Open Rebuttal to Mr P N V Nair Editorial in The Hans India

Dear Mr P N V Nair 

Editor, The Hans India

Greetings! I was one of admirer of The Hans India, HMTV and was looking for a neutral point of view in the politically biased media in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Open letter to KCR

This editorial is a serious aberration in its intent and the post has grossly mislead the readers with a political agenda..

Misslead #1

Mr Rao, you are aware that one can migrate to countries like the US and get a Green Card within 10 years. Their children become American citizens by birth and can rise to any position. And within the country you are insisting on 60 years of residence proof for Statehood! The world has become so small and so near and you are trying to create a wedge between two peoples who talk the same language and eat the same food. “

Totally Irrelevant information, none of this is a State Subject. Visa and Citizenship are Central Subjects, India Citizen and Working Visa’s too are for India applies to anywhere in India, Hence the Question on your motive.

Misslead # 2

 “If I have got the estimates right, the fate of some 14 lakh students are at stake. A good percentage of students may have to even discontinue studies.” 

This is the biggest Injustice this Editorial has done to the Credibility and Intent, Has it not crossed your mind what this figure would imply and how much Hate this would create among Andhra Origin Telangana Residents all of a sudden towards Telangana and Telangana people?

I base my argument based on this national paper report in 2012

While there are over 3.20 lakh engineering seats, the number of students available for admissions is less than two lakh.

Read more at:

Even in the United Andhra Pradesh (ie AP + TS today) in 2012-2013 there are no more than 3.2 Lakh seats in engineering and actually no more than 2 Lakh qualified students, even if we assume medical and all other professional colleges put together assume another 1.5 Lakh seats with qualified students which itself on higher side! There are no more than 3.5 Lakh Qualified Students in both states together. ie around 0.4% of population every year in a state that is still to achieve 75% literacy !

If we set aside permanent injustice of 42% Telangana gets only 36% Searts as per OU (36%), AU (42%), SVU(22%) formula that Never Got Revised even though MP and MLA seats got revised !! and you never think this injustice needs editorial to ask Center to end this Injustice to Telangana.

To give you benefit of doubt I would even assume 50% of Qualified students are in Telangana

There are no more than 1.75 students in a Year and for average of 4 Years at maximum 7 Lakh Students in entire Telangana.

Among these Max 7 Lakh Students 50% of the students are under OC, And not even third of them will meet the EBC criteria

So Total Sum of students that may come under coverage of any scheme is no more than 4 Lakhs.

Are you suggesting There are no native Telangana students? All students coming from Andhra settled here and securing seats for you to term there is going be impact of not 4 Lakhs but 14 Lakhs Students!! Just a matter of adding one digit only for you !

Unless one sees the final Eligibility criteria, Its not even possible to estimate, how many Telangana residents who have made it their home in recent past not originally native of the land of Telangana

I will hazard a guess it will potentially consist at most

–      About max 50,000 Telangana Resident Parents, migrated after 1956 whose children are qualified yet can’t afford without financial assistance and I wish the case was made out for them in a very matured way of an appeal / recommendation / suggestion while framing the final rule, and I am sure not just me but many Telangana people will support their cause.

–      About max 50,000 Andhra Pradesh Resident parents whose children have been financed in the numerous Residential schools and calleges in GHMC and outside of Telangana, to study paying lakhs of rupees in these institutes and become eligible under Telangana quota, this is an unknown fact to you, and indirectly you are batting for these AP Tax Payer Parents to get financial assistance form Telangana Government, is it not? Those AP parents who could spend Lakhs to put their children in Costly Private Residential Institutes who indirectly deprive the local poor public college students of Telangana in the first place by snatching the seat also to be financed by tax payer money of Telangana while their families are AP tax payers !

* Above figures are for all 4 years put together not each year

The Question on the Intent of Alarming Figure and  argument Mr P N V Nair, actually justify why KCR need to protect native Telangana people as your number is so alarming, is it nor Sir?

Disturbing Quote

“Even at the height of Shiv Sena’s vandalism, only South Indians were targeted but not the Gujaratis. “

Is this not a Racist Line that does not befit an Editor?

There is no connection to a social welfare scheme and vandalism and to condone some and condemn some vandalism is unthinkable

 Wish you had Pointed Out Following in your editorial

  1. Government has to deploy its precious financial resources in Primary Public Education First as against Higher Education, and educated the Citizens how much is Govt spending on Primary and How much on Higher Education?
  2. Government should plug the scam in this scheme and make it productive to the state
  3. Highlight when a State has limited resources and has to prioritize it does need to give higher priority to citizens who lived longer and contributed to state for longer than shorted period of time and suggested a 10 Year residency of the parents as a reasonable on-going criteria and not get locked in fixed static year cut-off while framing policy and rule.

Poddutoori Venkata Gandhi

From Telangana, India

Live in Tokyo, Japan

ధర్మో రక్షతి  రక్షితః

धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः

Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha

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