AAP should look at Andhra Pradesh for the debut in South

AAP has Won Delhi, with a Tsunami of Popular Mandate

AAP has established itself in Punjab

In my view the reasons lie in both places both Congresss and NDA have failed to meet the basic expectations of ordinary people while they were doing a lot to the privileged sections and achieving the Economic Growth for the states as such along with the Growth in rampant Corruption

AAP must test and validate all their thoughts and governance models in Delhi and use their success in Punjab from parliament to learn how to work effectively with Center and prepare for upcoming elections in Punjab and present themselves as clear alternative with friction between ruling alliance partners BJP and Akalidal is same as what the BJP delhi unit leadership internal fight more than fight for the good of people.

I would recommend AAP to pick up Andhra Pradesh State to make their debut in South for following reasons

  1. Andhra Pradesh People are Yawning for Credible and inclusive alternate that shifts the politics away from Caste and Communal polarization
  2. Cronie Capitalist Media blindly siding with one side of the political spectrum
  3. Rampant Cronie Capitalism in the state
  4. Current Government has circumvented the Land Acquisition Act by using clever twist of of vocabulary and calling it as Land Pooling and enacting CRDA (Capiral Regional Development Authority ) act, this in essence is nullifying  Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013
  5. AP State Govt has been able to use its influence in the new Central Govt and got the Act amended thru Ordinance to pre-empt potential litigations
  6. In spite of all efforts by State Govt so far almost half the farmers have not agreed to forego the 30,000 acres that State Govt intends to acquire in the name of pooling for CRDA.

What AAP needs to do is to stand by the farmers and ensure both Center and State abide by the Central Law and not circumvent by any state law, meaning wherever state law is contradicting central law must prevail and citizens must have recourse to take shelter under the Central Law.

Mobilize national support to prevent the Ordinance being passed in Parliament when it comes up for discussion and voting.

There is Huge Political Vacuum of neutral Vote Bank that is not comfortable with

1. Community and Cronie Capitalist TDP that has total control of Media and Tollywood to sell dreams and mislead people just before voting and forget for next 5 years

2. Congress that has made itself redundant in the state

3. Political Novice, dynastic More a Cronie capitalist Businessmen than a grass root politician lead YSRCP

4. BJP that has been prevented by its Parliamentary Board Memeber and Union Cabinet Minister who is more a TDP person in the state than BJP, does not let it expand

Almost Entire OBC and Weaker Sections Vote and Even some OC Community are looking for a new viable political alternative.

Its Politically Ripe Timing and Place for AAP to target and please do not consider Lok Satta Party due to its leader Mr Nagabairava Jayaprakash Narayana, simply barters all the work of entire party workers to strike back door deal with the main party particularly very close to TDP from the time of NTR.

While I would not rule out Most of the LSP coder walking out to join AAP in Andhra Pradesh.

However, AAP should not repeat its mistake of going to all states take gradual approach as experience to test the models is essential for political parties long term survival and credibility.

This is purely my personal view.

Jai Bharat


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