Appeal to Modi Fans and Media – Please Make India Proud in the World

It’s very disturbing to see both media and supporters of Narendra Modi taking the partisan politics and view points to International platform during the Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modi Ji Visit to United States of America.

Appeal to both sides to improve the image and stature of India by focusing collectively on

  • Brand India
  • Potential of India
  • Opportunities of India
  • Eco System of India

All democracies have major political fights as part of democracy but all of them are behind and all parties act in unison, when it comes to the interests of the country.

Neither the Senior Journalist from the Indian Media nor the Modi Ji Supporters have shown the maturity and commitment to the cause of India.

1.25 Billion People of India have Countless Hopes, Aspirations and Problems, kindly pause and think if your actions made any positive difference to them..

Finally we get what we choose..

Media must understand the Prime Minister Modi has got the mandate of people and so better move on and supporters of Modi Ji show the grace in victory and time to focus on supporting the Prime Minister in delivery of promises.

Jai Bharat


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