How Does Srisailam Left Bank Pumped Storage Hydro Power Station Work ?

Appeal to the all Telangana Print Media and Electronic Media and the University Colleges of Engineering to Understand and Study this Engineering Marvel that we have at Srisailam since 2004 where with assistance of Japan, we have got 6 X 150 MW Reversible Turbine Hydro Power Station on the Left Bank, However till last Year, very unfortunate that United Andhra Pradesh Govt and APGENCO has literally treated this high value asset like a normal Hydro Power station and has not made any significant use, to manage Shifting of Power from Low Demand to High Demand time and avoid Power Load shedding,  and inflicted irrecoverable losses to the Nation.  It’s a Silent Internal Unpardonable Sabotage.

Its vey Gratifying to see under the leadership of Honorable CM KCR Garu entrusting Sri D Prabhakar Rao Garu lead TSGENCO has done commendable Job.

Since 1st Nov 2014 till 14th Jan 2015 in 6 weeks they have not only saved about Rs 200 Crores more importantly they avoided load shedding and I believe if only We had adequate Grid connection other states in India could have used it to save in same time another Rs 500 crores.

I urge Sri KCR Garu to make this personal offer to PM and Union Minister for Power to Complete HT Grid Connectivity to Hyderabad so that Other States Can use the Remaining Capacity Every Day to Store Power during Low demand time Use it during high demand time..

This is a Big national Asset can serve not Just the requirement of Telangana it can help as a BIG Power Battery of India for Power Shifting on Daily Basis.

Inflow Column Shows in 6 Weeks about 167 MU of Power most of which might have gone waste has been Stored by Pumping 24 TMC of Water in to Srisailam Dam from Nagarjuna Sagar

In the Same period By discharging 43 TMC of Water into Nagarjuna Sagar TSGENCO Generated 238 MU of Power When it needed most during peak Hours.

If Power Grid Corporation of India Removes the Bottleneck of Telangana Power Grid not having HT Grid Connection and is dependent on insensitive and inefficient Andhra Pradesh Govt controlled APTRANSCO at the moment, its the Govt of India and Govt of AP that are limiting the Huge Good potential use of this asset to address the Power Shortage headaches across the country.

Srisailam LEFT BANK Pumped Storage Hydro Power Station Saving Rs 200 Crores in 6 Weeks to Telangana


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