Suggestions to PM about how to settle Andhra Pradesh and Telangana issues amicably

Dear Prime Minister

The original problem of Andhra Pradesh is not Telangana but the State of Andhra Pradesh (earlier called Andhra state before 1956) is not coherent, it has Coastal Andhra with Fertile Delta Region in contrast with Semi Arid inland Rayalaseema Region with Diverse aspirations.

My suggestion is as follows :

  • Capital City is to be in proximity to Vijayawada / Guntur to be named after Amarajeevi Potti Sri Ramulu .
  • 2 High Courts  1 in Vizag 2 in Kurnool
  • AP Get special state status of 5 Years only as promised in Parliament
  • Rayalaseema gets Council with equivalent benefits for another 5 years as promised by BJP
  • Capital City Funding is Equal to Sum of what Center gave to Build Capitals for 3 States in 2001 adjusted upwards to current prices.
  • Andhra Pradesh Government to move out Hyderabad by 2019 and not wait for 10 years.

Jai Bharat


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