strikes deal for Rs 5 Crores and Rs 50 Lakh advance and gurantee of nomination in Andhra Pradesh should anything go wrong in Telangana


Highlights of the Conversation :

  • Boss sent me.
  • I will take you to Naidu, speak directly
  • Whatever Boss promises will be delivered in 2 Hrs
  • Messenger says his limit is 2.5 Crores, you tell me the number
  • 2.5 crores is less the MLA says for the Risk he is taking and indicates 5 Crores
  • Revanth Reddy assures to speak to Boss and get back on 5 Crores deal
  • Mesenger Another 3 MLA’s contacted
  • Balance Cash will be delivered in common place !
  • Explains the dirty caste politics of TDP at length

Scene 2 : As promised by the Messenger MLA  Boss President of TDP Sri Chandra Babu Naidu calls up the Target MLA Stephenson to vouch for Promises made by Messenger and Commits to deliver and work together

Scene 3 : Advance Rs 5,000,000 delivered as promised by Messenger and committed by Boss


While this is open and shut case for people in both states the cronie capitalists backed Sri Naidu and his influencers in media and central government are releasing the real story in bits and pieces adding irrelevant information to dilute the case.

Telangana ACB is doing commendable Job,  there are more actors and many threads to track and nail such as the other 3 MLA’s covered by TDP and common place for the cash delivery and source of this massive cash as it’s quite likely to be Black Money not on the books by the party.

One only hopes Central Govt does not create another Jung episode through common Governor. Time to bring all the guilty brought to book and set the example to prevent any future misadventures by political parties anywhere in India

Readers be adviced MLA Stephenson did his duty to report to Anti Corruption Bureau as soon as he started getting signals from TDP and has willingly co-operated with ACB to collet the evidence of the crime.

Its the phone of Telangana MLA that was under monitoring by ACB not that of AP CM, Its the call received from TDP President not tapping AP CM phone as is being mislead.

ACB primary Job is to prevent corruption and they just did their Job for which they must be commended.

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