State of AP Power Supply Fraud and Fudging of Figures !


Further to my Earlier Post on

AP State Government Defiant in Breaching AP Re-organization Act in Sharing of Power

Please find the Sterling facts from figures, all people in AP and Telangana know the States have been Power have been Power deficit, particularly come summer power cuts are order of the day ..
So the Data till 1st June 2014 below is the normal story ..
Story begins post bifurcation of the State from 2nd June 2014

AP Transco Power Supply Figures May to aug 2014

  • From 2nd Jun till 15th June 2014 AP Government does not share any power with Telangana as mandated in the Act..
  • From 16th June it actually becomes defiant to even publish the data for the entire peak summer time, obviously has not shared it at all till enf of July ie for FULL 2 months the state of AP has brazenly violated the act and choked the state of Telangana with Power Blockade.
  • 1st August 2014 it starts sharing about 10 to 15 MU daily as per the stats published but the catch is still continues to fudge and hide the power generation data, to the extent of around 10 MU ! Gas Based IPPS (Independent Power Producer and Suppliers) are all in AP and their Production suddenly becomes zero some times 3 MU, strange they are not Hydal power stantions to operate like that ! clearly pointing to hiding of power figures to continue the partial choking of power to Telangana

It’s clear that Govt of India has been too late and too biased in its action to set the errant state of Andhra Pradesh Government right and make it adhere to the law enacted by Parliament

More so the Chief Minister by openly stating AP will share the surplus power only to the State of Telangana after meeting its own requirement that is not what the LAW requires,  He has put the people, particularly farmers of AP at the mercy of Telangana Government that it can now say the same logic regarding water sharing and disreagrd the same LAW !

Penny wise Pound Foolish is the AP State Chief Minister and Irresponsible is the Government of India is my take ..

STOP playing with FIRE and follow the LAW and rules however hard it may be , India can not become Banana Republic

Jai Bharat



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