Wishes of 2015


  1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi Start Delivering on Development Agenda
    • FREE, Compulsory, Equal Public Primary Education for all Indian Children that includes English too
    • Power Corridor for India to Make India Power Efficient and Sufficient
    • Rail & Road Infrastructure of India to Bridge Two decades Gap with Modern Technology
  2. Make No Religion, No Caste and Uniform Civil Code as Option for Indian Citizens to enroll voluntarily
  3. Complete Auction of Coal Blocks to Ensure Coal Supply to all Idle Power Stations and Planned Power Stations for next 20 years and Reduce Over $10 Billion Coal Imports to ZERO
  4. Promote Gold Bonds to Substitute backed by RBI or SBI to Reduce the import of Gold Metal
  5. Unlock potential of Indian Railways Stations by Commercial Exploitation of Vertical Space of All Stations across India (  Study how Japan Railways Turned non Railway activity to generate its prime profits to finance public transport of railways !)
  6. Solar Power Mission has to Get Big impetus, Extend Tax concession to Solar Cell Manufacturers to setup the facility in India Under “Make in India” program
  7. Attract Global Apparel Companies to Setup Manufacturing Bases in India


  1. Prioritize KG to PG Education Program by focusing first on Primary Education
    • Public Schools Need Massive Upgrade
    • Teachers Training and Recruitment
    • Libraries and Toilets for Every Public School in Telangana
    • All High Schools Must have Indoor Sports Facility
  2. Bhoopala Pally – II Power Project Must Be completed in 2015, Power Management is going to be Very Crucial in Year 2015
  3. Water Tanks Restoration, High priority Tanks with High Potential to recover LOST storage capacity of atleast 50 TMC should be completed in 2015 summer
  4. Pranahita – Chevella National Project Status
  5. Polavaram Project Design Change for achieving Water Way and reduction in height to remove Risk for Bhadrachalam and Parnashala
  6. Drinking Water Project – Phase 1 to cover most Arid places in Telangana
  7. Completion of Recruitments to fill all Open Positions in the State of Telangana

Andhra Pradesh

  1. Do not assume any authority under any pre-text, Constitution of India does not permit whatsoever of one state exercizing control on another, Telangana is Equal and Neighbour State,  AP Govt is a Guest for 10 years and be a good Guest and not trouble the Host.
  2. Sooner the Govt Spends its 100% Time and Energy with people of Andhra Pradesh and within Andhra Pradesh it is good for both states.
  3. Follow the Dharma and Shun the Adharma of Past, Its Over, you can no more hope to continue it, no matter how rich and powerful you may be.
  4. Believe in yourself, work for yourself, stop looking to Usurp what belongs to Telangana
  5. Telanagana is with you to get all reasonable help from Center
  6. Shift Entire Andhra Pradesh Police to the State of Andhra Pradesh in 2015 except whats required for limited place of AP Assembly
  7. Start Construction of Andhra Pradesh Capital Buildings

Wishing All Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2015 filled with Peace and Love


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