Response to RTI by CWC to Query on Reported KRBM action on Krishna

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Open Letter to Krishna River Management Board

Nishanth Dongari has Submitted below RTI Query



Central Water Commission,
Krishna River Management Board (KRMB) Wing

Issue: KRBM has delivered an order on 31st October 2014 with a dispute related to water share and power generation on the Srisailam Dam between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states.

I kindly request you to provide me information either through answers or certified copies of relevant documents whichever is applicable, to my following queries/request for information.

1) Under which Constitutional Provision and or the provisions of AP Re-organization Act is this Order delivered by the KRMB

2) Is the Board Objective is to make both the states Get their allocated Shares or Transfer from One state to another state

3) Has Telangana Exceeded Utilizing allocated share of water from Krishna River or Andhra Pradesh has exceeded the allocated share of Krishna River Water

4) Is the Balance Entitlement Only 3 TMC of Water for Telangana

5) What authority or principle is the order following to suggest to use the 3 TMC by Nov 2 and not beyond Is allocation the role of Board or Forcing Utilization and/or stoppage the role of Board

6) Is there any provision in Constitution of India, AP -Re-organization Act, Inter State Water Dispute tribunals Act that Empowers one State or Center or Board to Dictate to other state what it should do with its allocated water

Below Response amply illustrates, How little the Government of India is keen to explain itself,

Either CWC is Unfit or is intentionally avoiding to face the facts and come out clean ..

CWC acnowledgement of RTI

Ministry of Water Resources - RTI

CWC Response to RTI


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