Open Letter to Krishna River Management Board

Dear Mr R K Prasad

Member – Secretary

Krishna River Management Board

Ref : Order (No Reference Number ) Dated 31st October 2014


1. Is the Board Aware of the Primary Objective of “Srisailam Pumped Hydal Power House on Left Bank, ie India’s Largest Such Facility”

1.2 Objective
The objective of the project was to meet the increasing demand for electric power (particularly during peak hours) in AP by constructing a pumped-up power plant in AP that would utilize the Srisailam Reservoir as its upper reservoir and the Nagarjugasagar Reservoir as its lower reservoir, effectively utilizing the river flow rate, and thereby contribute to the industrial promotion and improvement of the residents’ lives by electrification in AP.

To achieve this objective, ODA loans were provided in three phases in the period from February 1988 to September 2003.

Telangana pays 42% of this 30 Year remaining Loan till 2029


Srisailam Left Bank Reversible Pumped Hydropwer Station APGENCO Pumps Back Water into Srisailam during Dec & January Every Year



Center Can Supply Excess Power from Cental Quot in Winter to Help Pump Back the Water in January and February both for irrigation and Power Re-generation in Summer, The original purpose of this Project of Massive capital investment and Highly efficient Mitsubishi Reversible Hydro Power Turbine / Pumps of 960 MW deployed in this Engineering Marvel on Srisailam LEFT Bank

3. Under which Constitutional Provision and or the provisions of AP Re-organization Act is this Order Based on ?

4. Is the Board Objective is to make all states Get their allocated Shares or Transfer from One state to another state?

5. Has Telangana Exceeded Utilizing allocated share of water from Krishna River ? or Andhra Pradesh has exceeded the allocated share of Krishna River Water?

6. Is the Balance Entitlement Only 3 TMC of Water for #Telangana ?

7. What authority or principle is the order following to suggest to use the 3 TMC by Nov 2 and not beyond ? Is allocation the role of Board or Forcing Utilization and/or stoppage the role of Board ?

8. Is there any provision in Constitution of India, AP -Re-organization Act, Inter State Water Dispute tribunals Act that Empowers one State or Center or Board to Dictate to other state what it should do with its allocated water ?

9. Is the Board not Aware that Every Drop of Water that Telangana Uses to Generate Power from Left Bank “Pumped Storage hydro power station” does more Irrigation than the Righ Bank Canal, because

1. Telangana is using this Power to Save the Crops in Telangana Irrigation that is Critically dependent on Pumped Irrigation
2. All the Water Released from Srisailam Power is used for Irrigation Again in AP & Telangana for Irrigation Only
If 1 TMC of Water Irrigates X Acres under Srisailam Righ Bank Canal
Same 1 TMC of Water Irrigates atleast 1.5X Acres with
– Power from Srisailam 0.5 X Agriculture Based on Pumps in Arid and Backward Telangana
– Nagarjuna Sagar Irrigates 1.0 X Agriculture in AP & Telangana & Then Krishna Delta in AP

10. Finally What is the Objective of this Order ?

Is it to Facilitate both States Fair Share of allocations is respected and Maximum Good for India is achieved         OR

Is it Maximum Good for NDA Ruled Andhra Pradesh Only?

Srisailam Dam is not a Project to be Simply Under Control of KRMB, It should be Under Power & Water Boards in-line with the Original Objective of this Project.

Seriously doubt the competency of Water Board to take Decision on Complex Pumped Power House Facility, Both Water and Power Ministries must Jointly Oversee it.

Entire discussions and Order Contents Prove that Board is treating the Project like other Irrigation and Hydro Power Stations, Srisailam is not such an ordinary dam and this 960 MW Power Station is not another Ordinary Power Station, Its “Pumped Storage Hydro Power Station


Poddutoori Venkat Gandhi

Citizen of India



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