AP CM Naidu has Cheated AP Farmers 25 TMC Water into Sea in September 2014

All of this data is from Reservoir Storage Monitoring System maintained by Andhra Pradesh Government.

This Data Suggests that By his Overaction to Compete with Telangana Government to Generate Hydal Power from Srisailam Dam has actually ended up sending precious 25 TMC water in to Bay of Bengal in September 2014.

This is not a rocket science, any sensible engineer of APGENCO knows this, however this has been the way Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and his Government works, where they show something for consumption of people through their Media and do something else in reality ..

Chandra Babu Naidu Garu is not Only Shani for the State of Telangana but is also Bhasmasura for the State of Andhra Pradesh.

BB20150302 - AP CM Sent 25 TMC Srisailam Water to Sea in September 2014


One thought on “AP CM Naidu has Cheated AP Farmers 25 TMC Water into Sea in September 2014

  1. Venkat Gandhi Post author

    Reblogged this on Bluff Buster and commented:
    Damage he has done is unfortunately can’t be seen or understood by poor farmers of AP
    They are made to believe Telangana and KCR as their Villain ..
    Irony of this Chameleon Backstabbing Crook Leader who has been a night mare to poor farmers then and now with most atrocious media hype and emotional black mail actions

    He proved every word of what NTR said through his actions for those who can uncover his Mask and see the reality as it is than as being presented..


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