Pennywise Pound Foolish Rule of AP CM’s (CBN&YSR) in Srisailam Left Bank Power House 2001-2011

Sri N Chandra Babu Naidu of TDP was the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh (current AP + Telangana) for 9 years during 1995~2004 followed by Late Sri Y S Rajashekar Reddy of Congress

During TDP Naidu Regime Srisailam Left Bank Power Station Project was completed.

The objective of the project was to meet the increasing demand for electric power
(particularly during peak hours) in AP by constructing a pumped-up power plant in AP
that would utilize the Srisailam Reservoir as its upper reservoir and the Nagarjugasagar
Reservoir as its lower reservoir, effectively utilizing the river flow rate.

Typically such project costs are Prohibitive and cost a lot more than normal Hydro power station to achieve many parameters including most tough ones the Reversible Francis Turbine has to be located below the Discharge Level for it to receive the Water when it plans to Pump.

Japan’s JICA Loan itself was 26 Billion Yen which today is equivalent of more than Rs 13,000 crores

1st 150 MW unit was commissioned on 2001-April-26

6th 150 MW unit was commissioned on 2003-April-04

It’s atrocious to note that this so-called Hi Tech Chief Minister of such a large state running power supply challenges chose to pursue Huge Gas Power Stations investments without foresight that Gas first priority goes to fertilizer plants, ended up with huge dead investments in Gas Power Plants now and not bothered to spend and complete 100 crores to fix the BIG Design Slip in this project and maximize the optimal use of precious power by storing it during it lean time by pumping water into Srisailam, Very short and quick way to Save Power and STORE it for later use .

It  was realized thru commissioning that without constructing weir full-fledged use of Pumped Operation was not possible , below 1st Dec 2003 News gives good information..

Its Pennywise Pound Foolish of Both AP CM’s Sri Chandra Babu Naidu and Late Sri Y S Rajashekhar Reddy

At least N Kiran Kumar Reddy of Congress for all the flak he received and wrongs he did too, atleast he finally floated the tender and completed it for just 35 Crores !$srisailam-left-bank-hydro-electric-scheme-weir-project-construction-of-balance-portion-of-weir-across-river-krishna-at-about

Another National Wastage and Damage of Precious National Resources as well as Tax Payer Money by the Government of Andhra Pradesh for 10 long years from 2001 till 2011 is Shocking !

Also appalled at the Then lone Andhra Media and now Andhra Telanagana Media that do not bring out this vital information to educate the people of both states ..

Even today the media is shying away from reporting why the Krishnapatnam Plant is not fully operational for over 12 months ?

The first unit of 800 mw (2×800 mw) of Sri Damodaram Sanjeevaiah Thermal Power Station in Krishnapatnam has been synchronised with the Power Grid late on March 31, 2014


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