Open Letter to CS of State of Andhra Pradesh


Cabinet Secretary

Government of Andhra Pradesh

Sub : Ref the Disclosed Contents of your Letter to Home Secretary Govt of India


The government of Andhra Pradesh has posted B. Sam Bob, IAS., Principal Secretary to Government , TR&B as In-Charge , Director General of National Academy of Construction.


Question : What Jurisdiction does Government of Andhra Pradesh has on any Institute located in Telangana ? Where does the Andhra Pradesh Re-organization Act 2014 allow Govt of Andhra Pradesh to Act unilaterally in the first Place?

  • ULTA CHOR First is AP !


When the existing chairperson Mrs. Chandana Khan, IAS, of the rank of Secretary to Government of India


Question 2 : If Mrs Khan is a Secretary to Government of India, they will deal with Government of Telangana, Why are you holding brief to her ?  Is this a Bluff ? Has she not retired from service ?


A.P.State Remote Application Center (APSRAC) is Society under the Societies Registration Act.


Question 3 : Why has Andhra Pradesh Government been Creating the Institutes as Societies?  Again where does the AP Re-reorganization Act limits the Government of Telangana from controling any instituted located within the State of Telangana ? and where did Governmen Telangana interfere in any institute operating from state of Andhra Pradesh that was serving both the states ?


A.P. Building Construction Workers Welfare Fund, the share belonging to Andhra Pradesh Government in this fund which is under the control and management of Additional Commissioner of Labour of Andhra Pradesh, was transferred to banks located at Vijayawada to leverage the deposits for getting loans under Government programme to the beneficiaries.


Question 4 : When the account is common for both states and the beneficiaries are in both states, Why Additional Commissioner of Labour of Andhra Pradesh Only is Controling the Account?
Why  Commissioner of Labour , Government of Telangana is not allowed to operate who is Rank above?
Why and How Only AP Can Transfer Rs 420 Crores from Joint Fund of two states unilaterally without center completing the distribution, and if there is urgency why Commissioner of Labour , Government of Telangana is not in the loop authorizing similar proportionate amount be transferred to Telangana Bank Account simuntaneously?
What are the legal provisions and rules under which Additional Commissioner of Labour of Andhra Pradesh acted?
Hyderabad Police is duty bound to act on the complaint considering the amount was part of joint account.

There are these and more serious Questions Andhra Pradesh Government has to Answer for its Brazen Breaching of Acts and regulations and practices that federal structure of India has followed since becoming Republic of India in 1950 …


Poddutoori Venkata Gandhi

Citizen of India from Telangana State


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