Idiot is Revanth – Dubious is TDP

Feel sad to use this word but
Revanth Reddy of TDP has earned it by his deeds and by his own words

  1. Idiot Revanth the power sharing formula as per the GO issued by Governor of AP under presidents rule before establishment of Telanagana state on 2nd June 2014 does not EXCLUDE any source of power in existence of center and state in production or construction belonging to the combined state
    Only a Telangana Drohi and an Idiot can read the Partial numbers shared by AP as FULL and compare them with FULL numbers of Telangana State, When AP is Denying 20% Brazenly and disclosing 80% Only, then only an IDIOT Can treat 80% as 100% and Compare that with 100% disclosure of Telanagana
  2. IDIOT Revanth the Problem is with What AP denying officially and not disclosing even the data even today of – Krishnapatnam and Sileru
  3. IDIOT Revanth its the Govt of KCR that escalated to all levels and forced to make AP fall in line even for 80% as they did not share any data for 45 days after formation of Telangana, which they do not partially still hiding partly. While Telangana has been 100% in compliance from Day 1
  4. Only an IDIOT in Telangana can choose to ignore AP stealing what belongs to Telangana
  5. Dubious TDP dupes people of AP without adding any Power Capacity, diverts Telangana state power to show the CM magician delivering 24*7 Power over night .. In reality has started day 1 of his governance with most Divisive Crook activity.
  6. Dubious TDP Generated over 1300 MU Hydal Power from Srisailam while Half of which was clear could have been saved and not let water go to Sea, instead Srisailam Store it for both Irrigation needs of Rayalaseema and Power Needs during Summer for both states.
  7. Dubious TDP has introduced the Worst logic that no lower riparian state should ever say, I will share power only after, my requirements are met,  Oh dear AP CM and TDP , the Law requires AP and TS to Share always in the FIXED ratio, no EXCEPTION, You are Spitting in the Sky as it falls on your Face with same logic Telangana will apply in releasing Godavari and Krishna in generations to come and future of AP Farmers is Put in Dire Straits by Such untenable and insane argument by the Chief Minister of the State of Andhra Pradesh
  8. Dubuous TDP This party has cheated people of AP by not Generating Krishnapatnam Thermal Power in FULL and have Cheaper Power for both AP and TS instead of Both buying from outside spending more money.

2 thoughts on “Idiot is Revanth – Dubious is TDP

  1. Srinivas

    Anna Don’t repeat the words like ‘IDIOT Revanth’, Revanth is enough,
    Revanth itself means ‘IDIOT, STUPID, FOOL, MAD and many more’


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