Pointed Questions to CBN on Readiness and Response to #HudHud

Honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Sri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu Garu

Q1: Is this not the chronology of Cyclone #HudHud

  • 6th October : low pressure area formed over Andaman Sea
  • 7th Octobeer :  upgraded to a depression by the India Meteorological Department (IMD) and a tropical cyclone formation alert (TCFA) was issued by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC), followed by IMD upgrading the storm into a deep depression.
  • 8th October : In the early hours of October 8, the JTWC started issuing its advisories for the system as it recorded tropical storm winds at the storm’s centre

Q2 : Is this not true while North Coast of Andhra Preadesh was being thretened by Fury of Nature and you had sufficient time to plan out to prepare the people and state machinery for before and after, what you were spending all the time up untill October 9th

Q3 : Denying the Telanagan its Power Share from Krishnapatnam 800 MW Plant, when the Telangana farmers Crops in final stages need the power to feed the wate most

While the #HudHud was not waiting for any one, you were spending Hrs giving lectures on Telangana Power Challenges like a Saint ! Shows the Sense of Urgency and your priorities.

Q4 : Politicizing by sending your Telangana leaders on Bus Yatra thats best described by your parody in a tweet.. https://twitter.com/CBN_TDP/status/520275080144621568

Q5 : Have you visited even once to the region before the arrival on Monster Cyclone to check the readiness and prepare people and administration?

Q6 : Have you not Erred in conducting the entire Monitoring and response under media watch ?During the entire duration of Cyclone passing through Vizag, why are you on 24×7 Live on Media, is that the way any leader can motivate and marshall his forces? Is that what you believe in? You are at War with Nature and these are handled through Situation Rooms where people can express themselves and also you can also afford to take quick and effective decisions without the pressure of media watch on you are your team.

Q7 : What exactly has been your readiness to deal with Post Cyclone?

Q8 : What initiative you took to seek the help and support of Telangana Govt and people in the relief operations

Q9 : What was your response to the Telangana Govt dispatching the valuable electrical goods to help restore the power supply faster to the Region and assign 5 IAS officers at the disposal of AP Cabinet Secretary?


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