Ordinance & Polavarm : Is this not a fair proposal for PM Modi to make to AP & Telangana

Is this not a fair proposal for PM Modi to make to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Chief Ministers together ?

As  I pointed in my earlier post the Ordinance by Govt of India is actually not covering the land required by Polavaram Project as per current design, since all of that is already transferred by Andhra Pradesh Re-organization Act to the successor state of Andhra Pradesh.

The Proposal Main Points are :

Center takes Over Total Design, Sanctions and implementation of the project including the Relief and rehabilitation of all affected by the project from 15th Aug 2014

Center will have Experts Look into the design and make necessary changes and additions if required to achieve following objectives

  • Polavaram Project Authority will be given jurisdiction of the area to undertake the entire project
  • Utilize 175 TMC of Godavari Water 80 TMC of which are to be linked to River Krishna As part of National River Inter linking
  • Generate 1000 MW Eco friendly Hydal and/or Solar Power within the project area to be declared by the Center
  • Sea Going Vessels Water way in River Godavari up to Bayyaram, Munuguru Area area or beyond upto the Sri Ram Sagar Project location be made possible for development of India’s In-land Sea Port for the needs of all central land locked states ( Telangana, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Vidharbha Region of Maharastra)
  • Sileru and the entire Power under Polavaram National Power will be pooled in to Power Grid Corporation with allocation of 40% each to AP & Telangana and 20% to be allocated to Odisha & South Indian States in deficit.

Protection of Scheduled Tribes Rights gets atmost priority by all three government in letter and spirit

All displaced people will get democratic choice to choose the state in which they seek resettlement AP or Telangana (both states put forward their proposal within the funding criteria to be set by Govt of India

With this agreement Ordinance stands withdrawn and the Governance of the 7 mandals continue without causing any confusion and discomfort to the citizens.


2 thoughts on “Ordinance & Polavarm : Is this not a fair proposal for PM Modi to make to AP & Telangana

  1. Shoba

    Venkat, I don’t know too much technicalities of the actual design of Polavaram, nevertheless I think because you are a Telangana well wisher, your thoughts on this are apt. I feel that they need to reconsider the current design of Polavaram.

    1. Venkat Gandhi Post author

      I wish well for both Telangana, AP and India
      Both stand to gain based on my Technical and practical knowledge of the subject.

      In current Design
      Central India loses its Only Option to create In-land Water Port FORVER
      Andhra Carries the Hazardous RISK FOREVER
      Telangana loses Massive beautiful Green Areas a bio diversity necessity, humanity responsibility to lakhs of innocen aborigin tribals
      Alternate design can provide all of them with practical no reduction in the main benefits..
      Just because project overall spend comes down contractors opportunity to make money comes down..they are not ready to listen to the words of wisdom from experts..


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