Puzzling Questions on #Polavaram to Prime Minister of India [ Change #Polavaram]

Puzzling Questions on #Polavaram to Prime Minister of India



Polavaram to Submerge Sri Rama Temple at Bhadrachalam

2006 Godavari Floods without any Polavaram Barrage of Dam


  1. Have you reviewed the project before and satisfied yourself that project is in the National Interest as per the Oath of Office “ I will do right to all manner of people in accordance with the Constitution and the law”
  2. What has been the Cost Escalation on this Project since Govt of AP (united) started the project without Central Approvals over 10 years back?
  3. Are you Aware Where is the Project Located and What is the Stretch of Godavari River through Papikondalu in Eastern Ghats  and  whats the minimum Width of the River there?
  4. Have you asked the Question what happens when due to Dam current Water level in the Narrow River Stretch is Raised from 15 M to 45.72 M then Massive Flood Comes in from both Godavari and Shabari Rivers?
  5. Post Dam what is the Maximum water that can pass through such a Narrow Long Intertwining Stretch of the Godavari RIVER and whats the Worst Flood In-flow received  so far and whats the Safety Factor assumed over and above the Worst known flood level?
  6. Have you been informed Back Flow Effects During Floods when the Water does not find Enough Passage through Papi kondalu Narrow and Very Long Way ??
  7. Is the Project Cost Estimates Revised based on
  • Current Prices
  • Land Acquisition Act Enacted by Parliament
  • Submergence Area includes Expected Back Water under Heavy Floods
  • Cost of Loss of Minerals and Forestation and Bio-diversity
  • Interest Capitalization till the Project is completed
  • Cost to the people to be affected
  1. Whats the additional irrigation that this project adds to the already irrigated  Coastal Andhra ?
  2. Whats the Additional Benefit accrued to the Nation through this project?
  3. Have you been informed this Project is not 100% Gravity but Gravity cum LIFT Canals. Both canals requite to LIFT from 40 Meter to 80 Meter?
  4. Have you Asked Is there no alternate at High altitude on River Godavari to transfer water to Krishna without LIFT?
  5. Have you asked Whats the Benefit to Cost Ratio of this Project and Alternative Projects
  6. Have you been Shown the Simulation of Back Flow in Massive Flood
  7. Have you been Shown the Dam Break Analysis
  8. Can you guarantee Bhadrachalam City and Ram Mandir at 50 Meter MSL is not threatened by Massive Flood and Back Flow that hits Bhadrachalam First
  9. Have you seen the last major flood of 1986 and its impact at Bhadrachalam that too without Any damage or Barrage..  (ZERO impounding of Water) ?
  10. Once Dam is Constructed, Is it Viable to Bring Cargo Vessels as River Water Way and an Inland Water Way Port for the Central Indian Land locked States of MP, Chattisgarh and Telangana

Please Get every important question answered and establish the Optimal Height of the Dam at Which the Damages ,  Costs and Risks are Minimized and Maximum possible Benefits are achieved .


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