Andhra is becoming Synonymous with Abaddam (LIE) ! #Krishnapatnam

APGENCO is entrusted to Setup and operate Sri Damodaram Sanjeevaiah Thermal Power Station of 2×800 MW Thermal Power Plants.

In March 2014 first Unit is commissioned

The first unit of 800 mw (2×800 mw) of Sri Damodaram Sanjeevaiah Thermal Power Station in Krishnapatnam has been synchronised with the Power Grid late on March 31.

This project being executed by AP Genco is expected to partly ease up the demand supply situation in the State. It is expected to generate 38 million units per day once both the 800 mw units get commissioned.

second unit is expected to be commissioned by July 2014 !

Efficiency of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and APGENCO or shall I say their desire to activate their friends Gas Power Plants as Return Gifts for their support in 2014 elections in violation of Natural Gas Allocation norms and priorities by influencing the inexperienced new ministers in the central Government and desire to make APGENCO, APTRANSCO and Telangana Suffer Financially, Economically and artificially create situation where both states buy power at high price.

By now any efficient AP CM would have made sure full 38 MU power is produced at this facility and supply it to make both AP and Telangana 24 Hr Power Supply as it fills any deficit in summer and make APGENCO earn additional revenue of atleast Rs 12 crores

Instead it plays havoc with all parties and fudges all numbers and misleads all parties including Central Government and all agencies and is adamant in misintepreting laws and inturn has put the credibility and trust worthiness of Brand Andhra on the line for narrow interest

It still can’t continue to force contractors to deliberately delay with frivilous reasons for their investments and paymets get affected, no contractor can put up with 11 months such wanten delays by Government itself, this

tweet by Alstom India  is a clear evidence this Power Plant technically has no problem all problems are primarily politicall ill will of the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh who is on record refusing to consider, Power Purchase Agreement as valid citing frivilous reasons, as no Power Plant Financial Closure is done without Signed Power Purchase Agreement

In this case Both APGENCO and APTRANSCO are Licensors what they sign has deemed approval of APERC, explicit approval is a procedure and its timing does not change the existence and fundamental validity of PPA itself.

AP Re-organization has made it binding for both states to share the power from all existing and on-going projects, AP CM attempt to shift the goal post to PPA in first place then trivial formality of APERC approval then dimissing APERC and then delaying or hiding the power produced from #Krishnapatnam.

I am convinced AP CM Sri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu is an A Class Crook who is Master of fudging numbers, and against public sector enterprises and he is a BIG Shani for Telangana State and God Knows how does he serve AP when he is wasting enormous investment into this massive power plant where the State enterprise can earn atleast Rs 5 to 10 crore operational profit every day ..

Instead he is driving the state artificially and intentionally into  bankruptcy.

APGENCO does not list this Power Plant still !

APTRANCO shows much less power as against what APGENCO publishes

Feb 6th APGENCO reports  62.12 MU  while APTRANSCO report only 56.697 MU

Inconsistency and Fudging and Crook Governance has become the way Brand Andhra will be come to be known !

People of Andhra Pradesh need to wake up and send strong message to their Government to mend the ways, else Telangana may suffer temporarily the long-term damage to Brand Andhra and to the State of Andhra Pradesh is enormous

So far I must say deeply disappointed by the partisan and irresponsible role played by the Central Power Minister Sri Piyush Goyal and the Role played by the Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi Govt is a very Bad Precedent for the Federal structure of India


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