Energy Saving Tips for Every Day – Telangana Must Take to People in the State

  1. Turn it off !
    • Don’t leave the Lights On if the room is unoccupied; turn off the lights when you leave the room
    • Don’t leave electrical appliances on standby mode. Some appliances don’t have a mains switch, so the best option is to use switch-operated strip-type sockets.
  2. Clever Cooling! Set your fridge and freezer to the correct temperature. Generally 7 degree Celsius for the fridge and –18 degree Celsius for the freezer are sufficient
  3. Keep Check on Your Power Consumption. When Buying electrical appliances, check their energy rating.  Suggest Telangana Govt to make Consumer Protection Law to make it mandatory for Electrical appliances to Display Cost of Annual Electricity Consumption based on Bench Mark tariff and Consumption
  4. Stipulate Timings for Street Lights, introduce Automatic Switch On and Off based on the Stipulated Times

Power Deficit Will Continue to Haunt Telangana For Months if not Years

Hence Drive to Educate People and Administration to Optimize the Power Consumption is a Timely measure that will have long-term positive impact on the economy.


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