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2014 – Telangana Dream Fulfilled

Telangana 2014Courtesy : Metro India


Open Letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Good Governance Day

To Honorable Prime Minister of India

Sri Narendra Damodardas Modi Ji

On this Holy Day declared as Good Governance Day, I humbly Submit below Suggestions :

  1. Parliament Must Make Official Apology or Regret to Millions of Dalits in India
  2. Make it Mandatory for All State Governments to prepare 2 Bed Room Livable Homes for all Homeless Poor Dalits and Adivasis
  3. Make it Mandatory for All State Governments to prepare 2 to 5 acre cultivable land that suffices for livelihood of a landless Dalit and Adivasi families in India
  4. Make it FREE, Compulsory, Quality Public Primary Education that includes English Subject in all varnacular State Public Primary Schools
  5. No Religion, No Caste, Common Civil code as Option to Any Indian Citizen to Opt In

Roots of progress & Rules of respect

Brilliant Narration by Bandyala


International oil prices have come down dramatically in recent past and continue to face pressure in commodity markets around the world. Aftermath of 2008 financial crisis, United States and other major economic players eased their respective monitory policies significantly in order to save their economies from a steep dive into recession. Initially the monitory easing viewed and politically sold to citizens of those nations as jobs saving measures. Central banks led by Federal Reserve of US, coordinating with other main central banks so far been successful in being able to avoid any of the funds crunch scenarios of 2008. Speculators looking for next crash in stock markets will have to wait longer because it may never happen under current eased policy circumstances unless confidence erodes in the whole system. In other words, central banks standing by ready with a loaded bazooka of cash and happy to fire to rescue any…

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