Unreasonable Andhra Expectations !

It’s now over one year since #Telangana statehood has been granted by Indian parliament

I wished by now most of the Rational issues will remain and unreasonable expectations would go..

While reconciling to the reality of separate Telangana state has almost happened

Below Unreasonable Expectations are still haunting the minds of People and Government of Andhra Pradesh

1. Water Sharing : Desire to have continuity of diversion of Telangana’s rightful share of Waters by any means

2. Special Status to the State : Knowing very well this is not part of the act nor does the state qualify as per the criteria, nor is it panacea to solve any problems of the state that are largely its own creation

3. To continue to think and spend like state of 42 MP’s

4. To expect Center to fulfill deficits deliberately created by wasteful expenditure and freebies

5. To expect Center to do anything it wishes without any consideration to the federal structure of India in which it is one of the 29 equal states under constitution of India


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