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Airing the unheard from Polavaram: Mohammed Omais Shayan

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As the Nation is welcoming its 29th state, Telangana is upbeat with hope of starting a new chapter of progress. Amongst the jubilations in Telangana, voices of people affected by the Polavaram dam are being lost. “Dam’ned”, a film by Saraswati Kavula is an attempt to air the unheard voices. It’s a must watch for all concerned as the movie touches the links of people, land, livelihood and development. The film aims to bring ground realities through interviewing the people of the affected region, technical and environmental experts. Before getting into content of the film, a very brief introduction of the project.

Polavaram project is going to be the largest dam in terms of number of people being displaced. The dam will be constructed at Polavaram village in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. The dam aims to irrigate 2910 km

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కృష్ణ డెల్టా ఆంధ్ర అమాత్య ఉమ అసత్యాలు

Bluff Buster

13 జనవరి 2015 న సెప్పింది                                                    16 మార్చ్ 2015 నాటి అసలు లెక్క
అంధ : సాగర్  కుడి కాలువ కి 18 TMC కావాలె అంటివి        31.9 TMC డొబ్బిటీవి
తెలంగాణ సాగర్  ఎడమ కాలువ కి 8.2  TMC సాలాంటివి    35.9 TMC హరీష్ తెత్చె
రాయల సీమ కి 3 TMC కావాలె అంటివి                                  0. 1 TMC ఇస్తివి

అవ్వ !
గింత  లపన్గ లెక్క యాడ సదివితివి ?

Krishna Delta Andhra Amatya Asatyalu

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AP CM Naidu has Cheated AP Farmers 25 TMC Water into Sea in September 2014

All of this data is from Reservoir Storage Monitoring System maintained by Andhra Pradesh Government.

This Data Suggests that By his Overaction to Compete with Telangana Government to Generate Hydal Power from Srisailam Dam has actually ended up sending precious 25 TMC water in to Bay of Bengal in September 2014.

This is not a rocket science, any sensible engineer of APGENCO knows this, however this has been the way Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and his Government works, where they show something for consumption of people through their Media and do something else in reality ..

Chandra Babu Naidu Garu is not Only Shani for the State of Telangana but is also Bhasmasura for the State of Andhra Pradesh.

BB20150302 - AP CM Sent 25 TMC Srisailam Water to Sea in September 2014