Curious Questions to AP CM on #Krishnapatnam & #Hinduja #Power

AP Chief Minister Press Conference on 9th October 2014 in Hyderabad

[ 1:55~ 2:36 ] You declared both #Hinduja and #Krishnapatnam Power Plants Signed PPA (Power Purchase Agreements ) with the 4 DISCOMS of the Undevided Andhra Pradesh as Invalid and Illegal , reason cited is the process of APERC formality was not completed !Krishnapatnam Reached 800 MW on 28th Aug 2014 but is running at 300 MW in October and this according to you is normal for a Project that was commissioned on 31st March 2014

Dear CM Garu

  • Are you suggesting Private investor Hinduja and 50% Partner IL&FS in #Krishnapatnam, Power Finance Corporations have funded these projects that are under excution for over 6 years now have financed based on invalid and illegal Power Purchase Agreement that amounts to Banking Fraud and Insane are Private Investors to have such RISK exposure
  • Are you not aware all 4 DISCOMS are LICENSORS of APERC and everything they sign has deemed approval of APERC and Licensors are only required to Submit for records to APERC and is a mere formality that can never ever be the basis to question the validity of the agreement itself.  If the PPA was with non Licensors what you said is absolutely true but you have intentionally mislead people of both states, Prove me wrong if you can.
  • As the touted Tech Savvy CEO Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, How do you explain the plant even after another 125 Days since your press conference is Producing ZERO Power today and by now both units of 800 MW should be operational and its operated by your own entity APGENCO and the total investment of 8,500 Crore is spent in to this plant,  Is there any review , record of the status of this Project for the benefit of Citizens of Andhra Pradesh and India ?
  • What sort of Techie are you  when there is no such precedence ever, where a newly commissioned 800 MW Thermal Project is not Working for Over 10 Months now and no power production disclosure is being done by APGENCO

On the contrary, it appears the Commissioning of 800 MW plant is also completed as tweeted by the EPC Contractors of the Plant

Why there is no sense of urgency with you, or the ministers or the media in Andhra Pradesh about this Project where you can Save the enormous amount of Money being spent on Purchase of Power from outside with Over Rs 5 per unit as you told in the Press Conference and also start having returns on Andhra Pradesh Investments of Rs 8,500 crores interest on the Debt has to paid and at least Rs 2 Crores Interest Burden is Mounting Every Day on this Project, with non operation Only interest Burden with ZERO revenue for 10 months Over 600 Crores

How much money is to be spent to keep the Coal Stocks, Employees, Repairs and what not will not be less than another 500 Crores, Over 1000 Crores is Sunk on top of 8,500 Crores in #Krishnapatnam and yet there is no sense of Urgency and you say its Normal ?

Pity on the Citizens of Andhra Pradesh who have BLIND faith in you, whether you share Power to Telangana is Secondary, By Shutting the Power Plant for Over 10 months for Unknown and Unexplained reasons, you have not only done Self destruction for the state of Andhra Pradesh in addition to your vengeance attitude toward State of Telangana that is known to even children in the State you have done damage to the National Economy.

It’s really shame neither Central Government, nor Media have done Justice to their role and have been part of your economic Crime on the State(s) and Nation..

Sooner you shun the intent to sabotage state of Telangana  with power blockade the better your chances to succeed even in your own state of Andhra Pradesh

May God give you wisdom to shun this non transparent manipulative approach that hides more than it reveals


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