CBN : Law Breaking Crook CM or Law Abiding CEO CM of AP ?

Power Sharing Law - AP Re-organization Act

August 14th in my Post  AP State Government Defiant in Breaching AP Re-organization Act in Sharing of Power

Where I pointed out APERC itself has dismissed the Andhra Pradesh Govt and Passed the Order and the AP CM Continues to be defiant

97. The PPAs submitted by APCC/APDISCOMS are not void for want of express
consent of the Commission. Refer Paras 53 to 77 above.
98. The attempted withdrawal of select PPAs by APGENCO is not valid and such
PPAs cannot be unilaterally rescinded by APGENCO. Refer Paras 78 to 88

In the Same Order APERC has listed the Krishnapatnam Power Plants and the PPA’s Signed in APERC Order on 11th August Confirmed All Signed PPA's are valid Can't be rescinded unilaterally

By October 8th While the World has alerted of #HudHud Storm to hit AP Coast

Even on October 9th Andhra Pradesh CM is busy misleading AP and Telangana with his tweets and Press Conferences and Sending his leaders on Bus Yatra

that is best summarized by his Parody !

On October 9th The Chief Minister in his press meet has Candidly admitted his Fraud as he states in the below conference

Any PPA (Signed) for want of Express Consent by APERC is Void, illegal ! the claim that has been dismissed by the APERC itself in the above Order more than 2 moths back..

Considering Power is not a Commodity that is Stored and Sold, this is not a matter in which courts can setlle the matter as no one can recover the Power Lost in the Past nor Correct the damage ..

As per the 53+% Power Share allocated to Telangana by the Act, and the 800 MW Unit was synchronized into the Grid before Telangana Establishment Day 2nd June 2014

Andhra Pradesh Govt  Headed by its Chief Minister N Chandra Babu Naidu is Deliberate in Breaching the Law and denying about 6 to 7 MU of Power Everyday for more than 4 months from this Plant that legally belongs to Telangana by regrettable Means and Unfortunately Central Government has been not just spectator but is also aiding and abetting the Govt of AP!

This was very significant and Telangana would not have had power cuts for 60% of the days and for remaining 40% of the time in last 4 months it was no more than the past that farmers and all are used to and were not expecting any magic but for the Crooked Backstabbing by the AP CM..

This Politics by TDP and BJP have done permanent damage as Govt of AP has infact put long term future of its farmers on the line to Breach the Law..

“We shall give Only Excess Power”

Well Mr Naidu Telangana may also respond in kind on Water Release in Godavari and Krishna will be let out only after all Telangana Water needs are met, Excess Water is Given to AP, definitely we are 100% Committing that !!



4 thoughts on “CBN : Law Breaking Crook CM or Law Abiding CEO CM of AP ?

  1. swarup

    How can one compare excess water and power on the same note…??
    FYI, the thermal power plants across Andhra Pradesh generates power along with pollution. It is the locals who face the problems and shall be considered for the same. There is a point for CBN to say that he can allow the excess power to be transmitted. How can one sacrifice their own consumption and give power to others..and Bro..Could you please share the info, where there is a provision saying that TG gets 53 and the rest to Andhra….??? Thanks…!!


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