Open Letter to PM Modi Ji – Is Telangana Daughter of Bharat Mata or Andhra Pradesh ?

Date : 2015 – February- 01

Honorable Prime Minister of India

Sri Narendra Damodardas Modi Ji


Its now 8 Months, 240 Days since State of Telangana is Established on 2nd June 2014.

In the Eyes of Government of India under your leadership coming to power with slogans

  • Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikas
  • Neta With Neeti & Niyyat

29th state of India with 35 Million People are not having Any answer from Government of India about their Basic Allocations that are required for every day life !


  • Has Telangana Exceeded its Share of Allocated water, for Central Government to put any restrictions whatsoever, the Answer of your Government is :


    1. There is no Water allocation to the State of Telangana
  • What is the Power Share of Telangana in the Power Projects that were Operational and under construction as of 2nd June 2014
  • RTI Reply on Polavaram by KRMB


* Is there any State in India, that simply is left not knowing what is its water allocation, while Honorable Supreme Court of India acted faster and accepted Govt of Telangana argument that it be given opportunity to explain its case before Krishna River Water Sharing Award is Finalized, and SCI has promptly admitted Telangana as Party to hear the petition on the Krishna River Water Sharing Bachawat Award that is put on hold the final award, It is astonishing that Government of India headed by Modi Ji is not even giving the tentative allocations for people to have some lifeline continue while the case is concluded by Honorable Supreme Court of India as neither Water or Power Can be stored and consumed later , and people of Telangana live without till the verdict !!

While the AP Re-organization Act 2014 clearly says all Existing projects allocations shall remain same based on assured water , and Telangana is only seeking minimum assured water while Andhra Pradesh is drawing flood waters , is there a rocket science to list of projects and their allocations as per assured availability for the Krishna River Board and publish the Total allocation to the State of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in a Ratio form so that operationally life goes on in both states till the supreme court gives its verdict .

Water Allocations based on Projects are FIRM as per APRA2014


  1. AP Re-organization Act has spelt out how the Power Plants and Power Sharing is to be allocatedPower Sharing Law - AP Re-organization Act
  2. While the GO by Governor during Presidents Rule  has clearly allocated 51.89% of the Total Power Available to the State of Telangana as per the GO 20 issued on 8th May 2014

Telangana Power alocation 51.89% as per GO 20 under Presidents Rule before establishment of Telangana 22.   APERC Endorsed in its Order on 11th August what has been the position of Government of Telangana and is clear to any student of law or person with basic understanding of Contitution, Andhra Pradesh Re-organization Act 2014 and the GO 20 .

APERC Order Upholding all PPA's - 11th Aug 2014

It is astonishing to see, inspite of facts are glaring

– Telangana has not been provided Grid Connectivity to any of its neighbour states and made as a sub Grid of Andhra Pradesh in the Design by the previous Governments, instead of coming to the rescue of the state that has been denied the basics by design from the first day the Union Power Minister and Power Ministry actions are quite opposite.

Hence Pradan Mantri Ji the Question

Is State of Telangana 29th Daughter of Bharata Mata or  of AP ?

With Regards

Poddutoori Venkata Gandhi

Citizen of India



One thought on “Open Letter to PM Modi Ji – Is Telangana Daughter of Bharat Mata or Andhra Pradesh ?

  1. Venkat Gandhi Post author

    1. undivided AP used from its total allocation for 58 years from Sagar beyond its project allocation but within total allocation of the undivided state
    It’s constitutional right of a state as to how it manages its water allocation within the state neither center nor other states have any role
    Just as Telangana can not ask why potireddipadu is drawing more water than the project allocation so long as it’s within AP state total allocation
    2. Both are independent states neither can dictate terms to others
    Problem is AP still to get to terms with TS and the center passive spectator role and hence the question to PM whether TS is State of India or substate of AP ?
    3. Does not change the fact SC did not agree with GoI Position that it’s only matter of distribution between AP & TS .. And asked Center Maharastra and Karntatak to file their response as to why SC should not hear Telangana?
    It hit back at the root of fundamental rights of any state in India that any state or Center tries to trample up on under any disguise whatsoever is UNACCEPTABLE
    5. It’s not a matter of Convijience for AP not is the subject to be decided by AP . Utilization of total allocation as the right for state to decide itself is what NTR took shelter under to start Telugu Ganga and all projects on Srisailm right bank and continue to use water with or without allocations for they used the undivided Telangana quota now it will have to be within AP quota and TS will do what is good for it within its quota
    No amount of tantrums or arguments will change this constitutional right of every state regarding utilization of water
    6. Oh dear PPA are signed between the licensors have deemed approval
    And if there are issues in PPA the PPA is not invalid its the issue only .,
    No matter how much this immature argument is put
    AP is 100% going to lose its argument and it has done BIG self goal with such childish crook thought exposing where the wrong intent lied for 58 years
    7. another insane Andhra logic
    Dear if the same is applied on Water AP will lose 1/3 of water it takes from Krishna now
    Don’t go wild in your thoughts
    Read constitution and law not Andhra Media Bluffs
    8. An Andhra Media Bluff that is only exposing the Crook mindset and deeds ..
    9. Shifting of Goal posts is only proving
    AP argument has no takers
    Center is giving more time for AP to reconcile itself
    If there was any soundness in that center would have said same long back
    This post is to PM
    AP or any state wanting to have more is natural its for center to decide what is fair and what is not


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