Telengana’s water grouse

Telangana gets 36% Water from Krishna River with 68% Catchment Area is the Height of injustice inflicted on Telangana in United AP

కట్టా మీఠా

Author(s): Bharat Lal Seth
Date:Feb 29, 2012

Regional disparity in allocation of Krishna water in Andhra Pradesh is both because of politics and topography, finds Bharat Lal Seth

For the past four decades Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh have been jostling for a share of the Krishna river waters. A tribunal formed to set the legal limit on how much water each state can use, submitted its provisional award in December 2010, which is presently being contested by all three states. Each is seeking to enhance its allocated share. But the dispute is not just between these states. The fight for a share of the Krishna waters can be witnessed within Andhra Pradesh, too.

Half the water allocation from the Krishna is to areas outside the river basin, admit officials in the Andhra Pradesh irrigation department. This iniquitous distribution has led to protests from the pro-Telengana supporters and those…

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2 thoughts on “Telengana’s water grouse

  1. krishna

    Can you tell us what is the contribution of Telangana in the construction of Nagarjuna Sagar project in monetary terms ?

    1. Venkat Gandhi Post author

      Is there any sense in this question ?
      Telangana is paying its part and AP its part of all the Loan Payments taken from all bodies that includes JICA for Srisailam in proportion of Population of both states
      While the Benefit is not in proportion of population
      ZERO water in Srirsailam to Telangana for Irrigation till date and not even 100 TMC water in Nagarjuna Sagar for Telangana while AP got More than 250 TMC by Right and Krishna Delta another 150 TMC ..
      Without Nagarjuna Sagar impounding Water Prakasham Barrage can’t irrigate more than 50 water goes to Sea.

      Nagarjuna Sagar against 42% it Got less 20% benegit in Nagarjuna Sagar
      against 42 % Cost hit ZERO benefit in Irrigation from Srisailam..

      The injustice in Krishna water for Irrigation use in Telangana is beyond comprehension


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