Telangana Mission Kakatiya

Telangana is One of the State that has Significant Rain Deficit in Current South West Monsoon Season and the Chief Minister of Telangana Sri K Chandra Shekhar Rao has announced “Mission Kakatiya” , with participation of all People in Rural Telangana to Work from December to May on Revival of Thousands of Water Tanks across the State that The Kakatiya Era has Built and nourished the Region that have suffered enormously for 58 years since 1956 with total negligence by the successive Governments of Andhra Pradesh.

For the Region that is completely the Catchment area of Godavari and Krishna River Basins and is a Semi Arid region in the Deccan Plateau.

This is the Mission that will start Stopping and raising the depleting underground water levels and bring back the economic activity and smiles on to the faces of 3 Crore people in Rural Telangana

Wishing the Government and People complete success in “Mission Kakatiya

Jai Telangana , Jai Bharat

Source : Kakatiya


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